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  1. -NS is back to searching in his office and finds a number which doesn’t work. He almost falls over again and SB tries to help and he pushes her away. -He tells her to bring him to the house and they run into Seo in the parking garage. -Seo makes a comment that NS will move according to how he pictured from now on. -NS3 goes to see grandpa and he realizes grandpa knows about him. -NS3 realizes David told grandpa. -Grandpa tells NS3 he has more interest in him than NS -NS3 told grandpa he would be sad to hear that. -JYh realizes NS was looking for something and found the thing he dropped
  2. -real NS and SB in the office together , and he tells her to leave. He begins to look for something. -JYH comes in to give him homework before the meeting and asks him why he shut the blinds. NS continues searching when he leaves. -NS3 changed into sky blue training suit (LMAO) -SB dad makes him start cleaning. He asks the two to help him after a bit, but he said he’s done. -NS is at the meeting and he’s annoyed by the team and they’re taken aback at his character change. He almost falls over but brushes SB aside and leaves the room. (The end)
  3. -JYH shows up at the gym to tell SB grandpa knows about NS3 and asks her to help him protect NS. If she helps him, he will help her to the end. -Hee-dong goes to see grandpa and he plays dementia again (but I think it’s real dementia this time?) -NS3 asks Grandpa if he has real symptoms and he catches him lying, but gets him to calm down. -NS3 makes grandpa promise to go to the hospital in exchange for him not telling anyone
  4. -NS flashback scene (the one we were all wondering about) but he ends ups staying because Grandpa threats the life of mom again -Lmao why do Seo and Grandpa talk about secrets every time someone else can hear them -NS felt thrown away by mom because he think she made NS3 while not knowing how he lived -JYH gets upset at Grandpa for thinking that NS3 should be the successor. -NS is surprised JYH agrees to his demand to go to work (but not 100% since his body is not fully healed) -Mom asks how she can get closer to NS but he’s rude and tells her to hold it in for 20 years like he did
  5. It's a survey to see/show many people are interested in a DVD (the more people, the higher the chance of it being created) He did go to meet his mom, but it was not the main reason. (He said he didn't go to meet her because he was being a brat lol) From the way I see it, by making NS seem really unlikeable, it was setting up his redemption path. This drama is really good at making us unsure of what we should believe. haha
  6. -From the moment you opened your eyes, you were Nam Shin, and you are Nam Shin now too. -Since you're smiling like an idiot, you must be thinking about him. Do you like him that much? -I don't want anything he wore. I'm going to throw it all away. -Why are you being like this? - Not Shin, (I can't hear what grandpa is saying here ... ). Because of that hand, you can find out when someone is lying. -It must've been you, David. What relationship do you have with the CEO? -Grandpa is...
  7. Ep 27+28 Text Preview Feeling crisis about Nam Shin III's existence, Nam Shin decides to go to work. To protect Nam Shin III, So Bong continues to be a bodyguard after all. The truth is, there is a different reason that Nam Shin goes to work. That is, to start looking for something that even Young Hoon doesn't know about... Nam Shin's anger grows because of the perfect traces that Nam Shin III left behind. Meanwhile, Nam Shin III goes to look for David upon hearing something shocking from CEO Nam...
  8. Yes, he said he would rather be happy and watch over Shin edit: btw it seems that NS will soon find out Grandpa is behind the making of NS3
  9. Wait what’s with that terminator cliff hanger? LOL can NS and NS3 become friends already
  10. @triplem He told her to quit being a bodyguard because Yena doesn’t like to see her face. wow!!JYH is loyal to a fault. He ain’t tricked by Grandpa. Omg grandpa revealed to JYH that he knows about NS3
  11. No, he knows it’s NS3. He just wants to see what he will say. grandpa thinks it’s funny because he said he doesn’t desire anything, and he asks if he wants to live as his real grandson (is there a double meaning to this? :0
