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  1. 6 minutes ago, zashi23 said:

    But i respect your opinion, since youve been a long time PMY.. but would you at least consider the possibility of them dating now?


    No I wouldn't, because one day when the truth comes out many shippers hearts may be broken so what is all for? 

    Like she said , “If, in the future, I end up meeting a great guy and have good news to share, I’ll go public with it. But what’s for sure is that I’m not getting married [right away]. Right now, I’m at a point where I’m focusing on this career that I love so much.” 

    I'll be waiting for this day, and will be very happy for her.

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  2. 27 minutes ago, Matilda_Anne said:


    if i may ask again, from your point of view as someone who has been a fan of pmy for so many years, is she or isnt she secretly dating psj? im curious to find out about your opinion :).. it’s nice to see things from different perspective.. 


    but from her iv with entertainment weekly she said she was caught once and she did not wish for it to happen again.. (meaning she will not go public with relationship right).. 


    Аs I know she hate talk about her personal life, if they dating? I don't think so...She had secret dating with LMH and when it was opened  she take a long break for 2 years to calm down all rumors...it was long two years for her fans...and when she is come back she acting  so careful to not start new rumors The truth is  I must say that on BTS Min Young is very cold with PSJ 

    You may see what you  want to see, but I feel only that she didnt relax like it was in her previous projects. And later she said that she was afraid of rumors. And this cold atmosphere is so clear there.  

    Everywhere she was so joyful with her partner but not  in Secretary.. That is what I see. I hope in HPL my happy, joyful Min Young  come back.


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  3. 1 minute ago, zashi23 said:

    this was when they were attending Dongguk University.

    and it was just a misconception because they always hang out but she clarified it and said they are like brother and sister. there were pictures taken.. but yeah.. far from being romantic. lol 



    What I mean is that about  PMY always was such rumors, but only that one time it became the truth

    I do not think she decides on another secret story after that scandal. Now she's an adult woman and will not play such games

  4. 8 minutes ago, Matilda_Anne said:


    she said previously her character in healer is similar to her too lol.. she even said her fav character used to be the one in sungkyungwan scandal but after healer, her fav was CYS. after wwws, her fav now is KMS.. :joy:.. it’s a pattern lol 


    yes PMY is always said that her last work and co-partner is the best!


    In 2013 she spend many times with actor JJV  there was a rumors about them,  both said that it just friendship 

    But they always ride together in University.

  5. 18 minutes ago, Cheryl295 said:



    Park Seo Joon is global ambassador for Gongcha. In the US, Australia and New Zealand, his face is everywhere. Park Min Young has no global advertisement yet. 


    Park Seo Joon was also among the Forbes Magazine 40 most powerful stars of 2018. He was no. 21. PMY was not in the list. 


    That is why I do not think he can easily date a girl without being spotted. 



    His famous like a model but I'm talking about different  thing

    You may be a very famous like a model in world but no one knows you like an actor.

    Min Young knows here not like a model, K-pop star but only like Actress.

    And I'm asking if he is popular in the world like actor (like Lee Joon Ki)

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  6. 33 minutes ago, seoseo said:

    In my case i watch wwwsk cause of pmy..i just watch drama that have A list actors and trusted such as pmy jjh shy psh ksh lmh..i not even know who is seo joon..after wwwsk i found out he popular and the one in kmhm..A list actors only paired with A list and trusted actors..so i think seo joon is good that why pmy agreed to act with him..


    Me too, I knew who PSJ is but I liked him only in Kill me Heal me, 

    Min Young I saw first time in 2012  in SS and then was that hit City Hunter, all K-dramas fans talked only about CH

    She had not so popular Glory June and Dr Jun but she had Award for that dramas!!! 

    And then was Healer!!  4 years ago about this drama talked every K-dramas fans in all world

    Even now in Europe and USA they know  her like girl from Healer,, in my country too. 

    As Secretary Kim she most famous only in Asia.

    As for PSJ he starts worked only in 2014 right? I my country non of his dramas wasn't air.

    Is he popular in the world like Min Young? 

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  7. 29 minutes ago, parkparkloveu said:

    Yup but during KBS Awards QF7D was not given proper recognition unlike FFMW.


    Genre and story for the drama is also very crucial for its success not only the cast. I am kinda nervous for PMY doing another webtoon (webnovel) straight after WWWSK and her amazing chemistry with PSJ. But lets trust that Namoo has considered this. I think HPL storyline can capture the young audience as well as the old.


    I dont care much about success or raiting, I cant understand Korean tastе its so weird, but I trust myself, if I liked its great.

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  8. 31 minutes ago, parkparkloveu said:

    PSJ has been following hashtag of his name before WWWSK, since around FFMW days.


    QF7D has low ratings compared to a hit KBS Drama FFMW which aired around the same time on the same network. That's why the doubters and haters of PMY are not convinced she can carry HPL. All her fans including PPC shippers should give our all out support to her new drama.


    QF7D its her best role ever very strong acting! This drama had so much prises from critics and also from viewers, 

    now drama is the hit in Japan and Turkey.

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  9. 2 minutes ago, zashi23 said:

    PMY deleted her latest post... pretty sure its because of all the craziness that went on the comment section... 

    (sighhh) hang in there MinYoung! :star:you will always have more people who loves and support you!:wub:

    Its so shame, I always hear that shipping its for fan, but how can be fun if that become so mess and 

    when that start to be neglect to both actors. Min Young said, that she want to move on...why they continue to write his name and even insult her. If Min Young didnt find its fun, so it is not fun at all

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