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  1. If a girl takes over a day to respond to your messages, would you take that as a indication that she's not interested in you?

    I would, but to be honest, girls are thickle. They can take forever to respond simply because they lack the words to say something meaningful, they're afraid to hurt you and you take it the wrong way or they simply forgot about it.
    If you REALLY want your answer: call or talk to her in person. That will force her to answer you. Be sure you've got something meaningful to talk about though. You simply can't call just to ask if she saw your text. You can do that once, but never more than that.


    "thing" as in relationship or exclusive? 




    oh thats not okay!! but thats just my perspective. Initiate stage, he should put in more effort to get and keep you. 

    I completely disagree. There are 24 hours to a day. That means he would have to talk to you at least 12 hours and 1 second per day to make sure you're the one he talks to the most. That's kinda insane.

    If you want to talk to him so badly, talk to him. But considering you're calling the relationship a "thing" isn't a good sign either. Are you taking this seriously?

    I am taking it seriously. I only called it a "thing" because I feel that HE isn't taking it seriously and that's how he views our relationship. I don't know where I stand with him anymore. We've had talks about him not talking or spending enough time with me, and he says he's sorry, that he will try harder, but then it's back at the beginning a few days later. 

  2. Recently met a seemingly cool and nice guy where we had that "chemistry" crap going on, making it clear to me he was interested. But since I am such a lucky gal, after some simple Internet sleuthing, I found out he's married and has a kid. He never mentioned either of them. 



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