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  1. Hello everyone. Good to see all the discussions going on. I really like the drama and the mystery so far, so just would like to share my thoughts. Let me first start by saying I'm really really annoyed with JEH's mother. Her focus has been too much on her daughter's husband, rather than her own daughter. I get that she felt thankful to him for getting the family their house and the shop, plus paying for the brother's surgery, but anyone could see how distressed JEH was and rather than spending some time with her to find some common ground and probably remind JEH of her childhood etc, she right away says how KCK would react and if he will take her back. Like I've mentioned previously, I haven't been able to warm up to her character and now it seems like I never would. I hope there will be some reason behind it, otherwise for now I'm leaning towards her being materialistic. The brother, on the other hand, scores point on being level-headed and cares about his sister. The graduation album was obviously his attempt to show her some parts of herself that she may not remember yet. Sometimes I had the feeling that there's something behind the money exchanged that he knew about, so like previous posters who mentioned this, it is possible that JEH married KCK for money, more specifically to pay for her brother's surgery. However, the actor himself is a bit emotionless, so I don't know if that uncomfortable emotion I detect from him in few previous scenes is part of the script or just due to the actor. It is quite suspicious that Madame Min had never met JEH after KCK married her. It is said that the marriage was 8 years ago, but right after they get married, both went overseas for two years. So Madame Min only met JEH six years ago? The thing is, I'm still having mixed feelings over her. It seems like she had some preconceived ill notion about JEH that somehow didn't match with what she is seeing when she met JEH face to face (like when she said, "I still can't figure her out"). Her scenes of when she was alone washing her hands and talking to herself, plus the one where she conveyed her abhorrence towards her son after he said he wants JEH back, strengthened my belief that she knew her son did something bad, and JEH had the evidence that can destroy both her and her son. Despite that, I felt that she is trying to get JEH out of whatever twisted situation she is in, while also trying to protect her son out of familial loyalty. I had a feeling that the young girl is either JEH's daughter or KCK's with another woman. If the former, my take would be they got married and went overseas, she got pregnant, gave birth and somehow lost her baby and KCK told her the girl died. That could explain her depression, as the death of her daughter might have pushed her over the edge. And when they went back to SK, she found out the girl is actually alive so she make it her mission to find her. Problem with this scenario is why would KCK fake his daughter's death? Which brings me to another scenario. What if KCK married another woman, and fathered a child. Then by some circumstances, the woman dies, got injured or went mad, and KCK asks JEH to marry him to hide the fact that he is somehow related to the hanky-panky behind whatever happened. In return, he will sponsor her brother's surgery and make sure her family is living comfortably. Then JEH found the suspicious circumstances behind the anchor and his wife or child, (or maybe even the company) and decided to unravel it. Dr Jang being her accomplice, is really making it more clear that its somehow related to medical/health. One more thing, is it possible Butler Jung also had a relationship with KCK? She knew what side he prefers, and her longing for KCK is obvious behind that cold calculative look she had when looking at JEH as a rival. She also seems to have her own agenda. KCK seems extremely surprised when he saw the video of the young girl and a woman in the phone. It does seem to be Butler Jang's voice, right? That's why I think while both Jung and KCK is after a phone, it's for an entirely different reason and their respective aims is in different phones. The video in JEH's phone (that KCK said is his) could be something Jung did on her own that she is willing to kill to keep hidden (kidnapping the little girl maybe? Or shows her being guilty of causing something? Or is it possible she's actually the girl's mother?), while the thing that KCK said can save him is in the other phone (the one allegedly belonging to a random gardener) and is now still with HKW. My interpretation of the dream sequence that JEH keeps having is that JEH is trying to save the girl. I don't know how this fits, but it is possible she was trained as a bodyguard of sorts for the young girl (or maybe for the actual mother?) while pretending to be the mother for some reason. That's how she had combat training, CPR and the domestic skills (cleaning, cooking etc). The will to protect was so strong that she keeps dreaming about it despite her memory loss, which means the girl is in danger. With the CCTV room, it really is weird why KCK installed that. There might be more to the secret basement than just the CCTVs although time will reveal it. Sorry for the long-winded post. Can't wait for the next episode.
