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  1. God of War has finally come to Vietnam on Vietnam Television Cable (VTVCab), September 21st marked its second broadcasted going after its first time running on July 1st. Since it's a pity that this perfect Korean drama has been underrated, I'm glad and encouraged when watching this drama on the national television channel at "golden time" (6pm to 9pm or more) when people/families gather around the TV and enjoy dramas. The second time's broadcasting slot is on 12pm (noon time) is not much popular as the first one.
    I'm very happy so I think I should post a message here let everyone knows the spirits of the greatest drama of the year never expire even though it has been underestimated for a long time.

  2. Hi @O. My summer is great too, addicted in watersports and enjoy the sun for a whole month after exams. But still I have some works to do as translating subtitles for Kdramas (it's such a boring pause and type procedure.) #:-S
    I entered university on September 4th, studying in Faculty of English and Faculty of Oriental Languages and Cultures (I choose Korean Study) and school time officially starts on October 7th, so I'll have some time off :D
    I havent watched Swords (Blade) and Petals yet, since I don't like its genre and storyline. Like you, one thing gets me to pay attention to is the familiar historical names and places. It'd already ended but still be a hot discussion topic here :D

  3. I haven't been here for a while because of much work recently. The subbing status of this drama is completed now with all 70 episodes with subtitles added.http://www.gooddrama.net/korean-drama/the-great-kings-dream
    @Daduxing: Honestly speaking, upon historical view, this drama wasn't accurate as there was 80% of made-up stories, the 20% left was almost correct about battles in the unification project of Silla. 

  4. Thank you, @O. I wish you have a great summer time too. ;)
    Yes, this show could have been great but due to the scripts and directors were not good as doing historicals so we couldn't enjoy the show and its quality isn't high as expected.
    If you would like to watch pure / roughly historical ones, you should take a look for these dramas below, but I think it's might be impossible to watch them for now. Since historicals about the 3 Kingdoms had been existed long time ago and they must be called oldies when being made in the 80s and 90s. Especially "The Tales of the Three Kingdoms" group, made by MBC in 1980s; and "Chronicles of the Three Kingdoms" composed and broadcasted by KBS in 1992-1993. 

