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  1. She wanted to demonstrate to everyone that she knows DH intimately, because she knows his taste and is willing to 'sacrifice' her health for him. FJ is amazing. She may be impulsive at times, but she had the patience of a saint in that scene.
  2. I think DH would have sent Moye off on an errand. Something that will cause Moye a great deal of discomfort! I have absolutely no respect for ZH. The way she bullies the weak and have this entitled attitude is do off putting. It can be argued that she is spoilt, but I feel her personality is shown here, especially when she have absolutely no remorse for hurting others.
  3. I always felt that too. How DH like to see what FJ will do next. One thing is for sure, DH will never be bored with FJ around! DH have infinite patients for FJ. As long as it does not involve any other male, he probably finds her amusing in every way. I love how on point DH's description of FJ is. He is so deeply in love with FJ, he sees nothing wrong with her at all.
  4. Sadly, no English sub as of yet. I have been watching raw videos. It is really good!
  5. I am the same. I start watching some dramas and lose interest very quickly. I think the issues are the unoriginal storylines and lack of spark between the main leads. I am watching Miss S. Murder mystery and Romance. Vengo is in it and the drama is a great production. Vengo does all the right moves in the drama, but the spark is missing in his eyes. However, I am enjoying the drama overall.
  6. I like SXR too. He is honest, sweet, protective, loyal and forgiving. Don't forget, FJ want to pay back her debt. But I think it's partially an excuse. FJ will dive right in, whenever she thinks DH may be endanger, to the point she ignores her own safety. If only...alot of suffering would have been avoided.
  7. FJ certainly ticked off many painful experiences. She should get a fast pass to ascend. I may be wrong. But I wonder if it is because JH held on this hope that DH have some slight feeling for her, since he did do alot for her compared to what he did for others. Keeping that in mind, JH thought DH may change his mind, after her confession or if he spent more time with her. JH's actions demonstrate she does not understand DH and how desperate she was.
  8. I do wonder, what FJ's heavenly trials may be. She has suffered enough from her past experiences and have contributed to saving all realms.
  9. Dh really did everything within his power to find FJ. I think the novel explained this alot better then the drama. I think FJ and DH behaved as expected in that scenario. JH thought FJ was pet, so she interacted with her as one would. But the fact that she lied, was not right. Considering how much grief JH directly and indirectly caused her, I was actually surprised how calm FJ was, when she saw JH in the mortal realm.
  10. Well....afterall DH is the ultimate shameless deity. Considering the severity of his action, XY got off lightly for stealing the soul locking Jade.
  11. They are just too cute. Reba and Vengo seem to have so much fun together. This couple have absolutely ruined most dramas for me. They have set the bar too high. I have become critical while watching dramas. I would unconsciously compare and think other couples in the dramas are not sweet enough, not tender enough, and why are they not staring at each other lovingly, and why are the kisses so wooden?! I mean just look at this for example... Haha.. probably not the best example. But even when Reba was suppose to avoid Vengo in the drama, the kiss here is on f
  12. I can see the Queens logic. She was most likely traumatized by her first husbands death. One may argue she was subjected to continuous abuse from the current king/husband. But my empathy for her is limited because of her actions towards Aranya. If Aranya triggered her trauma, she could have sent Aranya away, instead of throwing her into a pit. The king is a lost course. He probably only cared for his own pleasure and gains. It wouldn't be too far stretch to think the Queen may have made up some excuse about Aranya's disappearance and the King made no attempts to follow up wi
  13. Artistic talent can not fill an empty stomach! I am sure DH much prefer FJ who can cook delicious food. I'd like to think SY would fight for AY if he was in the position to. But I am not sure if SY realised he was in love with AY at that point. So given the chance, he may not even protest the marriage. SY seem to over think which leads to him hesitant. In reflection, SY didn't even have a close friend to discuss his concerns. At least DH and SXR had an option to talk to someone, or someone would verbalise their concerns. SY really was dealt with the worse cards
  14. I am waiting for the whole drama to be released to binge in one go. Thanks for everyone who translated and recapped. It all make sense now!
  15. He was right! BGG'd intelligence is way above the average. Fangirls/fanboys can be rather frightening! DH did a fantastic job half parenting LS. He is smart and have good values. I absolutely love all the fan art you posted At first when I watched it, I thought that was not a proposal! But after thinking about it, it was great how DH was firm about marrying FJ. Like there was no other option from his point of view.
  16. Thanks for explaining it to me. Now it makes more sense. It sounds like before meeting BQ, Yehua was not living at all. Interesting points regarding Moyuan. So Moyuan may appeared to be calm and emotional detached, but underneath he was in turmoil. I can see why he passed on the DJ role to DH. On the other hand, DH was emotionally detached and he needed to learn to be empathetic. Shaowan was the most expressive and honest with her thoughts and desires, so she had to learn self restraint. Father God had his hands full. I admire how he tried to teach these
  17. Isn't it just?! Random question, is Moyuan's personality similar to Yehua? I was trying to read a fanfiction based on Moyuan. I got too use to DH's shameless ways, that I find him rather uninspiring. But it could be the author's writing style.
  18. Awesome choice. I love the poster the most too! Everything about it is just Hey Ninky, been thinking of you! I was wondering if you were doing okay. Glad you dropped in to let us know. Wow 3 kids go home school is no walk in the park. 1. Zhe Yan. He seems to know his wine. 2. Dong Hua. Just to hear his poisonous tongue once in a while! For some reason, I think Mo Yuan's personality may make training a bore. 3. 110% Qingqiu. I love their laid-back and supportive culture. If I was an teenager, I would print it and put the gigantic post
  19. Haha Qingti and Xie Guchou would have a disgusted facial expression, and elegantly spit out the fish. Xiao Yan would jump up in outrage screaming and accuse DH for trying to kill him. I hope someone draw the manhua version for The Pillowbook in the future.
  20. I think that is an important point. Both FJ and DH like to learn, and keep busy. It doesn't matter if they do not master the skills, it is the importance of trying and experiencing the process.
  21. DH and FJ are both have the 'all or nothing' type of mentality. DH was so patient. Thinking back, DH may not say much and have a poisonous tongue, but he was patient and forgiving to people around him. SY's EQ is just as bad as DH's. The saving grace was at least SY knew how much AY loved him. Sadly, AY's passed away thinking she forever unwanted and unloved.
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