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  1.                                                THEY WON!!!!!


    '송송커플' 송혜교-송중기, 2016 대한대중문화예술상 동반 참석…대통령 표창 유력


    And we'll get to see them together to receive the Presidential Commendation Award on the 27th of this month, their appearance is already confirmed!!!! We will see them together once again!. Yay!!



  2.                                                               Just a suggestion

    I have heard about fans wanting to send gifts to Kyo for the anniversary and that's a great idea, however I'm not sure if these will be accepted :( so there is that slight risk involved.

    But I was just re-watching DOTS and I was on that scene where SJK is sitting on the bus with Kyo's face plastered on the side (* I know it's supposed to be a sad scene but that part always gets me, maybe I just have a weird sense of humour..lol). But I was inspired with an idea this time round.


    Okay, so what I was thinking is that to celebrate Kyo's 20 years in the entertainment industry why don't fans send her congratulatory messages using bus advertisements in Seoul. I did some research and found out that these ads are approximately $400 for per bus and they will have the congratulatory message plastered on the side for an entire month.

    So instead of sending gifts which she might or might not receive, here is a way to spread the love for Kyo around Seoul. Next time a tired and sad SJK looks out on the road, wouldn't it be nice if he saw Kyo's face on buses..lol



    If anybody is interested in this idea then I will suggest that you make your own groups (*friends or fans from the same country) , raise the money and get in contact with the e-mail posted in the link below.


    I will not be taking part in the organisation of any groups, so please don't ask me to create a group. I'm sorry, I will not be able to do so. I think it's best that people form groups with people that they truly trust and directly get in touch with the Korean directly on that e-mail id. 

    Lots of luck to anybody who undertakes this project and participates in it. 


    1. megbc8


      This is a good idea joongkyo!You are a genius!I just emailed them.I will share some info.  later when I get the reply fr. Ashley.

  3. Sorry to the people whom I haven't replied to in ages, life got crazy busy ( @angieknows and @carla95 specifically - I still haven't had time to read the old messages :()

    Wanted to ask, is the international fan community doing any projects for the November fan-meeting?. I was thinking up of some ideas and wasn't sure if people/existing groups are already doing things, didn't want to crowd if things are already in place. 


    1. megbc8


      Glad to see you joongkyo!Hello utkim & Angie!We (my 2 sisters ) are planning to go to Korea to attend her anniversary,but we don't even know where to buy the tickets.It would be a waste if we don't see her.I'm sure securing a ticket would be like winning in the lottery.So many fans are clamoring to attend.If I buy a gift,where will I send it?If I just give donation to one of her charity projects,where will I send the money?I really want to support her,specially w/ the recent award discrimination that she has been receiving.I am sad and mad!I'm praying that she will get more graces in return to all of these unjust treatment she is receiving.Pls. give us  info. on how we can all join a legit fan club of SHK if there is one for international fans.

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