  5. Hi @O, hi @Nikachan. Wish you guys have a great week too.
    I haven't watched drama Yeon Gaesomun SBS 06 yet, I just hear people talking about it as its Koguryeo depiction wasn't very correct, it was too much boasting. Anyway, I have to say, hadn't been for YGSM, the 3 kingdoms would have been conquered by Tang. Someone might think he did a very cruel, tyrant dictator, but all his doings wanted good for his country.
    Koguryeo was said to be the strongest out of the 3 kingdoms from the time it had been founded by Jumong (King Dongmyeong.)
    Kim Yushin was born in 595 and passed away in 673 - 5 years after the unification and he was 78 years old, it's very amazing at that time. You said Beopmin's brother, he is Inmun. Upon seeing the drama, Chunchu met Yushin around 15 so Yushin must be loyal to Chunchu around 50 years, not 70. Chunchu was only 60s when he died, Yushin was 66 at the time so 70 years was impossible. :))
    The fact is Chunchu and Yushin never conflicted and made up in real life, they had supported each other all the way.
    Tang - Koguryeo War.
    (It also mentions the battle of Ansi fortress, both portrayed in drama Yeon Gaesomun and Dae Jo Young.)
    n March of 645, Li Shimin invaded Goguryeo with 100,000 Chinese soldiers. 40,000 crossed the sea with 500 ships. Li Shimin himself led 60,000 through land. 50,000 Gokturks and Khitans came to Tang's aid, so Tang had total of 150,000 soldiers. On April, Li Shiji attacked Goguryeo's Shin Fortress. Zhang Jian led the Gokturks and Khitans to attack Guhn Ahn Fortress. However, they failed to conquer these fortresses and conquered Gaemo Fortress instead. 10,000 Goguryean soldieres were captured and 100,000 sacks of grains were taken from Gaemo.
    Zhang Liang's 43,000 navy that crossed the sea surrounded Bisa Fortress on April. Goguryeans eventually ran out of food and Bisa was conquered on May. Li Shiji, Li Shimin, Gokturks, and Khitans then conquered Yodong(Liadong) Fortress in just 12 days. Baek Ahm Fortress surrendered few days after. Li Shimin then went on to Anshi Fortress with his 50,000, Li Shiji's 10,000 and 100,000 Gokturks and Khitans. 
    YGSM gave 150,000 troops to Go Yeonsu and Go Hyejin to prevent Tang from attacking Anshi. When Li Shimin heard that Go Yeonsu was not a good military officer, Li Shimin was sure of his victory. He expected Go Yeonsu to trust the number of Goguryeo soldiers and attack without thinking a lot. 
    Just as Li Shimin had expected, Go Yeonsu was planning to directly attack Tang's frontline without any special tactics. A skilled general named Go Jeong Ui thought they should form a defensive line and engage in attrition warfare. Go Jeong Ui thought they should wait until Tang army gets worn out and cut off the Chinese supply lines. However, Go Yeonsu didn't listen to GJU. He thought it was important to suppress the enemy morale by showing the might of his army. Li Shimin sent 1,000 Gokturks to lure Goguryean army. Go Yeonsu easily defeated them, became very confident, and decided to engage in wide-open warfare. 
    This was a very dangerous thought. Goguryeo was used to fighting on mountains and defending from fortress, so they had more chance to lose in a wide-open warfare. The Tang Chinese, on the other hand, had all the equipment required for a wide-open warfare. In addition, every Chinese soldiers were fully trained while most of Goguryeo soldiers weren't except for Go Yeonsu's personal army. Li Shimin knew all about this and engaged in a psychological warfare.
    Li Shimin sent a messenger to Go Yeonsu saying that he did not come to Goguryeo to conquer Goguryeo and that he just wanted to teach the manners of a vassal state. If Goguryeo shows the manner of a vassal state to him, his army would immediately return to China after giving back all the territories he took over so far in this war. Go Yeonsu assumed that Li Shimin had no intention to fight after hearing the message and let his guard down. Li Shimin used the opportunity to ambush Go Yeonsu with his 26,000 troops led by Xui Rengui.
    Goguryeo suffered a huge loss as a result of the ambush. 30,000 soldiers died, Go Yeonsu and Go Hyejin surrendered to Li Shimin along with their 36,000 soldiers, and the rest of Goguryean troops retreated to Shin Fortress and Guhn Ahn Fotress. 
    Anshi Fotress was completely isolated after this loss and Li Shimin used his entire army to attack Anshi from this point on. Anshi had 30,000 soldiers and 70,000 civilians at the time. Yang Manchun was determined to use even the 70,000 civilians to fight the Tang army. 
    On the first day of attack, Li Shiji retreated after endless arrows flying from Anshi. On the next day, Li Shiji yelled at Anshi : "I will bury every men in Anshi on the day I conquer Anshi!"
    Go Yeonsu suggested attacking Ogol Fortress by saying that the governor of Ogol was old and stupid. Yeonsu knew this would lessen Tang's attack on Anshi and open Tang's back to the 100,000 Goguryeo troops from Shin and Guhn Ahn Fortress. Li Shimin and Li Shiji almost accepted Yeonsu's suggestion, but declined after Zhangsun Wuji insisted that attacking Ogol would open Tang's back to other Goguryean troops. 
    Li Shimin attacked Anshi countless times afterwards, which all ended up in failure. Soldiers were quickly killed on the moment they climbed up the wall with ropes and ladders. When stones destroyed parts of the walls, the Goguryeans quickly built a wooden wall in place. 
    Li Shimin even built a mud castle that was higher than Anshi Fortress in order to get in the fortress, but this also ended up in failure. When an avalanche occurred, parts of Anshi Fortress were destroyed. Yang Manchun turned this emergency as an opportunity and sent his troops to conquer Tang's Mud Castle. Tang used 500,000 men to build the mud castle in just 60 days only to give it away to Goguryeo as its new defensive line. 
    Tang lost a lot of its supplies and armies during its attempts to conquer Anshi and many of the troops also froze and starved to death when the winter came in October. Tang had no choice but to retreat. When Li Shimin began retreating, Yang Manchun stood on the top of Anshi Fortress alone and waved his hand at Li Shimin. Li Shimin, amazed by Yang's intelligence and bravery, sent Yang 100 pieces of silk as gift before retreating.
    The name of Anshi's Lord/Governor actually is actually unknown, however, Song Joon Gil and Park Jiwon of Joseon dynasty claim that the name of this brave man was Yang Manchun. Goryeo/Koryo dynasty's Yi Sek and Yi Gok claim that Li Shimin got shot in his eye during this battle. 
    Anshi Fortress was finally conquered by Tang on July of 671. It is unknown whether Yang Manchun died during this time or before. 