  2. Finally I've managed to catch up with this drama. I'm really loving the mystery although sometimes certain things get me riled up. So many questions I had, and I do wonder how it's going to be resolved. So this might be a long rant, but please bear with me... Hahaha, apologies in advance Like @millicom said, I was quite surprised the change in JEH was revealed so soon. But I guess, there's only so much you can find out by being the hired help. Actually being in the house as the mistress would be much productive, albeit more dangerous. On JEH, we have been shown that she is or was a good person - nice to the maids and very attentive to her husband. But then, she's also very adept at martial arts, have a myriad of skills which doesn't seem so ordinary. She's also supposed to be a novelist - maybe she's hunting down a story (or evidence on certain things that happened in the past)? I have a feeling it somehow relates to her family. Where is her father? The way her brother talks about cosmetics, it seems likely it is a family business (I seem to remember her mother and brother at their shop - more like a farmacy?). Why did she become depressed after marrying KCK and why did she ran away and yet her husband is only asking Ms Jung to find her, rather than reporting to the police? Although maybe that is related to him avoiding scandals to the public - public perception seems like his utmost concern with how he kissed JEH in front of his colleagues, revealing his mother's cosmetic line that is not-actually-organic to show that he's trustworthy. And he seems sure that she's only biding her time to come back, rather than running away from something. But I seem to remember early on in the episodes that he actually wants something back from her (is it the phone? Or a USB? My memory is jumbled up from watching so many dramas right now and too lazy to backwatch haha sorry. Anyone who remembers are welcome to set me straight). But then we got a shot of him caressing their picture and sleeping holding that - so there are feelings there. So it's quite grey for me regarding him for now. Although I agree that the basement thing is creepy. There is a possibility of this although not sure if there's any truth to it, but previously I even thought about some secret child/mistress/someone in the basement who is maybe bedbound. This thought came to me when Miss Jung gave the contract to JEH to sign, and one of the things the maids have to keep secret is how much food and the nutritional value is consumed in the house. But maybe I'm overthinking too much lol. So why Ms Jung wants to kill her? Is it really just about jealousy because she wants KCK for herself, or does it run deeper than that? Wasn't she searching for the bracelet before? Meanwhile it's true that JEH is probably searching for the phone (the red phone which ironically is now in her possession although she doesn't know it). The phone belongs to a gardener but the phone was found in the wine cellar. So there must be something in the phone that JEH probably records or saved in there which is revealing enough for her to arrange to come back after her surgery (although why it takes more than two months for the owner to call the phone escapes me). There's also the mystery of what Miss Jung did that she was being punished by being a sort-of butler rather than someone with a position at the company. Then JEH's mother. I'm inclined to think positively about her just because she's our protagonist's mother. But the way she wasn't going to report her missing and her outburst about not having her daughter get divorced because she (JEH) won't get anything is getting to me. Is she pushing her daughter to KCK because of money? Even MIL offhandedly said that she is living well when she went to give them the divorce papers (seems to indicate there was money involved although in what way or form is unknown at the moment). Or maybe it's just smokescreen from the writer, but I haven't been able to warm up to her character since the beginning. So we'll see how it plays out. Now, MIL is also poised to be the evil, manipulative mother in law. But then she also said she felt disdain towards her own son because of JEH. Is JEH somehow blackmailing her using KCK? If yes, what did she have on him that made even his mother pause? Or it is just the normal troupe of her not approving her daughter in law's family? Hmm.. Lastly, who is the guardian? Why did he disappear once he realises JEH had lost her memory? Initially, I thought he was a lawyer (was it the in the first or second episode where he was shown to be in some sort of an office and I seem to recognise hints of a prosecutor logo somewhere in the shot). And he's still calling Seo Hyun Seo's number... Remember earlier on in the drama JEH had broke down in front of him and berating herself for being so greedy - is it really because of money or maybe something else? Oh well, we are just going to have to wait. But I'm glad that the story seems to be moving quite fast. And thanks for reading guys. Sorry if I'm rambling too much haha
  3. Haha my sentiments exactly. No matter who it was that took the picture, my focus is on our glowing, happy and radiant Oh Yeon Seo. With her cute pink hat and shiny shiny stuff prominently on her ring finger, I get the vibe that she is so very happy and that is what's important to me as her fan. And last but not least, love her style. Her white shirt with the light blue jeans goes really well with her pink hat; its simple but effortlessly elegant. On that note, I see that in the sea of masculine blue hues, a blushing glimpse of pink: Well, pink is cute so I don't blame you Mr I'm-a-Dependable-Guy. Just don't fight your coolest partner for who's the pinkest of the pink because no one can beat this :
