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  1. I don't think she's trying to drink HN under the table and she's trying to get HN drunk in order for her to prove to everyone HN is trash. The woman doesn't see anything wrong with her behavior and thinks she entitled to act this way. I think she will be the one who gets drunk and totally embarrasses herself and the family in front of Leo and Han Na's guess.
  2. I also noticed the three cups so JE would only be the third person in that room. JE trying to kill herself is still her way of not dealing with not having to deal with her demons. Killing herself is her still being selfish because it's still all about herself and what she loss.
  3. What probably will happen is she's being harassed for what she did and HN will see it and steps in and will defend her sorry horrible butt. Right now she feels ashamed of what happen because she thinks the woman was rich. Once she finds out SH set her up to be disgraced it should knock her down a peg or two.
  4. I think JH is going to tell the family the truth in the next ep while their all gathered. Even if she doesn't give them any details it would stop SH and JE in their tracks. The truth that SH and JE already knew who HN was will start to be realized by everyone. There's too many things that they did that will start coming back to them. Their hatred of HN for no reason will start to make sense now to everyone. JE can spin all the lies she wants to DG but he'll eventually get that punch in the gut also. SH spent money she didn't have banking on selling that building. She's completely broke with no way out.
  5. @howa I agree the documentary was JH's way of giving SH and especially JE to confess their sins since JE is now having her own child. She expected SH to do something to stop it and she did. What she didn't expect was what SH did next in creating a scandal involving the boutique and one of her employees. SH and JE blew their chance to turn things around and JH now gets it. There's no redemption for either of the two because they are willing to go as far as risking everything. JH knows who and where her daughter is and it's okay with her for now. By not saying anything she's protecting HN from harm. She decided to do the documentary to give SH and JE that one last punch to the gut. JE telling SH how things work now in the broadcasting world and what SH did caused them both to cut their own throats. SH tarnished the reputation of the boutique which did stop the broadcast but it's also going to cause harm to JE's position at K1. JH not accepting HG's mothers resignation is going to backfire onto JE. Her position at K1 again will be at stake all caused by the hand of her mother. SH and JE cannot place the blame even on HN for what will happen to JE's career. HG's mother is an ignorant awful woman but keeping her at the boutique serves to purposes. The woman hands in her resignation because she's embarrassed as she should be. JH knows what makes HG's mother tick but she's letting it slide for HN's sake. She's protecting her daughters future and also bringing her over into her camp. JH already has YR and now she's bringing over HG's mother which will also bring over Han Na. All eyes and ears in that boutique will be on SH. SH stopped HG's mother from telling JH about the pregnancy test. My money is on YR of being the one who will deliver that news to JH. Once Han Na realizes one of her sonograms is missing the pregnancy test will also come out. YR will know then just what SH and JE's plot was about. As for HG's mother's awful behavior towards others she needs this embarrassment as a wake up call. Her behavior is being viewed by the whole country. Outside of the boutique people will recognize her as the woman who attacked a customer. HN being HN will witness HG's mother being belittle and degraded and will jump in to protect her. As horrible as she's been to HN she is the one who comes to her rescue. After finding out how much JE hates HN I don't see JH willing to reward JE by giving her the building. When SH comes to JH about gifting that building to JE I think it will be the setup that will cause both their complete downfalls. JH probably is still having SH watched and her trying to sell the building will be a set up. I think JH never finished the paperwork and had no intention on completing the paperwork. SH not being the brightest light bulb in the box will try to sell the building. She can't sell a building that does not belong to her or even JE. DG, DG, DG. What a blinded idiot he has become. He doesn't see pass his love for JE and he's become totally inconsiderate and selfish of other people. DG needs this slap down of the fact he's been played by JE all along but this one is the worst one. He threw JH under the bus for the sake of JE's peace of mind and comfort. It was his baby's life that was at stake now and he didn't care that JH has suffered all these years. When the bomb drops it's going to hit him hard and knock those blinders completely off. He's going to question JE's love for him. There's no way she could love him with so much hate in her heart. SJ has been gone for 20 years and she's still holding on to that hate. She is the one who caused her aunt to suffer then and now. I just don't see DG being able to recover from them this. I think his soft heart will harden towards JE and he'll walk away.
