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  1. [News] 2018.12.12 Mnet Asia Music Awards at Japan - Red Carpet
  2. [Instagram] 2018.12.11 IG Update [News] 2018.12.11 Attending "Swing Kids" VIP Premiere
  3. [Fan Pics/Videos] 2018.12.08 Samsonite Red Signing Event source: B.Bell Videos
  4. [News] 2018.12.05 Jung Hae In to Star in New Movie "Si Dong" with Park Jung Min & Ma Dong Seok Jung Hae In will star in a new movie "Si Dong" (Literal: Start-Up) from a webtoon adaptation with actors Park Jung Min and Ma Dong Seok. Jung Hae In is to play Park Jung Min's friend. He agreed to star in the movie because of his friendships with Park Jung Min. The movie is scheduled to start filming Mar, 2019.
  5. [Fan Pics] 2018.12.04 Yang Se Jong & Yoo Yoon Seok Returning from Jeju Island Did these two got engaged or did I miss something...? xD Son Ho Jun would not be very pleased! LOL
  6. [Twitter] 2018.12.05 Yang Se Jong Official Twitter Japan - Open! This boy needs a haircut...
  7. [Instagram] 2018.12.03 Coffee Friends Official IG Update Wefie with singer Im Chang Jung at Jeju island
  8. [Instagram] 2018.12.03 Various IG Updates from Coffee Friends Project This is such a surprise, a good one too because I have wondered what would Sejong be like in a variety show produced/directed by Na PD. With the official news now out, we have some sightings too, and Sejong wearing glasses...? Is that even real or just a prop, I can't tell. Woo hoo, looking forward to this! ^ ^
  9. [News] 2018.12.03 Yoo Yeon Seok And Son Ho Jun To Star In New Variety Show With Choi Ji Woo & Yang Se Jong As First Guests Yoo Yeon Seok and Son Ho Jun will be bringing warmth to viewers with their own variety show! On December 3, it was announced that tvN will be airing a new reality show titled “Coffee Friends.” The show will follow Yoo Yeon Sok and Son Ho Jun as they run a cafe located in a tangerine farm on Jeju Island, and they will donate all of their profit to a charitable cause. The show is inspired by the duo’s “Coffee Friends” project, where they gave cups of coffee to citizens in exchange for donations. The goal was to show people that it isn’t difficult to start donating to those in need. Now, they will be taking the concept to another level as they sell coffee and brunch at a cafe. Anticipation is rising as it has been revealed that producing director (PD) Na Young Suk will be a creative director for the show. He has worked with the two actors on popular variety shows like “Youth Over Flowers” and “Three Meals a Day.” The show will be directed by PD Park Hee Yeon, who has co-directed many shows with PD Na Young Suk as well as programs like “Teacher Baek” and “Street Food Fighter.” Just like how Yoo Yeon Seok and Son Ho Jun invited friends to help run their coffee truck for the “Coffee Friends” project, the show will also invite guests to work as part-time employees. The first guests on the show will be Choi Ji Woo and Yang Se Jong. Choi Ji Woo was invited by Son Ho Jun after getting to know each other on “Three Meals a Day,” and Yang Se Jong will be making his first-ever variety show appearance after being invited by Yoo Yeon Seok. PD Park Hee Yeon said, “We have decided to launch this new variety show after being inspired by the donation project Yoo Yeon Seok and Son Ho Jun led this year. The various happenings that take place in the cafe will move viewers and also bring laughter to them.” Yoo Yeon Seok and Son Ho Jun’s “Coffee Friends” is set to premiere on tvN in January 2019. Source (1) via soompi Sejong in his first ever variety show!!!
  10. [Videos] 2018.11.29 BTS of Jung Hae In Narrating the Beat Documentary & Appearing on "I Live By Myself"
  11. [Instagram] 2018.11.28 Jung Hae In's IG Update Winning 3 trophies from AAA 2018
  12. [News] 2018.11.26 Wrap Up Party for Fox Bride Star Wefie with the Casts
  13. [News] 2018.11.28 Jung Hae In at Asia Artist Awards - Red Carpet
  14. [News] 2018.11.26 Yang Se Jong As Presenter for Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA 2018) Se Jong is one of the presenters of MAMA this year... MAMA will be held on December 10. He will attend the MAMA in Japan on Dec 12.
  15. [TV] 2018.11.23 Preview: Jung Hae In Appearing on "I Live By Myself" This segment will be broadcast next Friday on MBC at 11:10pm KST
  16. [Instagram] 2018.11.22 Jung Hae In's IG Update Hae In will be the narrator for the documentary "Bears" premiering on MBC December 3. Preview Trailer
  17. [Instagram] 2018.11.19 Arena Homme+ IG Update [News] 2018.11.16 Jung Hae In to Appear in ARENA HOMME+ Magazine Hae In will appear in the December issue The rest can be seen here → https://www.smlounge.co.kr/arena/article/40695
  18. [Interview Photos] 2018.11.15 Lovable Rising Star: Temperature of Love's Yang Se Jong Part 2 source: Marisol
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