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  1. 13 hours ago, maryofbethany said:

    actually i also noticed that, his "DEEP SET EYES LID" (very liked unto those western stars).  i actually though he has deepened eyelids. but i am 100% sure this lad is not so vain into go cutting into his face for beauty. he is a 100% man (in characters) than those stars who taunt their biceps on/off screens from ep 1 to ep 20 of shows. his eyelids should be natural, maybe he cried so much more in Remember than in Missing you or I.Cat or O. Propersal, that this show itself propel him to celestial level in acting, and crying with depths (not stupid crying or bawling like some pretty hunks)... does made eyes swollen. well, he will be out promo for his Joseom Magician soon, then we shall see whether his deep set eyes.
    what actually drawn me, is more of his Deep crystal shines in his eyes, when he act against Dongho, or some others, even NGM, you can see the reflection and crystal shine in his enlarged eyes when he stared or gotten emotional. some times even more "crystal" than Lee InAh... wow... i loved his eyes the most in Remember. YSH said his mom said his eyes is beautiful, he said so shyly.

    The more the drama "Remember" went on, the more his eyes seemed to go back to their normal self. Maybe he was just tired or something working on both drama's at the same time. He's just so adorable isn't he!!! 

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  2. I watch this wondering how historically correct the writers are going to stay and what "creative liberties" they will use for the romance side of this historical drama. I love the cast ...every single one! SSk & YAI do have some great chemistry, but I also notice that whenever YAI looks at ANY lady and he could create some chemistry with them too LOL (sorry, he just has that look about him :P ) Loving how they brought out the queen. Her real life reputation isn't a bad, so I'm glad at this point they didn't try to make her evil to intensify the romance side of things. Looking forward to next episode! 

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  3. @missauditor  I just wanted to call some attention to a little "mentalist body language" interpretation of your last gifs when he's talking about meeting her secretly. 
    I find it very interesting (and cute) that as he is talking to the person asking the questions about his relationship, he'll continually look down and to the left. So when asked a question if someone is looking down and to the left it means they are accessing the "feeling/kinesthetic" part of their brain. In other words accessing his "senses" ...not logical, but all feelings. So while thinking about this question he is remembering feelings and sensations.  VERY CUTE and VERY INTERESTING! 

  4. cnsdlover49 said: They was so cute in the latest episode.. Watching with eng sub is more fun because we can understand their conversation.. For sure SY actually prank him again to taste the salt when there was only one white powder available..keke   

    I want to say something regarding SY jealous reaction, well I don’t know it’s just me or what but from SY reaction I think both of them aware about that circulate rumour because SY seems uneasy when she heard unknown girl voice and feel more bothered because she wasn’t there during demo recording. And I do think SY have already asked WY about 'it' before because when he aware SY feel bothered by it, WY seems trying to give her more explanation even after the song end by saying ‘’don’t worry about it, she is not someone who is special to me in any way.’’ I can feel that, he want her to trust him no matter what. So we also don’t have to worry right? And cheer up guys!!

    Excited for the ‘Two Clasped Hand’.. MV request please.. But FMV is also nice.. So 2Young Squad fighting!! :)>-

    PS: Lol I’m sure WY will be more jealous if he watch latest episode of Glorious Day because there was LEAN scene..keke ;)) :)) :D

  5. I just got done watching this episode with subs...before I go back and read peoples opinions I'm gonna say what came to mind. He "Woo'd her until she broke and now he seems done". Yikes! I'm truly hoping I'm wrong, but he was laughing at her fear nd the apology for rejecting her didn't seem sincere. Look at the gifs above this post. His face is "pained", she is saying sweet words and he looks like it's painful to read...what's up with that? ! I know WY was blunt and couldn't really understand the personality I saw at the beginning of the show...this attitude was more of how I thought he was from seeing him in other broadcasts. 
    He basically said he went from his heart when he didn't hold her hand...meaning he didn't want to (unless I misread my subs...lol). 
    That being said, maybe it was just a bad day...everyone has them. She NOW wants to get close, but I feel like he is pushing her away. If he is doing the push pull, he needs to go a little bit lighter on the push...this episode felt more like a SHOVE...LOL! 
    Thinking back about what he said of his past relationship, I'm wondering if he is protecting his heart....as long as her affection wasn't obvious, he was fine, but once she started to show she was attracted he kind of got scared and backed away. Come back Woo...SY already opened her heart!!!!!
    NOW...let me go back and see if I was mistaken and there is some hidden "something" I didn't notice!!!! Rooting for them, I really am!!!! 

  6. serendibite said: @happy2bhere you had it right. He's quite blunt and serious, that's why I said it before multiple times in this same thread because I was worried people would be mistaken by his cute physique and think he's putting up multiple faces. I see Wooyoung as mentally strong and playful. He likes the thrill of the power games(in my opinion). I was hoping for seyoung to be just as playful and I think she is, it's just that this show isn't really the ideal place for these kind of love games since people are judging every move regardless of its aim.