  6. Hi @O Yes, that exam is not too difficult so I passed it well. But I will have to sit for another entrance exam to college, it feels like a fierce fight to me. I hate it for sure!
    I agree Silla certainly turned their back on fellow countries and even killed their neighbor civilians/ armies who weren't much different from Silla's. But still, we can't blame everything on them, they did do the right things and made their people enjoyed the unification for more than thousand years. 
    The drama also focused on Yeon Gaesomun, so here it is his brief biography.
    Goguryeo was divided into two sides during the rule of King Young Ryu. One side were the Pacifists, led by King Young Ryu, who wanted to secure stability by paying tributes to Tang and the other side were the Hardliners, led by Yeon Gaesomun, who wanted Goguryeo to remain a sovereign nation by fighting against Tang. Pacifists had the bigger power since King Young Ryu himself was a Pacifist and King Young Ryu ordered the Hardliners to build walls in order to get rid of them from the royal court. 
    Yeon Gaesomun pretended to have a parade to celebrate the departure of Hardliners to the wall construction. When the Pacifist court members arrived at the parade, YGSM's army killed all of them. Afterwards, YGSM went straight to the palace and killed King Young Ryu. YGSM enthroned Young Ryu's nephew Bojang as the new king and assigned himself to a new post called Makriji (Dictator). 
    No one dared to challenge YGSM except for one man, the Lord of Anshi, Yang Manchun. Yang Manchun considered YGSM's coup as disloyalty and criticized his actions. YGSM sent army to Anshi multiple times because of this, but all his attempts ended up in failure. He had no choice but to allow Yang Manchun to continue his post as the Lord of Anshi.
    YGSM replaced every other lords of the Tang-Goguryeo border areas and court members with people who are favorable to him. He also constructed new walls and increased the number of soldiers in his army. 
    Goguryeo succeeded in defeating every Tang invasions due to YGSM's efforts. Unfortunately, Goguryeo started going downhill after YGSM's death on 666. YGSM's first son Yeon Namseng took over the Great Prime Minister role when YGSM passed away. While Yeon Namseng was patrolling the northern borders, Namgun and Namsan heard that Namseng was plotting to kill them. Namgun and Namsan didn't believe the rumor. Namseng, on the other hand, heard the rumor about his younger brothers plotting to kill him. Namseng sent a spy to Pyongyang to find out whether the rumor is true. Namgun and Namsan arrested the spy and decided that the rumor was true. They then killed all of Namseng's close friends and took over the authority role. Yeon Namseng, who was at Guknae Fortress at the time, asked Tang for help. Emperor Gaozong sent Xui Biheli to rescue Yeon Namseng. Namseng then surrendered to Tang. 

  7. Episode 60 with subtitles added.
    I've been busy with some stuff... fighting off the graduation exams and after that, translating subtitles for some Korean dramas and I'm currently doing on Horse Doctor.
    Episode 68 marked the end of the Baekje Revival Movement with the death of leader Bokshin. King Muyeol also died as well, his son Beopmin became King Munmu and the war with Koguryeo was started. (Ep 68.)
    I think the last 2 episodes will focus on the war with Koguryeo and the final Silla-Tang war in order to remove the Tang forces from Silla's territory.

