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  1. should be the next episode, episode 41. it sounds like, from the teaser, that ML agrees to "battle" with GTY as a duo against the other team to win the hairpin prize from the niang niang. this should happen before their marriage. i do think he should've asked ML how she felt about it but at the same time, during that time period, to go to the Sheng house and ask to meet ML to talk with her would've been very hard. he tries to do afterward and is rejected by both xiaotao and grandma. for sure, QH is in his own bubble where he thinks that ML could only possibly love him and want to marry him but to an extent, i understand that QH reacted based on his emotions. he's always been the type that reacts very visibly to his emotions and he doesn't hide the way he feels because he never has had to before. he doesn't typically get told no and as a male, he's never had to be afraid of being judged the way ML as a female would. i don't like that he went to GTY but based on the fact that he was only told by his mother that GTY proposed marriage to the Shengs for roulan and only got ML because roulan was already promised to someone else, i can understand QH's initial anger and disbelief. it's in line with his character so far in the drama even if i personally do not like that he did it.
  2. hmm, i don't think people here treat GTY as a hero, at least i don't. he's the main lead so of course, there are more supporters at the moment for him to be with ML, especially because they're both strong-minded characters. i don't dislike QH, admittedly if i had to choose in real life, i would probably go for GTY because i know he'll really go to hell to protect me. i did pity him a little when he was walking away at the end of episode 40 but i also felt, it was just too late for him. how would anyone (ML especially) know that he was still interested when his own mother had come to say they're "siblings" now? is it unfair to him, in a way, yes but he isn't completely free of faults either. QH lives in a different world from ML, what he is concerned with and what he has had to concern himself with is different from ML. he's had a cushy life and he really thought that because he passed the imperial exam and could win his mother's agreement, he would be able to marry ML. he didn't think of ML's feelings either.
  3. i agree with this! i don't think QH stepped out of line when he went to have a talk with GTY. like everyone else has said, QH didn't know that GTY did this on purpose, only ML (and grandma) knew. QH was, in his own way, looking out for ML. of course, i expect that QH was hoping against hope that GTY would back down and that QH could still marry ML. QH was angry and he reacted according to that, he was probably also worried because his own mother told him that GTY had wanted to marry roulan and not ML but was a step too late. QH didn't know GTY actually likes ML. however, i agree with what you're saying about it being too little, too late. sitou asked GTY why he isn't concerned about QH going to the Sheng family to ask about ML's marriage (which GTY tells QH to do btw) and GTY said, "i was actually worried that ML would choose Dr He however, i knew that no matter what, ML would not choose QH again." i also want to do a quick translation of what xiaotao says (on behalf of grandma) to QH because grandma's words sum up what/how i feel about QH in regards to ML. xiaotao tells QH that he won't be seen tonight and when QH says he'll come back another night then, xiaotao says that there is no need. when QH asks why, she says: xiaotao: grandma says the reason you're seeking an audience is in regards to marriage with ML. grandma says therefore you do not need to waste your time because what you did in the past, she has not forgotten. even though Sheng family is not a high-ranking, noble family and even thought ML is only a shu-daughter, she still has character/backbone. if it's not her place to go then she won't go. (as in, she won't try to aim higher than her status allows her) because if she does so, then she'll just be ridiculed/taken as a joke. the one who proposed marriage was you and the one who rejected the marriage was also you. even though the Sheng house door is small (meaning they aren't a rich family), they still want face (honor). then QH says he didn't mean to do all of that then (as in he didn't intend to hurt ML on purpose). xiaotao replies: not on purpose?! my lady (ML) refused you many times and you still do not relent. you knew that you couldn't get the marriage done (ie you knew that your mother would not agree to the marriage) so why did you still come to propose marriage? and now you say you had no choice? no matter where ML goes these days, people laugh and ridicule her for trying to aim for higher than she could attain. do you even know of this? what xiaotao says/or rather, what grandma says, is how i feel about the whole situation. what QH intended to do does not matter because as the saying goes, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. what happened as a result of what QH did, is the fact now. he shouldn't expect ML to wait for him when he was the one who gave her the doll back to say he couldn't keep his promise and she too returned her doll to him. ML, when asked by her other maid that maybe she should reconsider QH because it's not as if grandma has agreed to marriage with GTY yet, ML says to her, "one should never look backwards." ML is the type of person that once she mades a decision, she sticks to it. once she has decided on one thing, she will not waver. whether that is right or not, is up to her but she looks straight ahead and towards the future.