  4. How true it is. It always strikes me as to how cute, loyal and respectful OYS's fans are. They always stand by her in anything and everything so I have no doubt they will always stand by her side. OYS's interactions with her fans is also something I admire. She knows and appreciates who have been supporting her in all her times, good or bad. In return, she has their trust forever. So I see no problem in her fans, it would rather be like, "unnie! (or noona in other cases)! We wish you all the love and happiness in the world... Saranghaeeee"
  5. Aww kids, babies, Oh Yeon Seo and Lee Seung Gi? Count me in! That moment when LSG's back is facing the camera and he was glancing at his coolest partner thinking of this very scene perhaps in their future, right after that when both of them are standing closely together and OYS is probably marvelling at how natural her charming friend is with a baby, to the last scene where both of them are patting the baby and LSG with that satisfied nod to himself perhaps wondering how very perfectly domestic this is. So even though it was a cut and paste bts clip, this clearly shows how natural both of them are with each other. No words are needed. And even with a crying baby, there is no hesitation there. I hereby deem uri otp is ready! (For what, you may say, well take your pick *wink*)
  6. Hi everyone. This sounds promising and the mystery element is something I'm interested in. Haven't actually watched the drama yet but planning to do so soon. I also liked Nam Sang Mi so this is a bonus
  7. When you are comfortable enough to be yourself with someone, that's when you know the love is true and enduring. After all, it's easy to pretend to be someone you're not just to make sure an angelic persona is maintained in public, but this never was the case for uri unnie. She jokes around, always authentic and is so lovable all her co-stars become her BFFs.
  8. Hahaha yes I remember but usually there is some gap (because I do follow other accounts and they posted in between) but during that white day post, it's the first time for me lol. Copycats? Or mirrors of each other? @iffahmm I'm still waiting for a creative soul who would make a vid for SOG and JSM reunion post ep 20. I saw a gifset in tumblr once that depicted this and they were so good I can almost imagine it happening myself. I hope there will be a vid version in the future. ps: Of course the real life version would be 100 times better
  9. Ahh, I remember those times haha. The White Day post will remain one of the most memorable due to the time they both posted - so happy seeing my IG feed with LSG'S post right after OYS's. I should have made a screencap, ugh forgetful me.
  10. Hmm, I don't know about this one. Actually I think it's just the reflection from the picture in the magazine. When studying reflections, the angle of the mirror (in this case, OYS's glasses) is as important as where the photographer is. In that photo, OYS is sitting down and gazing downwards. So unless the photographer is at a right angle (90 degrees) against the glasses or directly in front and probably crouching down, it's doubtful he/she will appear as a reflection on the glasses. The best visual way I can show this is: Tried to find a more suitable one to no avail haha. So in this instance, the photographer can see the screen of the computer the subject is looking at despite being in front of him. This is because of the angle of the glasses. But that's my two cents, feel free to discuss further. I'm enjoying the various clues we are discussing tbh. Keep it up everyone.
  11. Haha. It's the first eye reflection case for this team anyway, of course there will be a learning curve lol. But seriously, @haymochi I love our girl's eyes. They are so expressive and beautiful. You know, the first time I saw her in SOGC I thought she is wearing contacts but then I realised it's natural. Unnie why so pretty..... ps: Sorry for having the blown up images greeting you so early in the morning haha.
  12. You'll have to upload the picture to a image hosting site (I usually use imgur(.)com), get the direct link (ending in png or bmp...), go to "insert other media" at the bottom of your post editor, choose "insert image from url" and paste the link. That should do it. It's the same with gifs, but the link must end with gif. I've taken the liberty to share the picture from your link here hope you don't mind:
  13. Haha well the picture is not that clear so we can't tell for sure. But if you look at the paler outline (compared to the darker background) that looks like arms that extends upwards, that naturally brings the phone a bit higher than chest area, and more likely near the face. This is also apparent from the difference in color tones of the supposed-phone and the brighter supposed-facemask. ps: can't believe we are discussing images from a person's eyes right now lol. I feel like CSI now
  14. It could either be a mask, or its the phone that OYS's companion is holding while taking the picture like @iffahmmmentioned previously. Edit: On second thought, looking at the picture again it does seem like a face mask especially the wide white outline that runs from ear to ear of the person.
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