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  1. This is a long shot but if you are interested in having the uncut (International Version) of Goodbye My Princess with English subs, particularly if you are in the U.S. and have a Netflix account, you can make a request for a title. After all they have had other Chinese Dramas Ashes of Love and Ten Thousand Miles of Peach Blossoms on the site. See the link https://www.wikihow.com/Request-New-Shows-and-Movies-from-Netflix I submitted a title request. I figure if there are enough requests, then maybe, maybe they may buy the license for it. You never know. Be sure to request the International 55 episode version if you have a Netflix account. I have been looking around Weibo and watched the highlights reel from the production company and they definitely cut a lot of scenes from the mainland China version. There is a whole backstory shot with Mi Luo and Peng Zhou that is not even referenced, not to mention the kiss(es) in Li Cheng Yin's bedroom. Some people have noted that Li Cheng Yin had red ears and a mark on his cheek in the scene that was aired in China. I read the translated novel and it does describe the kiss he gives her after tying her hands with the belt, his ears turning red and her fighting back, biting him on the cheek. I have a feeling they shot the entire scene and when it was edited, they took out that prior to him requesting a kiss (in the novel he asks for a kiss back after kissing her) before letting her go. I wonder what else they had edited out. Other things I've found out while looking through Weibo is that Chen Xing Xu was on deliberate diet to lose weight at least from going through the posts on his Weibo page. I wonder if they (the director and production team) asked him to lose weight for the role. Also, it seems that the director Li Muge likes to shoot guns in his off time.
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