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  1. hmmmmm why the rating is so bad? I really love today's episode it was so emotional and great why? is there any program or event that shows today? this is so unusual why the rating drop a lot? do you think something happens?
  2. thank you for sharing the rating chingu but why the rating I find is a different form you? see the rating is kind of grow but for you is becoming low which one is right? oh, I make a wallpaper for Dan&YS hope you like them
  3. HMMM this picture especially the shadow really looks like the JKW wings HMMMM but I still think Mr director is the dark one or maybe I just like him to be a bad guy. I don't know I really feel insecure and mad when he comes on screen.
  4. No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dan so pure and kind I don't want him to be dark angel no!!!!! so I think I should bring my tissues for at least a couple of episodes in the future. @titania1000 wow Your right I didn't pay attention to that picture before nice theory
  5. WOW, today episode is so great but seriously what just happen in the end? you know what something bothers me and I got confused about it. you said JKW is an angel Like dan and senior Angel but why Dan and senior Angel don't recognize him as an angel at a first place? isn't so weird they don't know each other and they don't know JKW is an angel? so in my perspective, I think he is fallen Angels and the dark one because of that they don't recognize him. if my theory is correct Kim Dan and LSY will be in big trouble but I still don't see this episode with sub maybe I change my mind after seeing it or maybe not but I don't think JKW is a good Angel. I am so Confused !!!!!!! why this drama ends like this?!
  6. yahooooooooooo the rating almost raised Thank you so much for letting us to know the ratings. Today episode was so cute! I really love that. wow both of our leads just perfect together. OMG Kim Dan why you so pure and innocent why? seriously I will die if he continue to be cute and nice and bubbly like that.
  7. Hi everyone I'm Back again. Ok I was read all your comments and that was so great unfortunately I can't write or think like you guys but I really love this drama especially or cute Angels he so I hope until the end i enjoy this Drama . We should wait until wednesday and thursday so I make some gifs for you and myself hope you like them.
  8. I'm Back again i couldn't hold myself so i make another Icon folder OMG they so perfect in this picture, hope you like it LINK
  9. Hi chigu. sorry for cutting your comment. wow that is so sad but hopefully, I just fall in love for Dan so I ship Dan to SHS
  10. omg I love your avatar you like yuri-yuri too:wub:

    I just love this drama and love this pink head boy

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    2. Silver Fall

      Silver Fall

      OMG I just love this drama this  is so sweet and heartwarming. yeah I just check my friends profile and suddenly I see your picture and become super happy. I didn't know that you like the J_drama because I really like them I also really like Kimi Wa Petto. That drama was so cute and bubbly too :wub:

      No Chingu don't say like that i know you busy. I Just so excited when i found out you also like this drama :wub: 

      Do you see any drama lately? I start watching Angel's last mission : love. this drama is so sweet and emotional if you like it come and check it :wub:

    3. evie7


      Wow, I was going to ask you if you are watching it. I'm am L trash since Shut Up Flowerboy Band. The last drama I watched was Doctor Prisoner. I need something to get into.  My Mom's visiting but I will try to catch the first episodes out soon.  I'm watching Yamapi's drama too.

    4. Silver Fall

      Silver Fall

      really wow me too i really like L his smile just killing me:wub:. at first i want to see this drama just because of him but after i saw it I really fall in love with this drama and L's acting skills improve a lot. I think if you see this drama you will like it for sure:wub:.

  11. Hi everyone I also join with you. I think this drama will be great. by the way, I make a folder for this sweet drama hope you like it Link
  12. I'm ready !!!! I really curious about SJR character he is so cute in these pictures
  13. Hi chingus I'm back I saw the new posters and I made 3 folders with different styles hope you like them Link and this is the poster I just erase some sentences
  14. OMG this poster just extremely cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I should make a folder with this poster This is so bubbly and sweet. I made 3 wallpapers for this drama Hope every one like them. I'm so excited about drama.
  15. OMG why!!!! why SJR is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute Teddy bears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! teddy bear reminds me of the Thumping Spike, he was so hot and adorable in Thumping Spike his acting was so great OMG in this topic every day I falling love with him more and more. wow your gif and the picture of him that you shared it was so adorable
  16. wow, he is just so perfect . its ok Choi Goon if no one end up with you, in the end, I come as soon as possible your mine I really like the drama begins because I want to make a lot of gif for this drama all the actors of this drama are so cute, hot and great fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @Jillia thank you so much for sharing the wonderful pictures and news
  17. sorry for cutting your message but wow I just love him in this drama especially in this part thanks for sharing it. his teary eyes, his smile and the way he looks at his little brother, I can't express my feeling with any kinds of words. OMG, He was so great I wanna cry right know his character one of the best characters that I have ever seen.
  18. wow the teaser just too cute I can't wait to see the drama OMG chingus I have a problem with male leads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I remember song Jae Rim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he played in surplus princess but he was a second lead OMG I just loved him in that drama I really hate the ending especially that part when he was crying and laughing at the same time and said to Ha-Ni go with another guy ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh that really broke my heart I really Liked them as a couple I really want them to be together I love both male leads what should I do ?
  19. Hi everyone I finally come to say something about this drama. for a long time, I just read comments and don't say anything. Thank you, everyone, I truly enjoy the pictures and news that you are sharing it wow, I just love the main couple so much especially the Yoon Kyun Sang. OMG, he just so perfect I falling in love with him in the Pinocchio. I saw that drama just because Lee Jong Suk but I start falling in love with him and forget LJS( Just joking ) after that I decided to see all of his projects. I can't wait to see him in this drama as a main lead because most of the time he was second lead and always break my heart. anyway I Join in this topic I hope we have a great time together
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