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  1. BTW they use different BGM for TV version ad (only the 15"version have different BGM) and it also aired on TVN at midnight same time when the online version released... Teaser 1 LJG version (same video also uploaded by LJG on his instagram account) Teaser 2 MCW version teaser 2 LJG version my fav is the third teaser TVC version....the music real creepy to my ears
  2. @hazelyeot yes. JG's manager also left comment on that CW's "Helpless" movie post . Something unusual since he rarely do that. Not after Criminal Minds time. I believe they want to stay low profile about this drama that's why so little information about it until now. hope we'll get more info and promotiom items from them starting this May
  3. i think because it supposed to be confidential. or they dont want to spoil it too soon. in that link above, you'll find this pic that cafe's post above explain oppa's update last October read his caption and from second video we got this and this "jg film 2020" he already gave us hints about baek hee sung since October he just can't help it lol...
  4. they are filming at some apartment district in Incheon source from insta story https://instagram.com/jj_ho_oo?igshid=gk7h5dtt8xyw
  5. JG's stylists posted several images in their instastories yesterday and a fan captured it Bottom left picture, she tagged oppa. But she deleted the image not long after that. So oppa and his stylists went out yesterday, supposedly for work and from @hazelyeot's post we read that they filmed at Namsan The State Room So we can assume that they start filming now, in discreet Hope they took special precaution over there and always stay safe.
  6. Another silent lurker here So happy to see many people getting excited for JG oppa newest drama Btw yesterday oppa updated his instagram This is the second time he asked us openly in his instagram update to support and love and pray for this Flower of Evil drama (first time on IG update 20200124) We can see that from the caption he use reciprocal love emoji, first pic is him in praying hand mode and second pic is the pic of cake from fan with the Flower of Evil (hangul 악의 꽃) written on it . His update yesterday might also be related with corona virus outbreak in South Korea these past few days No new update so far. Usually we didnt get the pictures/video of script reading on the same day but they will release it later. Also we still dont know who is other actors/actresses for this drama except those two main roles. And the academy who handle the audition for minor roles also cancelled the audition because of corona virus. I am afraid that we should wait longer until we can see another progress. But to be honest, I prefer for them to postpone everything right now. Safety first. Let's pray and hope for positive answer
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