  6. It's going to be fun watching HG's mother picking her face up off the floor.
  7. @Ldy Gmerm JH is only doing this documentary to scare the crap out of JE and SH and to force them to dig their graves even deeper. No matter how ticked off she is at SH and JE she would never do anything that would cause JE to miscarry because of the stress. My guess is she already knows JE is not pregnant and decides to set a trap by outing the truth herself. The tape that SH has stolen will not be the actual tape that will be shown. The actress who plays Han Na posted some pictures of scenes that were already aired and two that haven't been shown yet. They show HG and family viewing something shocking on TV. The last scene in the preview shows EA having a talk with HN. I think she will tell HN the truth of who her mother is and at the same time JH's interview is being shown. This way JH catches two bad eggs in one basket because JE will surly pass out. JE is taken to the hospital and DG asks about the baby only to be told there never was a baby.
  8. @UnniSarah I think it was the first time DG has actually taken a good look at their wedding picture. I also think he found something strange about the picture but couldn't figure out what it is. He's so blinded by JE he doesn't see there's no warmth radiating from JE nor is there a twinkle of happiness in her eyes . .
  9. The more I think about it I agree JE is probably not pregnant and has a plan to turn JH, DG, and JG against HN. Why would she go alone if she thought there was the slightest possibility she could be pregnant. JE needs support and with a baby on the way she would have the support of JG and DG. She fakes a miscarriage and makes it looks as if it's HN's fault. This way she can get them move out of that house away from HN. All of JE and SH's plots backfired and this one will too. Every time a plan of theirs backfires JE tells her mother she's going to confess but never does. . It's her way of getting her mother to commit another despicable act and to keep her hands clean. JH is going to have to bring the truth out in order to stop these two. No one is safe with HN's existence continuing to stay hidden.
  10. It doesn't matter if JE is pregnant or not the fact still remains she caused her aunt to suffer. JH is giving back to JE and SH just what they dished out to her and HN. If JE is pregnant it still does not give her a pass on what she's done. Her payback will be she gets to experience the same pain and suffering she caused her aunt. JE has to lose or almost lose her precious child to fully understand what she dished out is now coming back to strike her down.
  11. If JE is pregnant I think it would only make JH even madder. JE and SH have worked to keep her child away but they are rewarded with the blessing of a child. It's not going to sit right with JH at all because JH won't be able to stand the sight of JE. JE gets to bask in the glory of having a child while JH is afraid to let it be known she has found her daughter. HN's life would be in danger if JE and her mother even thought JH is getting close to finding SJ. The only thing JH could do at this point is to blow them out of the water by announcing to the public she found her child and who her child is. This way the hidden truth JE and JH were hiding will no longer be hidden. It would also serve the purpose of all the people involved to start putting the pieces of the puzzle together. HN has been right there all along but no one noticed but the grandmother HN having so many similarities of SJ. On the flip side this pregnancy could be another evil plot of SH and JE's. These two would do anything to get JE back into JH's favor and faking a pregnancy is something they would do. It's very easy for JH to find out if it's fake or true because she is JE's mother in law. Once JH finds out the truth it's on and she knows she has to put a stop to JE and SH's evil plotting and bust them. The truth has to be revealed in order for HN to be safe from being harmed.
  12. Maybe JE will go live with her other grandmother. @jimb Someone mentioned here before that YR and DG should get together. It would serve JE right for both SJ's fake and real to end up with the men JE wanted and once had. .
  13. HG, Han Na and Leo would also be at the awards since they are all involved with the three companies
  14. @meoooooowwww My guess would be they hear on the news about SH being arrested for every crime she's committed. DG's brain will be working just find once the truth is revealed and JE was the main star of the show. I like the idea of JE disappearing but not before she gets some slap downs. She needs face what she did and understand what she did was wrong on so many levels. The mother again talked about her death saying while she's alive she wants JH and SH to remain sisters. If the woman does happen to stay alive after what's coming she too will cut ties with SH and JE.
  15. @jayakris Hopefully YR did set JE up and recorded their conversation. She wouldn't have to say a word to JH and just play the recording and let JE's own words do the talking. The quiet ones are always the deadest when crossed. . Once JH gets the full story of who is involved a very quiet and dangerous storm will hit JE and SH that will rip them apart bit by bit. They won't see it coming because their arrogance has them thinking they have the upper hand.
  16. From the preview HG's mother is acting up again with HN and goes to slap her but MOMMY JH shows up and grabs her arm.
