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  1. -RR went back to MM's house the remaining belongings.
    -RR rushed to hospital and learn about SH's illness.
    -SH and RR went to SH's flat. SH act like everything is normal RR get upset and pointed out that she know SH's illness and after deep conversation. SH want keep secret about his illness and after RR presuade they go an other hospital tomorow but SH refuses to go.
    Remaining scene was filler scene

  2. SexyDolceVita said:


    Oh I need to watch this ep with sub soon. I am really curious to see the real story behind HJ first love. He is such a nice guy, I can't believe she married TJ, in the end money is not everything and I guess she is realizing that.

    I kind of expected not to see much of HW and JH, this drama is quite long, and has 4 female leads. So we will prob see a lot from the other leads now on.

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