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  1. I know Chul and Yeonjoo were thinking of the greater good when they decided to not be together and erase his memories, but they forgot a detail: At this point, the killer also knows everything about the webtoon and that there is a real world.

    Kang Chul doesn't remember that but the killer still has the memories, which makes him even more powerful now.

    I think the voice from the tablet told Writer Dad to sit down during the end after Subong fainted was the killer... goosebumps.:blink:


    Just when you think you are starting to figure out how the drama will go, the plot twist comes. :bawling: Geez, I think this is the first drama I have encountered that blows my mind away every episode.


    If only they didn't cancel the broadcast last week, we would've already gotten ep 10 today ;~; dang it 

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  2. 34 minutes ago, Harukogirl said:


    Wait, maybe THEY ARE ALREADY MARRIED???!!!!??? :heart:

    Because in the preview, YJ is super shocked and say 'Marriage/Married????"


    What if to get her out of jail, he made it so they were married? Like he told the cops they had been secretly married and that's why no one knew who she was??? Because she's still wearing her prison uniform when she says "marriage???" and then when she's out she's wearing a ring...


    AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I can't live till Wednesday~!!!!!!  :dizzy:


    What she exactly said in the preview was, "Marriage? I haven't even done it but you said that I did (get married)?" I really think they did it to get her out of jail.

    Let's prepare our hearts for Mr. and Mrs. Kang!!!!!:heart:

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  3. Thank you so much, Soompi and CJE&M, for giving us this chance!! Here is my entry for the giveaway:




    This scene from episode 12 was definitely my favorite. The hug spoke more than a thousand words. It spoke of acceptance, assurance, trust, comfort, and promises of a much better relationship. I believe this was a major turning point in Seol and Jung's relationship. It was the first time Jung was able to open up to Seol about his past experiences and how he truly feels. After a series of fights, it was the first time they truly poured out their hearts to each other. Here, we can really say that they have given each other's trust. He's scared she might run away, but Seol was there to tell him that she wants Jung to go through hard times together with her. It was the first time that Jung was assured that even if he is 'weird', Seol will always be there for him. It was the scene in which we saw that they have accepted each others' flaws and differences. I believe that is exactly what true love is - unconditional.



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