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  1. The ending was predictable by very nice! And it is for sure a hint for second season. Since Ha Na is now a part of the team. She was sooo gorgeous in the last scene,truly an angel Netizens didn't like a character at the start not the actress but from 12 ep they have turned around and liked Ha Na. Age gap between Do Gi and Go Eun are 12 years so yeah)
  2. That's why the second writer came into the light for the 11-16 episodes. Cause the first one was not good with putting Ha Na into the story, I'm not gonna lie,she is my favourite character here,but to me it seems like the first writer didn't quite know what he wants from Ha Na in this story. The second one just had to pull the trigger fast and I think he did a good job from what he got. And also the first one had many loose ends in the story overall. Lol,she got in car accident and in bomb blast in one day,if I was her I also would have changed something.why not hairstyle
  3. New video of Taxi Driver behind the scene. Lol,what Je Hoon is doing with Esom's hair?
  4. You can read director's interview about this here ,thanks to @hoonisthaein And the difference is huge to me, in 11 and 12 Ha Na finally became the big part in the story. The director said that it was planned for the second half to be lead by Ha Na and Do Ki.So maybe that was the point of changing the writer because the first one didn't quite satisfy director at that point.
  5. Completely agree with you! Can't wait to see what we will get in the end)
  6. At first I thought Taxi driver is a 20 episode drama,lol. Yes,it's too short and I also was not fond of voice phishing story at all. Je Hoon was fabulous in that disguise but overall for me it was boring. Let's see what the production team will give us,but I also want to see Ha Na and Do Gi relationship development,like a good partners and maybe friends? Because in my book it could work for the whole justice theme, the team is doing digging and Ha Na is putting criminals in the jail,kind of like that.
  7. I am not) Every plot twist that happened in last 2 episodes I expected from the start,but I thought it would happen at least at 8 or 9 episode.For me since 8 episode writer seemed to make too many spots here and there?loosing some things... So i guess the director made the right decision. Just in case people wondering,they announced it now,but made a change quite a while ago. Cause they are filming episode 16 right now. But I'm not gonna lie,episode 12 became my favourite,acting,directing and writing,everything was on point for me. And for Go Eun overshadowing,Ha Na barely had her scree
  8. As I understood Godmother kidnapped all the team except Mr.Jung and waiting with criminal squad for Doki to came. As she said to him earlier,if you touch my boys or my things,I am going to mess up with your team. Dunno how it will be resolved but I guess Ha Na will come to help him save his teammates. Episode 11 and 12 were heartbreaking,I cried my heart out for Mr.Wang,adored him a lot! And Ha Na's tears really got me,so sad...He was her best support,now she is like a tree without roots...
  9. I hated her in VIP so badly,like ahhhh.... But she is really a good actress,but even in taxi driver I can't say I like Go Eun much. As for the Signal you should watch it,to me,it is still the best series of Je Hoon. I love his roles in movies,he is a great star. Same for Esom,absoultely adored her last movie Samjin company english class.
  10. In BE two main characters had equal screen time, in taxi driver Je Hoon has much more screentime than Esom. I don't know why the director did it,but maybe in last 6 episodes we will find out. Since I remember director said Ha Na will be more intertwined with the team taxi in the second half of drama. But BE is an absolute masterpiece,even I enjoy Taxi driver a lot, I don't think overall it come close to BE .
  11. She is not spying,really, come on people,she is doing her job. She didn't close her last U data case yet and it leads to Do Gi. What are you expecting her to do,sit and watch? Criminals just vanished away,she has to catch them,do you really think that nonsense prsion of Godmother to keep criminals is ok? I really like the conflict the show provides us,the law and the justice, how people see it. But people keep pointing prosecutor is annoying really need to learn a bit about law system. Yes,just let's go back to 15th century and our antihero will be solving the cases with his team. U data
  12. I could be wrong but he wanted chairman to be dead that's why Go Eun said it is not right...
  13. Two male leads,one is chasing after another like crazy but after many things happen they cooperate) You should watch) And to be honest Ha Na is just doing her job. U data was her case at first~ Yeah,agree with you! Love this drama to bits but come on people,the team is doing so many wrong things, I just can't...Especially their connections with loan shark lady.
  14. It resembles Beyond Evil main lead relationships a lot. Is it a thing in kdrama lately,lol? But I love it. The tension is superb )
  15. Yes, I'm happy to see these two to shine finally! And I laughed so hard how they entered this creepy place, like sorry,we are sorry we just came by,lol These are my thoughts too. Because in reality we have a law system,just because people are corrupt it's not working how it should be. But you can't just get rid of all criminals like taxi rainbow service are doing,criminals should be in the jail. So now I have a thought that in the end they will cooperate with Ha Na, rainbow taxi will catch and beat and she will send bastards in jail? Something like that. I guess this is why Nae
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