  12. Btw you guys saying NS wants the chairman position, this ep should clearly tell you that he never wanted it.
  13. @triplem He wanted to know what his dad was like. grandpa asks NS what he wants with the company and he said he’s going to sell it piece by piece (then says he’s joking) obvs not though lol
  14. NS asked him why he tried to kill him , etc. Seo disowned Yena and said he doesn’t have a daughter anymore. Yena is angry NS didn’t tell her he called dad and he hugs her (he’s obvs using her) NS tells mom he didn’t go to Czech to look for her, he went to check something and turns out it was a waste of time (it seems like he knows something about his dad judging from what Seo says later)
  15. NS3 can cry! He doesn’t know he has feelings but he’s realizing them little by little. NS said to NS3 he was just playing a joke on SB but it seemed like NS3 realy was jealous. YN asked why NS asked SB to protect him but he said he was just joking because it’s funny she fell in love with a robot. mom comes and NS asks her if she went anywhere and she said she went for a walk , and after he gets better they can go together SB’s dad is upset that SB fell in love with a robot.
  16. NS’s father will make an appearance because there was a cameo by the actor... I read it’s a CG scene though so make of that what you will. I personally want to see more of NS pretending to be NS3 and tricking people because it’s so fascinating. I think this is indeed the 4th variation of SKJ’s acting that the director mentioned.
  17. The budget was around $9M USD if I remember correctly, and though it was advertised as a romance(?) I feel like the main story centers around NS3's evolution and to a lesser extent NS. And I guess people can argue that we're barely halfway through the drama, but making most of the plot about SB/NS3 cute moments wouldn't be pivotal to the storyline in my opinion. I would have liked more episodes too, but if they're able to conclude the story well then I won't complain .... unless we don't get a dvd release. They are keeping tons of footage from us
  18. I posted before, but he said they tried to make a satisfying ending for viewers and that NS3 won't die. Seems like people on dcgal are trying really hard to make a dvd happen .. I hope it's successful!
  19. This is the VLIVE video from the other day. He's talking about the three scenes that left the most impression on him. When they filmed the club fire scene, he realized how big the scale of this project was. (Even SKJ said the drama is more exciting with both NS+NS3.. idk why the NS3 die-hard enthusiasts want NS to go away lol) @nooneor Unless the director lied, NS3 won't die.. so even if the ending turns out to be bittersweet both NS and NS3 will live I think.
  20. First we need to know exactly how much he knows. I don’t know about him trusting her more than JYH, but he knows he can use her with no strings attached on his part. Poor Yena doesn’t know that though. lol. Honestly I will be like huh? If they end up together because I don’t see NS liking her in that way at all.
  21. It looks like SB and NS3. If you look at page one of this thread, the outfits where SB is back hugging him in the falling snow looks similar. Perhaps there is a circumstance where she had to take it back.
  22. I give the makeup artist credit for that, but one thing that bothers me is that they couldn’t color match at all... SKJ’s neck and face are never the same shade. It’s more noticeable on him because his neck is always a little red. But maybe I pay too much attention to small details. lol @triplem My bad, I meant in the drama. haha I’m not surprised if David knows everything either. I’m sure something related will come up though. It will sure be a twist if JYH has a sudden character reversal but the preview could also be a red herring...
  23. Maybe I missed it, but did anyone ever question why or how David knew that JYH was the closest person/secretary to NS? I mean even mom didn't know who he was at that point so it wouldn't make sense for him to. Also, since the line appeared more than once, perhaps the reason why NS doesn't like looking up at people is because he had to look up at his grandfather for a long time and developed some kind of trauma? NS acts like a bad guy but if you look closely there is a vulnerability in eyes that appears at times. I'm definitely not excusing that manhandling he does, but he seems like a kid pretending to be bad. I don't think everything is as black and white as most people are seeing it. @diane90 This is a pre-production, so there will be no changes.
  24. Ep 25+26 Text Preview Receiving hatred from So Bong and confirming Dr. Oh's sincerity about Nam Shin III, Nam Shin's anger only grows. Without Yena's knowledge, he calls Director Seo to the lab... Even though he knows it was for his sake, Nam Shin makes biting remarks to even Young Hoon because he is enraged by Nam Shin III. Meanwhile, CEO Nam proposes PK group's successor position and tries to find out Young Hoon's intentions...
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