  8. Hi @O, I'm pretty busy this week so I can't answer you right away. Chunchu formed an alliance with "outsider" Tang is like nowadays the South Korean allies with the United States. The reason is, they both wanted to survive and protect themselves. 
    Also, the one who conquers other is more brutal than the one is being conquered because the winner wants to possess the loser and set up full force to control them no matter what. And the winner's "good-sayings" are to boast themselves the best creatures in the world. :D

    As you can see, South Korea probably more powerful than North Korea but they cant take the North lightly as their fellow North always act up and threaten them. Even so, the South certainly doesn't afraid of this but they need someone having great voice helping them settle this matter in the right way.
    Back during the 3 kingdoms period, Silla lived under constant threat from their two fellows and those two wanted to bring down Silla as soon as they could, which made Silla drowned and almost collapsed. Silla couldn't ally with them anymore, since they had been hating Silla the most for conquering their lands and fortresses, so Silla had to seek someone else with more power and tried to gain their support, too.
    Yet Silla needed Tang's assistance, but they didn't become Tang's puppet nor being occupied. They would step down a little to uphold good relationship but they knew the right time to step up and showed their inner strength which frightened Tang and made them wouldn't dare trying to subdue Silla's land again.

    This drama doesn't show any signs of desperateness of Silla after being frequently attacked by Baekje and Koguryeo as they make Silla stay strong all the time, so it is confused about the reason why Silla has to stick with Tang for "survival."

    The thing I don't like most about Chunchu here is his sophistry propaganda, as he always mentioning about peace & unity between 3 kingdoms, and doesn't promote using swords to fight off each other, but he himself is starting wars in order to defeat and trample upon other countries using the super-power Silla-Tang iron soldiers. Had he said this unification wars was his ambition to do so, it would have made more sense.

  9. @O, @nikachan: have a great weekend too. :-bd
    I think Gyebaek couldn't help but killing his family as he wanted the whole family to die together rather than one survived but had to suffer humiliation. Remember, the Silla-Tang's army arrived Hwangsanbul was 10 times larger and more powerful than Baekje's, Gyebaek and Baekje's army was just a death squad when facing Silla's. That's why he could neither rescue his family nor his country in this desperate situation.
    About the wedding dress thing, to me, it makes the drama looks weird.
    As far as I know , Queen Seondeok ascended the throne as ages of 40s, queen Jindeok and king Muyeol probably as the same ages or even older, as they all died at ages of 60s. So it's not strange the 2 later kings reigned in short time.

    King Munmu (birthname Beopmin) was a clever king, since he persisted on his father's dream conquering Koguryeo, he still connected with resistance leaders from Koguryeo to drive out Tang forces and their schemes to subjugate Unified Silla's territory, on the other hand, he also tried to maintain good relationship with Tang so that his things would have handled smoothly.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Munmu_of_Silla

  10. Episode 53, 54 with subtitles added.(The subteam is amazing!) =D>=D>http://www.dramacrazy.net/korean-drama/the-great-kings-dream-episode-list/
    I haven't watched the scene Gyebaek killed his family in this drama, but upon viewers' saying, it was said to be an annoying part.

    @O: It is "Gyebaek" MBC 2010.http://www.dramacrazy.net/korean-drama/gye-baek/
    The two Japanese historicals I'd watched are Atsuhime (Princess Atsu) and Yoshisune. I can say they are my all time favorites. Also my favorite dramas download website are dramacrazy and doramax264.

  11. QSD said:

    Thanks for the article Loveitall.  This explains all to what happened.  So he’s indeed was dismissed on the 26th, which was a day after HD ended on the 25th of Mar, quite fitting.



