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  1. It's Wednesday Guys... Team Online??? No More HPL huhuhu
  2. Its way more better that it was Sindy and not CDI that ended up with EG... 1) he like a fangirl type of girl 2) Submissive and PushOver is what both charactrs are 3) 2nd leads ended up together soo unrealistic better for them to be friends than lovers 4) they both have bright personality 5) like their bickrng more calling EG ahjussi is like givng him nickname hahaha Looking forward for another drama with them as the OTP... But as for KJW i still dont want another Rom-Com of him with another partner.. What about Mo Ti Gae version 2??? Hahaha
  3. Do we have the best couple award at tvN drama awards??? Can i vote for Labbit Couple in advance??? Or will the upcoming Rom-Com of this year can surpass the perfect chemistry build by our OTP's... I think this will be the best of this year 2019...
  4. I somehow feel bad for EunGi not getting the girl he likes but he might by the luckiest guy getting tangled by a chaebol's daughter, omo he hit the jackpot. And same as DM it was another fangirl which is EG type of girl he likes. Their first encounter At EG's Judo School Making their own couple Vlog??? And for some reason they both look good together on-screen...
  5. me im going to watch again starting from first episode... before i could get over... nothing is over until its over...
  6. i was going to sleep but after watching this part i can't help but keep on repeating on KJW's reaction... thats why im creating GIF hahaha.. that's face reaction is something else... LOL
  7. streaming is soo laggy today.... i cant stream properly... huhuhu
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