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  1. hi folks, long time no postings.. i just watched newest epi of My Ugly Duckling and i cant hide my happines when Jongmin suddenly brought up YEH's name.. all thanks to Jongmin..kekekeke..btw, i'm envy HAHA-Byul couple, they met once in Xman and now waiting for third child.. as fan and shippers, we hope same thing happened to our couple..well, who know everything is possible..
  2. anyone noticed they get back their black hair color? lol..they keep their hair dying color for years..KJK did changed it one month ago and YEH's hair turn back to black color only after she finished her drama..
  3. take it with a grain of salt.. last time, kjk get mad at him for creating a fanfiction about him and Jihyo in Big Picture..lol.. and here he did again last night #facepalm# i read from fans who attended sbs award last night, they feel bad for KJK because he really feel embarrassed and uncomfortable when they showing his couple scene with Jinyoung..he said before in RM, they're not dating and he mentioned again in mom diary they're just friend nothing more..but things get more complicated ever since she appeared on Mom's diary and later on she become a regular cast Mom diary with her mother.. like i said before, it's the biggest miracle if KJK and YEH end up together and announce their marriage news..if not, i wish nothing but happiness for them..
  4. hehe...this couple award is possible mostly because of Hong Jinyoung.. even after she said she was afraid because of some fans threatened her, she still keep playing loveline with KJK from RM to Mom diary... that why KJK thanks her for her hard work and give this honor to her because he did not contributed much for their loveline..
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