  17. SH probably has been stealing from the boutique all along. There's no other place she can be getting all the money she's had to come up with. She needed 20k more to pay to the fake father so she tapped into the boutiques accounts. Then YR asks for 50k and the perfect opportunity came when Han Na needed approval for the fabric. She took 50k from the boutique this time. The only thing is we don't know where she got the money to pay the thugs. I'm betting she she hit the boutiques account again. When a thief has access to a source of getting money with no detection they will keep going back to that source. The only thing is JH has gotten win of the missing money. SH is not going to tell JH the reason why she stole the money so her resignation letter will be processed. All YR wanted was money and didn't think anyone would get hurt. HN gets hurt because of her greed which I think will changes things for YR. Her greed is no longer important when her life and HN's life was put in danger. The perfect opportunity comes up when JE and SH try to trap her but she sets the trap for the person who started all this. JE in her arrogant mode starts running her mouth. YR will either record it or someone will be listening,
  18. DG giving JE that flyer is another example of him siding with JE first over everyone else. He will listen to her explanation and will believe what she tells him. JE has pull the wool over all their eyes and it's going to take concrete proof before anyone believes she's involved. The only way to get that proof is for the words to come out of JE's own mouth.
  19. Soompi has been using Richard Simmons for many many years and it has not ever been a problem. I doubt it will become a problem now after so many years of use.
  20. I agree SH probably only gave the thugs 20k so there's 30k still out there. I don't think SH wanted YR hurt but just for her to disappear. HN ends up getting hurt which wasn't what the thugs were paid for so they ran. SH and JE will still try and cover this up by putting all the blame on YR. I still think YR begging JE to save her is a set up by YR to bring down JE and SH.
  21. We all expect JE to tell another lie but I don't think it will be HN she forms this lie on. The main person she needs to be seen as a bad person would be YR. As usual JE will make DG feel bad and he'll end of apologizing to the witch.
  22. I don't hate DG but I don't like him because he's a weak man and he's let love change him into an even weaker person. It will be interesting to see what he does when the truth is revealed. Will his blinder come off and he'll finally see the monster he loves and married. I just don't see a happy ending for him and JE.
  23. DG failing to do anything other then returning the blouse he gets a pass but when HN asked him if JE was involved he wouldn't answer her. He has stood by and just watched JE talk to HN as if she's a piece of trash under your foot. Then there's the design incident where he knew who was in that office and again he said nothing. His going on a date with HN was the worst thing for me. After the date he confessed his true feelings but by then it was too late. I doubt if DG even thought about seeing what JE is up too because he would never think of JE as doing anything wrong. DG will remain as blind as a bat until the truth is revealed.
  24. @jayakris SH's criminal charges so far are: Attempted Murder, Embezzlement, Kidnapping, Thief. JE would sit back and let her mother go to jail for all these crimes and not blink an eye. The only way for her involvement to come out is if she confesses which she would never do on her own. It took her 20 years to confess to her mother what happen to SJ and this time would be no different. The only reason she told her mother was to use her mother. She knew how her mother felt about JH and would protect her over JH at all cost. She also used DG's unconditional love for her as a shield of protection. JE does not love DG because she has no concept of love including loving herself. The only way to get JE is to work on her need of self gratification that she' has won. She will arrogantly spill what she has done as a means of stepping and degrading someone else. This is why I think YR begging her to save her is a trap to make her admit what she's done. JE may or may not go to jail but she will lose everything she thinks was rightfully hers to have. As a last resort I think she will try to kill herself to as away of getting sympathy. The best place for JE is in a mental hospital because she is one sick sister. I don't feel sorry for DG because he walked into the relationship of his own feel will. He knew from the beginning she had a side that was evil. The things she did and said to HN he silently sat by and let happen. Being a nice guy is one thing but when you let someone change who you are is another. He threw his morals values and pride out the window and let her turn him into a duplication of her father. He gives and she takes and he has no clue that's not how love works. When he found those flyers there is no plausible reason they should have been in her car. Instead of confronting her right then and there he says nothing. DG has thrown HN under the bus many times for JE, but this time it was JH and his father. He choose JE again over doing what was right. @darr The mother is going to explode for sure when she finds out what her daughter and granddaughter have done. She knows SH is a trouble maker but this will blow her mind especially finding out JE was the main culprit. As for Hwang he will be totally discussed and totally ashamed to face JH, HN and EA.
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