  7. I guess we can say this WGM couple is working on communication. I'm a little worried for SY, the reason she put on a cool exterior from the beginning was to protect herself...now that she has let her guard down and does he feel like he has won some kind of battle and "Woo'd" her (no pun intended)? Has she lost some of her attraction because he feels like he has won the chase? Hopefully not. 
    When they started I thought WY's personality so altered from what I've seen him on before. When he was on WGMG with Taec, his personality came across as serious and blunt. He didn't seem to be that way in this...he seemed soft and pliable, bending to whatever whim she had. If he is now comfortable with her, maybe that natural personality is starting to show. He used to be blunt and it's coming back in bits and pieces (just my opinion of course). Always thought he was adorable though :D

    On a positive note, the photo of them and the friends in the restaurant looks like WY is holding SY's hand under the table (or is SY holding WY's hand...LOL). NOT the hand next to him, but his right hand holding her right hand across his lap :) !!!! Haven't seen the episode yet...I actually might wait until next episode to watch this one...I don't feel like be irritated or disappointed right now...LOL! 

  8. VG : Compared to the other members, you seem like the person who's passionate about love the least. Why is it ?

    WY: Because I'm trying hard not to make it as a source to stir up problems.

    This really helped A LOT to rationalize WY's actions. He is constantly "checking his image". It feels like when they first started the show WY was more forward and she was more tense, now that she is initiating some affections towards him...he may like it, but is always on his guard. 

    Vogue interviews..aren't they done 3 months or more in advance? Where were WY & SY in their relationship that long ago...it was still brand new and they weren't close yet right? Trying to keep it in context...LOL! 

  9. It made me sad at first ...and can see why she would also be disappointed in WY's actions regarding the dance plus not holding her hand when she needed it. She was looking for him to take care of her. He wasn't in the same frame of mind. Here is a couple theories I had: 
    1. SY usually does most of the "taking care of things" and has her own thoughts on things. WY is always concious of this and allows her to make decisions, swaying to her will most of the time. She isn't usually a damsel in distress so this was a new thought that never really entered his mind...she seriously needed him for the 1st time while he was dealing with his own fears..LOL! 
    Why Did He Hesitate? It seems the WGM Staff gave them NO CLUE how to even go about the ceremony. They set it all up, and seems they just threw the 2 in there without anything except that WY knew WGM expected him to perform the dance (I don't believe that idea originated from him...fanservice moment since they all showed up). I think he was conflicted with 2 decisions the "Fan Service" and the "Wedding service". At that moment of nervousness he wasn't focused on SY, but on the fans that were there watching. He's a performer, that is what he knows without even thinking about it. Being used to Korean fans who have no regard for an idol physically touching a rival girl (would they rebel, attack her, attack him, get upset, cheer?) he had no clue what that hand holding could do..so I wonder if that thought crossed his mind. "What would they think?"
    Since WGM only gave him "this is a performance" mentality he was not seeing it as a "WY/SY Moment"event, it was a public performance and that's how he played it. I can actually understand why he was thinking that, but it didn't make me feel any better about SY's feelings. SY has never had to perform or put on a show publicly except as an MC for music awards where there is a script. This was all very new to her and wanted his support, when WY was used to doing this type of thing...but alone, not having to worry about another person. I can totally understand the mixed signals here!!! 
    By the time they were in private, she had lost some faith in him being interested in taking care of her. They were both nervous at the wedding, but dealt with it in different ways. Sad from her point of view...regretful from his point of view that he missed his opportunity to show he can be a real man for her. 
    Thinking back to what WY's mother told SY, he needs someone more serious, almost as if he needs someone to take care of him. SY is very capable of taking care of him, she is a strong woman, but she also wants a man to step up. She was so thrilled at how well he interacted at the airport and was grateful he took over. When he did the exact same thing at the wedding it was the wrong thing to do for that occasion. He seems to be rather soft hearted...you can hear it in his lyrics. SY is also soft-hearted and she is also very sensitive so she hides it. She doesn't want to let go too much for fear of getting hurt. They just don't know exactly how to communicate yet...but they are growing and can't wait to watch them some more!!! I

  10. jann17 said: As suspected SY was really panicked during the wedding....and even asked WY to hold her hand...but he didn't...poor girl Many also commented about the dance...it's like SY was forgotten at that moment,,,haish...a public wedding is a bit unfair to the bride as wy is the more famous one and it seems like fan service... I hope they have more personal quality time in the coming weeks coz SY was definitely uncomfortable and she said so in the BRI....it's good that she is honest, at least wy knows it... My only favourite moment is when SY gave the puzzle ring...wy was really happy and shocked...he realizes thr SY has opened up to him a lot since that day they made the bracelet.... SY is a simple girl, little things make her happy and can be meaningful...I realize what a beautiful person she is today...just being together with wy without anything grand is good enough for her...

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