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  1. Aahhhh the caption tho: "Waiting for tmrw. Enwoo-ya~~ shall we go and meet 'seonsaengnim'?" OMG yes pleaseee, hope my little pumpkin EU will rly meet JI. I need episode 7 right now
  2. I'm pretty sure the Netflix translation is the right one, I also know some Korean^^ Anw as someone mentioned here before, I like the fact that Jiho & Jeongin tends to shifted their banmal and jondaemal speech, showing they gradually more casual and comfortable with each others. On this phone call, they both talked using banmal *squeeeee* I'm still thinking about Jeongin & Eunwoo phone call, srsly can't get any cuter!! I need more scene contains Jeongin, Jiho and Eunwoo in one screen tgt
  3. Wednesday is still far away, so I ended up rewatch their V Live. Their chemistry is so on point, I can't help squealing because of these two and there's something interesting about JI from this snippet Here, the MC gave them a role play what their answers would be (as JI/JH character) from the given text message (chatroom) Jiho: are you sleeping? MC: so what's JI answer gonna be? Jeongin: I'm dreaming about Yoo Jiho MC: omo omo omo *squealing* (and ofc me too lmao) JH: *shimkung* lol HJM explained that originally JI likes to throw some jokes, it may not seen yet on the drama now, but JI is supposed to be like that (wait, is it consider as mild spoiler, no?). Huhu I wanna see the bright and bubbly sides of JI ><
  4. Omggg the hand fetish me is screaming when looking at this edits, kyaaaa As for the caption, it's actually from their lines, I'll gladly help you to translate^^ It's not that I don't like holding hands. I don't like the moment when I have to let it go, the warm feeling dissappears, and feels like I'm the only one left in this world. I really like holding hands. So, by any chance, if you want to hold someone's hands, or if you don't want to let it go.. I'll let you borrow my hand. (Ugh, the last pic is so heart breaking) Anyhow, I've been lurking this page since last week episode ends, hoping I can kill some time until Wed comes, but I ended up skip some sleep tonight since I'm still wide awake at this late hour camping at this thread lmao. I'm enjoying all of insights abt the character here. Wednesday better come faster ><
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