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  1. Sorry, let me rephrase. The Golden Eagle award is a prestigious award. Say, for ease of comparison, it’s almost like the Golden Globe Awards. 
    Now RB has only a few dramas and movies under her belt. Her onscreen characters have always been in line with young, fresh, cute, bubbly, naive and innocent. 
    She does not have a drama that requires substance and method acting yet. 
    Hence, when she received the Golden Eagle Award, there was an uproar and an outcry that she did not deserve the award. In other words, public opinion seems to say she does not have enough clout to hold that award. 
    I will try to find the stat as to how many people expressed that disappointment at her. If I am not mistaken, 2.8 million people have her the thumbs down and booed... need to find that program again and check. 
    As such, faced with no work after ELOD, JX wanted nothing to do with her for she is bad press, and on top of that, a MASSIVE public backlash to her receiving the award, IF, you were RB, how would you feel? 

    Finally, this is my observation. In ELOD, RB appears to be especially guant ( face thin and hollowed) in the Fanyingo and certain episodes of Aranya’s dream. I am suspecting depression due to the backlash she got from the Golden Eagle Award. Then again, I may be wrong....

    1. ChibiLy


      Thanks for clarifying the situation. It didn't sound like a great period for Reba. 

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