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  1. Hi. I'm new to this thread and BreezeC said it all. but i'd like to add from experience in fan groups, only my humble opinions. About the relationship between the actors, i've seen group chats where they analyze every interaction, rumor and even provide evidence to prove or falsify tension between long running kpop group members, actor couples, etc. takes time, effort and nerves of steel with no solid results in the end, because truth is, us fans are way too distant to know. I don't think we will ever know for sure, what two actors truly feel about e/o, even if they talk about it themselves. so, dwelling upon it will only tire us and leave us with lots of unanswered negative questions. The closest we can get is our own intuition based on their interactions, which i never found fake. I also believe, actors, singers, basically artists' personal lives and their relationships only belong to themselves. much like a teacher or a chef or a writer's. you might say people want to know who they're idolizing. i say idolizing them is wrong and it's not the artist's fault. About the co. and crew, although the claims don't make sense, it's business. i think fans have every right to be worried because you're a fan of someone's art and a problematic agency can harm that art. I hope you find an answer soon. The second part, you said it yourself. and it sounds to me a lot like conclusions desperate shippers come upon in order to avoid the reality. maybe it's easier for them to believe a ship actually existed and sank rather than accepting that it never existed in the first place. Best of luck. I'm sorry for taking your time with a long essay True. i've also heard (only heard) in China there are antis who are actually paid to sabotage famous people and a group as such actually attacked ZYL once. They also had evidence which turned out to be manipulated and the whole thing backfired.
  2. Hi^^ does anyone know how big the production scale or the budget is? I know Mystic Nine became popular but other than that, i have no idea how anticipated each season of this series was/is.
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