    Has this internal conflicts been settled or are they still in misery of continuous striking and inner inconsistency? MBC pronounces they are about to start a new historical drama project with the return of QSD's crews (two writers and director Park Hong Gyun.)...which is supposed to be released in 2014. ^:)^

  12. Has this internal conflicts been settled or are they still in misery of continuous striking and inner inconsistency? MBC pronounces they are about to start a new historical drama project with the return of QSD's crews (two writers and director Park Hong Gyun.)...which is supposed to be released in 2014. ^:)^
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Hi O, it’s good to hear you’re going to get the history books, good job!
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    I don’t really think that real historical (sageuk) are about unpopular or dropped, they may regain their impression as soon as a great historical drama or one with good spins comes up and win over the presently same-same fusion sageuks filled with twisted romance and merely for entertaining.

    By the way, (it’s a bit off topic), do you like Japanese historicals too?  - I've watched only two dramas, I can say those two are not only traditional but also very amazing. :)

































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































  14. This drama will stop at episode 70 on June 9th due to low ratings. They have to cut off 10 episodes since the drama was supposed to have 80. This means it won't include king Shinmun and it might not even cover king Munmu's reign, I guess it might end after Silla finished the unification of 3 kingdoms.
    Accident rushes sageuk The King’s Dream to end early.
    Finally, KBS has decided to pull the plug on its much-beleaguered weekend drama King’s Dream, which has had more than its fair share of misfortune, from accidents to more accidents to lots more accidents. It’s almost a relief to hear that they’ll be cutting out five weeks earlier than planned, ending with 70 episodes rather than the planned 80.
    On the other hand, if you were going to cut the show down, couldn’t you maybe have done so earlier, when it really needed to be put out of its misery? For a long while I’d wondered why they decided to forge ahead instead of conceding that maybe all those accidents and hurt cast members meant they should call it a day.
    King’s Dream has held steady in second place in the ratings, which frankly seems like a feat given that it took five weeks off the air in the middle when both lead actors were out with serious injuries. Earlier in its run it managed to stay ahead of dramas like Alice in Cheongdam-dong and Incarnation of Money, and is currently still ahead of the new Birth Secret while majkang hit Hundred Year Inheritance charges ahead in first place. Still, it hasn’t managed to rise past low-teens numbers, and ratings are cited as one of the reasons for the cut-down order. Another reason is the five weeks spent off the air.
    An exec with KBS stated that the cut-down won’t affect the story flow, since they have been considering reducing the count for a while; the show will air Episode 60 tomorrow, which gives it more than a month to adjust to the new timetable.
    King’s Dream will wrap on June 9, which is its original finale date.
    Source: dramabeans.

  15. @O: About Korean 3 Kingdoms you should take a look at Samguk Sagi and Samguk Yusa. Korean history or their books aren't very popular in my country so it's difficult to look for them around here. I just do some searching and collect information from the internet. :)

    King Uija of Baekje surrenders to king Muyeol and Silla-Tang's alliance.