  4. lol, i can tell that you're pro-QH and therefore, not so much for GTY so thank YOU also for your honest confession that you like QH and that no matter what he does and more importantly, doesn't do, that he's being slighted. i did not excuse GTY, i said that i found him acting as a rascal and like ML, i was both offended and in a twisted way, somewhat impressed that he went to such means to ensure that everything went according to plan because his plan had multiple tiny steps that all had to align together to work. was GTY manipulative, yes. was GTY out of line when he purposely set up the split of Dr He and ML's relationship, yes. even the cast and the drama themselves have told us repeatedly that GTY is a bit of a scoundrel. he isn't wholly pure and he's not like QH who is a scholar and not as cunning. GTY is more street smart whereas QH is more book smart. GTY said himself that in order to get ML as his wife, he even resorted to war strategies. GTY himself has said he's manipulative and yet the reason he got ML and not QH is because GTY came clean about it. he straight up told ML, this is the type of man i am. i did all of this and you can expect that in the future, i will also do the same FOR you. ML herself is not the timid type, as i said. her and GTY are similar-minded.
  5. i think one of the reasons dramas like this and to an extent, yanxi palace, are interesting (and popular with the public) is mainly because the female character isn't your plain mary sue, waiting for someone to rescue them. minglan isn't a meek or timid girl, GTY said it himself, that she appears to a typical obedient young woman but in actuality she's far more intelligent than anyone gives her credit for. i don't think that ML is black-hearted but she certainly isn't 100% innocent either. it's true that her mother (and little brother) was essentially murdered and i do think that if ML had not decided to fight back, even her future in the household and her future after she gets married, would be at risk. she fought both to get revenge for her mother/brother and for her own future. the fact that molan and her mother were scheming against her when they thought that ML had a marriage proposal that was good goes to show that even if molan had married and it wasn't ML's plan, ML would not have a good husband if it were up to them. so while ML isn't wholly innocent, i think she also did what she had to do. sink or swim, fight or flight, and while she has grandma on her side, she doesn't have a mother (or a father, really) who'll keep her best interests at heart. the other thing i wanted to say is that in the most recent episode, when GTY is confessing everything he did to basically entrap ML into marriage, i kept thinking, "this little rascal!" if i didn't have a favorable opinion of GTY and of FSF acting as GTY, i would think he's an richard simmons! lol! he kept laughing and was saying how "i couldn't sleep the whole night after i found out ______" (for example when he says he found out that dr he's cousin was someone he could use/manipulate). all the while as he was confessing, i thought that he was such a richard simmons! probably similar to ML who thought, how dare this man use such dirty means and treat me like some sort of pet to be captured! but at the same time, like ML, i also thought, damn he really did go to extremes to make sure everything went according to plan!
  6. i haven't used my soompi account in so long but i've become re-obsessed with watching chinese dramas again and now am hooked on minglan so after lurking here for about 20 pages, have decided to come out of hiding! just a quick summary of QH's conversation with his mother (not 100% translated): QH passes the exam and his mother is overjoyed and says at least something good has happened. QH then says he has something he wants to beg of his mother. before QH can actually put into words what he wants to ask for, his mother says she understands what is it he wants and blames herself. she says forcing him to marry the princess was wrong and that now that QH has passed the exam/made a name for himself (basically now that he has actual status to his name, i guess), to propose marriage again would not seem like such an aggrievance for ML. then QH's mother says she'll go to the Sheng family and definitely get this marriage.
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