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  1. Hello everyone! Long time no see... Just wanted to share some news if no one has shared them yet? I will admit I was lazy to go back a few pages... anyways, SAINT FIRED HIS MANGER!!! I repeat FIRED THAT PROBLEMATIC PERSON soooo maybe a season 2????
  2. Off topic Does anyone know if a thread for OUR SKYY has been made here? I'm trying to follow it so I can get links and stuff... Thank you.
  3. I respect and defend your right to your opinion, but I don't think Ae/Pete were boring at all.
  4. IT's essentially the missing scenes that make the episode make more sense...so it's just things added in to clarify the situations for every character---as they are at that moment. Thank you...And yes I enjoyed all of the great conversations! Hope we see each other in other dramas!
  5. P'New was defeated by all of the drama--poor guy was tired from the moment his drama was dropped to the uncertainty if it would ever see the light of day, to managers pegging an actor against another...it was a never ending cycle and I don't blame him for being tired and just wanting to give up. The hope is that maybe he'll pick this up some time in the future, who knows, however, he should be proud that he created a drama that had a lot of GREAT points to it...more than the negative and that his drama took some negative cliches and turned them on their heel and made them a bit more realistic. I am not disappointed in the ending--rather, I am happy that there were closures for some of them and open endings for others. This way, any other director can pick a pairing that has that open ending and work a spin off or something like that. As they say Never Say Never (it's been a great ride with this drama along making new friends in here...Fridays will def be different for me moving on)
  6. I don't really fangirl over young boys (even if they are legal) but daymmm Tenchno (Gun?) looks so handsome..The silver and this color suit him well..
  7. Sort of agree...but with Shampoo we at least got her to motivate Ae and Pete's slow-love train...it helped them get where they needed to be...but with Dali...that time could have been used on Kla/No couple...but I'm just salty so i'll let it be...
  8. The two girls fell of the face of the earth...Shampoo and Dali....or whatever her face/name is....girl can't unwrap the shrimp---yeah that one.
  9. Thank you for sharing!! I can't wait for all three, but I am so looking forward to Gun/Off followed by Pete Kao...The singto/ohm one looks really interesting but i'm not a big fan of super natural BLs cause...you know...the end will probably make me cry a river
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