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  1. AH.. been a while since I was here. I'm looking forward to see the stalker reappearing because I wanted JR to protect her this time around. And while that's that, I'm imagining scenes where they discovered bugs in her apartment which forced her to move out and where should she goes... *drumrollll* to JR's house! Prosecutor Kim,
  2. I think that awkward looking hug at the end of the episode is the result of the PD wanting it to look pretty. And to make sure YIN's face is visible. Imagine with the height difference, had the hug happened in real life, YIN's face will be squished under his chin. *talking based on experience here. My husband is 6 feet and I'm just 5 feet tall. and other argument will be... look at the back hug. No problem whatsoever right?
  3. i just saw the episode and squeallllllll! I want the kiss to happen tonight or else PD nim... watch out for your car's tyres. *joking* This is my favourite moment too! Bromance on full alert.
  4. aha! JR's outfit! Honestly this drama always deliver so many surprises. Did he do something he would regret? Like messing-his-hair regret moment? thanks @triplem for sharing! Wednesday come quickly! Palli juseyo.
  5. I totally forgot about this. Thank you for bringing it up. Hahaha This gesture reminds me of my beloved SongSong during DOTS presscon, when JK nonchalantly poured HK a drink. She smiled and acted like it was the most natural thing for JK to do. And little did we knew they were already dating at that time! would i be hoping too much if the same case could be applied on our pocket couple? Hehe. I’m asking for too much.
  6. @stroppyse thank you for the translation. You are such a star! Now that actually clear up few things... including frustrated JR at the cafe. LOL. This drama pacing is perfect but I'm still bummed that we didn't get even an accidental kiss last week. hahaha. PD nim. You better give us the kiss this week or else...
  7. I don’t know if anyone has seen this or not but watching it made me squeal so bad I’m not eve joking. Their eye contact and body language tell us all. Skinship is too natural. OttokeeeeE
  8. @bebebisous33 all these talk about her leaving Always made me sad. If I a JR, I’ll feel empty looking at her desk when he already created so many memories with her. *cries a river*
  9. @mouse007 yeap. We changed our DP. Funnily enough I love my new profile gif. Hahaha. @bebebisous33 i never thought of this way about JS. When she talked about being in this and that drama, I was thinking she missed being an actress that’s all. Being able to do things she learnt such a short time does indicate she’s a fast learner and good at it too. No wonder she’s able to attend law school in the first place.
  10. Remember in Ep6 he also said he took a loan to fight with Park and Something Firm? When he was pressuring JR that he needed to win that Im yun hee case? There must be something happening before... just like JS he must had something in his past he just wanted to leave behind.
  11. @bebebisous33 you do have a point. Chaebol parents in kdrama often have funny way of thinking. Who knows if SW actually knew his father is behind of it all so he decided not to acquit YR’s dad? But he can’t say anything to trap his own father so he accepted willingly when he was asked to transfer to outskirts of Korea. And didn’t the superior also said SW is a fearless prosecutor? It sounded weird to me because how can he be fearless if he did not have a powerful back up? Something to ponder. @ktcjdrama didn’t the CEO said the case went to Always because the women activists wanted JR to defend her?
  12. @Iam Fanning when people talk in banmal (informal) it donates familiarity. Close relationship. Like between your siblings, friends or lovers. One uses jeondaemal (formal speech) in formal settings, at work, talking to elder or stranger. So when they talk in banmal, we can safely say they are comfortable enough with each other to speak informally... which also show that they are close friends (or lovers).
  13. @lynnys13 he had been mooney-eyeing her for quite some time now. His gaze changed from curiosity to why-is-this-woman-so-endearing in such a short time. who can blame him? Our Jin Shim is too loveable not to love.
  14. @Alice Mendoza no need to be sorry. Curiosity may kill the cat but satisfaction bring it back. Right? Just like we are curious if these two are actually dating in secret. Ops.
  15. YIN is BFF with IU. and IU is friends with Suzy after Dream High. So whether YIN and Suzy is BFF I'm not really sure but they were in the same circle of friends.
  16. Thisss!!! does anyone notice that during the scene with the CEO, our couple is talking in banmal and when YIN is talking to the CEO she switched back to jeondaemal? its nothing in real life but in ship land thats huge. ROTFL @Ameera Ali thanks for sharing the gif here. That pasta scene is one of my favourite because YIN is so cute there I can’t even.... such lethal charm
  17. @triplem if Gong Yoo really appear it would be the bomb! this drama is still shooting right? PD nim... are you listening?
  18. Clueless namja! Looking at JR outfit, maybe it was after the MT. If the script is up to me (), they declared to be a couple during the MT and started dating earnestly but due to JR's inexperience in dating, he behaved logically (hence SW's comment). And he was trying to do something for JS but it failed miserably so he was so exasperated like 'what do I do?' or 'why is this turning this way' - that sort of thinking. Okay, off to watch EP6 with sub! Wish me luck.I'm getting readied with blanket and all sort of things to cover my eyes or mouth during toe curling scenes.
  19. I super love this scene because she doesn’t worry to make fun of herself in front of JR. The sound of her laughter is so cute that me and JR can’t do anything but smiled. And when she said, ‘I was really embarrassed at that moment’ JR was thinking how endearing she was. Looking at the preview, I was wondering why JR was so rattled alone. Haha. JS what have you done? and when you loose a bet time for rerun. Lol
  20. So we didn’t get a kiss tonight. i lost. Wahahhahahaah 9.00 pm Korean Time I will debut mama boy mr choi gif as my profile picture
  21. For some reason I missed your post. And truth to be told, I also picked mama boy’s lawyer gif just in case I lost the bet. Lol I think it would be easy for prosecution to gain that information first because they can just issue a warrant to have that information from insurance company. On the orher hand, the defending side need those information from their client and to me the suspect isn’t exactly coorperating that JR need Mr Lee to do a background search first before deciding on anything. But to his credit, he already knew his client has a job in insurance industry before so the relevation did not shock/shook him too much. But the damage is done nonetheless...
  22. I browsed around and found the answer! ㅇㅇ = short for 응 응 which means okay I understand/ I got it
  23. That hand-in-pocket scene made me cringe with embarrassment, no joke. In fact for the first half of the drama, I was watching with an A4 paper covering my mouth and curled toes! I was also thinking that EXACT scene in Fluttering Warning this morning and was hoping that they would include this scene, in an upgrade version! Did anyone notice that when JS said she was being totally sexy as a workaholic, JR seemed to walked in on her? And he was smiling. And maybe he suddenly remembered how manager oppa was holding her hands, it's his turn to turn hot and cold on her. I would like to see him enter his office and wondering what's up with himself. LOL. Ahh can't wait for tonight episode. Bring it ON! But that aside, can I just stress that I love love LOVE everything about today episode! Right off the bat when JS curled on her bed in happiness up to JR shy confession that he'll be around whenever she needed him. JR why are you making my heart flutter too? This I agree wholeheartedly. Their comedic timing is insane and I thank dramagod bringing them together in this drama. LDW is good at brooding but he's ten times better in romcom. YIN too, can portray sadness well but she breathes life to JS that I can't imagine someone else can be as endearing as she was. I have a new girl crush!!! and about that cliffhanger, because he said, 혹시 좋아합니까? I was wondering if this is a fake out. He could be asking for their dinner menu too, just like the netizens are pointing. Now somebody please make me a mama boy gifs because I feel the probability of me losing the bet tonight is very high. forgot to ask. What's the meaning of two O's that JS sent to JR while he was at a cafe after meeting a client?
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