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  1. LOL ... no, I don't think he is There are a lot of posts saying these two look alike is all. Someone assumed because he had a "bromance" with Jackson of Got 7 and it just sounds like they are mixing names or it's a fanfiction thing I didn't see the awards, so I went to Viki and watched. If I'm honest, I saw just acquaintance friendship. It kind of seemed like it had been a while since they saw each other because they were awkward. If they really were a "couple" or even liked each other he would have at the very least looked over to her when he won the male award (not the couple award). He would have looked over and at least touched her. Even if a couple is playing it safe (think back to Song / Song couple they at least touched each other slightly). When he won the best actor award, his instinctual reaction was to just get up and walk to the stage ... she was not even a thought. He thanked her graciously during the speech along with directors, producers etc. They are probably friends, but it doesn't appear like they are VERY close. Just like school aquaintances But this is my opinion. SY was WAY different with Jonghyun back in the day, if they weren't at least dating back then ...those two were extremely close to the point where she felt like his "flopsy doll" and she let him do whatever he wanted to her (think wrestling ;))
  2. Ok ...this is the only place I can post a comment on Soompi ...thankfully I had this bookmarked, because I'm not even seeing a Forums option on the top of Soompi anymore! (I guess they are Brownies ;P ) I saw an article about who is coming out of the military in 2019 and I couldn't believe it's already time for Jonghyun to be back!!! Has it really been almost 2 years? !
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