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  1. By the way, I saw you have a new oppa. Did you watch in Backstreet Rookie with JCW? -2 Haha! Oh no, Zoppa has a gym in his bedroom? Haha! Someone might be wishing they are those equipment, too. Haha! By the way, @partyon, since @Sleepy Owlisn't available to be a dongsaeng, then can you be the dongsaeng or the eonni? Haha! Does this mean there will be another "dog story"? Haha! 414 @4evrkdrama How's the noona-dongsaeng relationship in Hello, It's Me? Is it good? Is it Choi Kang Hee and Kim Young Kwang's drama?
  2. Haha! I was rooting for both! Both LMH and KHJ have charms you can't resist! Haha! Yes, it really depends on how passionate the actor is no matter if he's the first, second, or even last choice. I wonder if actors/actresses who turned down good roles regretted their choice. But I think that was also just their preference. Haha. Yeah, it was pretty evident when LJK decided to show himself to PMY. Haha! Make sure to check out that drama in your list. Haha! 414
  3. It was definitely because I worked for a Korean company for almost a decade that's why I became addicted to their culture especially dramas. Haha! So pardon me in case most of the actors and actresses I like are not really that young anymore. Haha. Oh, BoF was your first K-Drama? That's nice. It seemed to be very youthful at that time. Were you Team Jun Pyo or Team Ji Hoon? I admit Lee Min Ho reminded me of Jerry Yan (Taiwanese version of Gu Jun Pyo called Dao Ming Si). Imagine if Jang Geun Seuk accepted the role and became Jun Pyo? I think JGS would be very cute, but maybe the imp
  4. It's alright, Sis. My post was too long, so it had to be cut. Haha! Like you, I'm a K-Drama fanatic, too! I started watching K-Dramas in 2005 (on TV) then started to watch them more in 2009. Haha! I think my age is showing here now. Haha! Anyway, yes, PBG is pretty adorable and talented. I remember my aunt watched LitM/MDbtC and she initially liked him. When she saw his face on Netflix for the drama RoY, she was so elated. Haha! Did you watch Im Si Wan in the movie "The Attorney"? He was really good there! He sure can act so well! I've heard of "Taxi Driver
  5. I believe there'll be more contenders and it depends on how people see chemistry since K-Drama Land is such a wide world. Haha! But my take would be: Park Min Young and Park Seo Joon respectively. I guess that's why WWwSK was really a hit! Since both of them are masters of chemistry. Haha! 436
  6. Yes, I noticed your display picture is Park Bo Gum, so I thought you had watched that show. It's one of my favorite historical dramas. Another one is Sungkyunkwan Scandal but Park Yoo Chun didn't really stand out for me in that show; it's probably because Yoo Ah In and Song Joong Ki did much better in portraying their roles. What's Wrong with Secretary Kim is really funny and interesting. I think everyone has/most liked how light and captivating it was. I agree with you, Sis @4evrkdrama. City Hunter's ending was so disappointing. Haha! Yes, I can still recall their sm
  7. Hello there, @twinkle_little_star! Green tea sounds healthy! Do you prefer your tea hot or cold? 440C
  8. Yes! Haha! Their chemistry in Goblin is pretty much unbeatable! Oh wow! Thanks for the list, sis! You really have such a list of actors and actresses you wished to be paired again. Haha! In my case, I want these couples back together in the drama land (movie is also okay, haha) again: Ha Ji Won - Jo In Sung Ha Ji Won - So Ji Sub (give them a chance) (haha) Kim Yoo Jung - Park Bo Gum Kim Yoo Jung - Yeo Jin Goo Park Min Young - Park Seo Joon Park Min Young - Ji Chang Wook (this is our common answer, haha) Park Min Young - Lee Min
  9. Congratulations on finishing all the pages. Haha! You can now rest your tongue. Haha! @joccu Hello there, too! 448
  10. Haha! I thought @Sleepy Owlis the resident dongsaeng here? Haha! I guess he's not the maknae here. Haha! Likewise, sis @4evrkdrama! I watched TYH due to the main leads, too! A bit disappointed though because their chemistry in Goblin was way beyond their chemistry in that drama. Haha! But of course, it's a given since they have different genres. I really love them as WY and KS! Nothing beats that chemistry, I believe. Especially as the second-lead OTP. Haha! Their visuals really stood out in those dramas, too! Haha! I still look forward to them having their third project
  11. Hello @mirmz! Good evening! 448
  12. Good morning to you there, @Thong Thin! Don't skip meals when you get so busy! Have a good day ahead! Wishing everyone is and will be having a great and peaceful day! 452
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