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  1. Hey, have they explained why Do Mi Nik's mother is constantly reminding him that he isn't actually part of their family? And she's also always telling him he should be grateful that she "accepted him" into their family despite his illness? Also, why did he have to have brain surgery? I think I missed something. Dang, he's been in a toxic environment for a long time and their all connected to each other, it's like he can't escape it. The company he's apart of is his family business (or, his dad's), but with that his toxic fake mom and uncle are connected to that too. The only real, genuine, person so far has been Gal Hee (minus being fake veronica park). On a separate note, I think the title says a lot about the drama: "I love you from the beginning." My theory is that Mi Nik has been able to recognize gal hee only because, as the title says, he's loved her from the beginning, before his illness. He fell in love with her a while ago, but started to realize it or was forced to consciously think about it when the relationship with "Veronica park" began to take a leap. Obviously, all will be well for them, it is a rom-com after all.
  2. I think next week will be filled with angst and more separation for our OTP, but Veronica Park will make it work out quickly for them. My only hope is that this isn't the type of drama that throws in a "one-year later.." separation period to show us that they grew off the camera or whatever. That would suck, I think. Also, I'm kinda happy everything came out finally, I just kinda wish he demoted her to a different department rather than firing her completely. Now everyone is gonna start questioning why she was suddenly fired since she was such a good secretary to him.
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