  16. Here is the information about the biggest temple Hwangnyongsa, which QSD had it built and finished but this event led to the rebellion of Bidam. Unluckily, the temple was destroyed during Mongol Invasion in the time of Koryo era.
    The site of Hwangnyongsa Temple is located in front of the Bunhwangsa Temple in Guhang-dong, Gyeongju. During the Silla Era, the Hwangnyongsa Temple was the nation’s largest temple and housed the bulk of the country’s major Buddhist treasures. 
    Construction of the temple began in 553 on a field near the royal compound of Banwolseong (Half Moon Fortress) under the commission of King Jinheung. The king originally planned to build a palace, but decided to build a temple instead, after receiving reports that a yellow dragon had been spotted on the building site. The temple was thus named Hwangnyongsa (Temple of Yellow Dragon) and was completed in 569, seventeen years after construction began. The temple murals feature an old pine tree drawn by Artist Solgeo. During the Silla Era, the temple was the center of state-sanctioned Buddhism. 
    Later, when monk Ja-jang was studying in Tang, he came across a god as he was passing by the Taihe Pond. The god said to him, “the yellow dragon, which is my eldest son, is guarding Hwangnyongsa Temple upon orders of Brahma, the Creator. If you build a nine-story pagoda upon your return to Silla, the neighboring states will surrender and pay tribute, and the royal cause will be stronger. Once the construction of the pagoda is complete, prepare a memorial service for the local gods and pardon any of the country's criminals. If you follow all I have told you, no other state will dare invade Silla.” 
    After this encounter, Jajang returned to Silla and convinced Queen Seondeok to build the nine-story pagoda. Master architect Abiji of the neighboring state Baekje designed the pagoda and the project was built by Yongchun and his 200 men using wood and stone. The night before the columns were to be erected, Architect Abiji of Baekje dreamed of the fall of Baekje and refused to complete the project. With a peal of thunder, an old monk and a man of great strength suddenly appeared from the temple's main hall, erected the columns, and magically disappeared. Abiji was so shocked at the sight that he accepted his country’s future demise as the fate of the gods and once again restarted work on the temple. (Samguk Yusa, the Memorabilia of the Three Kingdoms) 
    In the twenty-three years following the completion of the pagoda, Silla completed the unification of Three Kingdoms; later, numerous scholars pointed to the pagoda as a contributing factor in the unification. Of the three treasures of Silla (the Jangyukjonsang statue, the nine-story pagoda of Hwangnyongsa Temple, and the Heavenly Belt of King Jinpyeong) two were located at the Hwangnyongsa Temple. The largest bell of Silla was also in Hwangnyongsa, but was taken away during the Mongol invasion. The highest monks of Silla preached at the temple, and many kings came to listen to the Buddhist teachings. 
    During excavation work in July 1969, the massive foundation stones of the sermon hall, auditorium, and pagoda were found. Eight years of archaeological excavations and studies revealed the unique layout of the temple grounds, which consisted of one pagoda and three halls; also found were 40,000 or so ancient artifacts. Though foundation stones and other structures from the bottom of the temple were identified through excavation, there are no historical clues about the temple’s upper design, making the restoration of the temple in its entirety practically impossible. The size of the temple, based on archeological findings, was about 70 acres, roughly 8 times that of the Bulguksa Temple. 
    (source: visitkorea) 

  17. @O: Episode 58, after a day and night battle with Silla, Baekje's forces begin to exhaust and surrounded in a small battleground. After having a few words with Gyebaek, Yushin leaves him and his remain combatants to be killed by arrows shot from Silla's soldiers.
    Gyebaek was banished for a while before Hwangsanbul battles broke out, because king Uija didn't like him. When Silla defeated every Baekje army on the way and Hwangsanbul was the last one left before they reached Sabi (Baekje's capital), the king finally called him back. 
    Gyebaek had already knew Baekje stood no chance against the Silla-Tang alliance. He also knew his family would be enslaved by the Sillans, so he killed them afterwards (it was also said he did that to heighten his troops' morale of patriotism). This occurence and his bravery spirits fighting to the last seemed to be the only things he was known for.

    The writer made Yushin and Gyebaek became friends (episode 51) and then killing each other in battles (few episodes later); another thing was about Baekje prince  Buyeo Tae killed innocent Baekje citizens (the writer wanted to make Baekje looked like bad guys); neither of them was actual history. I wonder why he still insists adding incorrect events on some characters and makes them look weird and running around. By the way, luckily that he also includes history in several parts.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Thank you, @mannschaft for the information.  It's very interesting.  I love reading/watching historical noves/dramas but they are a lot of work.  Cos' I constantly have to check and see if the portrayal is accurate because I don't want to remember 'false' data :)  But I love a good spin too :)  In this drama they credited the shooting of the kite to the sky to Chunchu when it was actually Yushin's clever idea. 
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    It's sad to see the rift between Chunchu and Yushin.  But I would agree with Yushin. The path Chunchu is taking seems to be making Sila a vessel of Tang, as well as going back on his/Sila's word to Gogurygeo.  Alcheon's stand is more understandable.  But I agree with Yushin.  But in this drama, I guess in the end, Yushin will think that Chunchu has the right idea all along. 
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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