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  1. ok to rant ! need to vent the frustrations. can u share author's weibo link , want to read what she wrote. thks in adv.
  2. What a disappointing wrap up ! 80% of main cast dead by the last episode. Last scene of CY and BQ together seems unreal to me. Is it a dream? No explanation on how CY managed to escape from his well fall. If he did, how about MM. Did BQ meet up with her grandfather? Personally, I hate loose and rushed endings. Jus like that - MM got his hands on the orb and map so easily. Jus like that everyone dies in death scene of YL,DS, Heifeng, DS brother. I thot Princess Agents ending was bad enough with hyped up story lines that never lived to the end. Disappointed with how his drama ended, i would hv given it a perfect 10. Or a close 9. Hope the production team come up with a director cut or something that help tie up the loose ends.
  3. @themarchionessmillion thank yous! Really enjoy reading your recaps , know it is not easy with day job and all!
  4. Thk you @themarchioness, the recaps hv been great. Since i join gp late..wondering if u hv the links to all previous recaps !
  5. Late to the discussion group but wanted to thank everyone for your discussions/spoilers/interpretations. Fun reading them ! To @themarchionessAwesome job with the recaps - i look forward to them every week! Altho cannot wait to see the upcoming episodes - mixed feelings now that spoilers show a lot of characters are getting killed off. Sad to know that CY and BQ's close friends and family will not be around for happily after..
  6. Thank you 4 the explanation. I was getting confused. Thank you. For CY - Seems that Zhang Qing is used by his friends. For MRF - only his mom, 7th prince calls him Yi San. No biggie, just wanted to understand why.
  7. HI there. Been a while since i m this hooked on a chinese drama. love the story, chemistry btw 2 gorgeous leads so hopping on the discussion forum. Question 4 fellow addicts - CY has another name Chang Qin. Does anyone know why he has 2 names? Is it normal. Same with Mo Ro Fei..also called Yi San?
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