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  1. The physical sales so far is 88k+.

    Scratched whatever that I said about Gaon earlier because right now, it's confusing me so much. The latest Gaon chart is out, but In Heaven isn't on it. So now I'm confused. Maybe This week chart (will be out next week ) will have it. If not... well Gaon album chart is always weird and inaccurate compared to its' Digital chart.


    Okay, so In Heaven isn't listed in Gaon because A&G Mode wasn't part of M2M? So Gaon don't have their records. But now A&G Mode and Gaon is in the process of negotiating a contract? So yeah, that's why In Heaven didn't get listed.

  2. thank you for the update. Do you have the Gaon totals also? So to get the total tally, is it Hanteo + Gaon + Oricon?

    I love how humble the JYJ guys are, and that is one of the reasons I support them; in addition to their talent, dedication and strength in standing up to tyranny. I know they have strong feelings for their ex members, but I like other fans, think they have tried to reach out so many times. They have extended an olive branch over and over again, I think it is time the other two meet them half way. If they choose not too, then I think JYJ needs to stop trying also. I am not one of those fans that bash the other side, as I feel each side made the decision that was right for them, so I don't think JYJ needs to be so conciliatory.

    Gaon chart isn't out. But to get the total, I think would be adding up Gaon and Oricon.

  3. Maybe it's a dream but I'll laugh and cry if they end up winning the Daesang and SM can't stop it from happening *quoted image* 

    Well, they have to sell 100k+ by the end of October in order to win. Suju is at 177k+ and they have 4 more weeks? So. Even so, I doubt they'll win anything because GDA is also part of SME's harem. But you can still go dream it ^^ hehehehe.

  4. ^ haha, I wish I had the money to buy more than 2 albums. Maybe when I'm in Korea next summer, I'll get the black one.

    Does anyone know the current sales of the albums for the past several days?

    Currently they sold 80k on Hanteo. And 7k on Oricon ( probably the Limited Edition )

  5. Just curious as others are too - when do the pre-orders numbers come into account? o.0?

    Probably in a few weeks or months. Depend on the sales for the second batch of In Heaven this week. Because pre-orders are orders from Stores. Not fan orders. Companies don't produce 300k all at once, instead, they produce in batches. After the stores get a sold out, they'll release second batch to match the numbers of pre-orders. The first batch for In Heaven is probably 150k, that's why there is a shortage. They probably didn't expected the demand to be this high. Since TB took a year to reach 300k-400k. TB pre-orders was 500k.

    Currently on Hanteo, In Heaven sold 78,291 copies. Hanteo only counted major distributors, there are other distributors that they don't count, as well as oversea online sites like Yesasia and HMV. For this, we have to wait for the Gaon chart.

    There was news of all 150k of the Limited version of In Heaven are all sold out (there are a few copies of Brown on Yesasia). Tomorrow is the release of In Heaven Black. The Japanese version of In Heaven Black won't come out until October 11. (This one will probably reflect on Oricon)

    This week Fansites will start to bulk-buy. Bulk buy here is just fansites acting as 3rd party buying for the members of their sites. Because some members don't know where to buy for it to reflect on Hanteo.

    I wondered how many copies CJeS produced for this second batch. I think probably another 150k. That would equal 300k of pre-orders ~~

    Pre-orders are orders from people who showed interest in purchasing the album before it was released, almost like holding your place in line. Once the album is released, they can then choose to make the final purchase. However, not everyone who placed a pre-order makes a final order, and similarly not all stores will be able to fulfill all their pre-orders, as they only received a limited supply. Hence the reprinting of the album in black, to be released later

    No, these are stores' pre-orders. But CJeS only produced 150k for the first batch. They didn't expected the demand to be this high. So a shortage happened.
































































































































































































    Noticed how ST is so handsome, but not his teeth LOL. I got a friend into 365, and she love Tronie. I think 365 should get twitters instead of using Facebook. Twitter is easier to use.
































































































































































































































































    The Ayyo mv made me like them.
































































    Btw, I want to ask, anyone know where to buy Vietnamese music? I want to buy 365 CDs.
































































































































    Okay, allowed me to spam and fangirl over this Vpop boy group hehehe.
































































    I love these performances.































































































































    Is Let's Go Party their song or a Cover? Tronie and Will has so much stage presence, and they look so fun onstage LOL. Especially Tronie, he's so hyper when he's onstage.
































































    I love the lyrics, "I like a girl, quan jeans, day cao got." at 2:37 in the second clip. It means "I like a girl, in jeans and high heels."
































































































































    Hehehe, Jun has to sing in three dialects in Vietnamese while doing exercise. I love his voice in folk songs.































































































































    Fancam of Isaac cooking noodle on the show.































































































































    I can't really hear what he is saying, but there was a comment there of what he said.
































































    Isaac: phải nấu sao cho rau muống còn xanh thì mới đầy đủ dinh dưỡng ( In order to have all the nutrients, the water spinach has to be green after cooked.)
































































    Backing up his idea with science.
































































































































    They did a remix of Bong May Qua Them for NTV's bday.
































































































































































































    I love this perf for Baby Don't Cry































































































































    Fancam for Baby Don't Cry at Sea Show































































































































    LOL, OMG, they look so cute knowing they have fans waiting for them at the airport.































































































































    (How did this person get this clip and upload it to youtube with a rude title?)


    Reading the comments made me so angry. Okay, honestly, I don't understand the mentality of Vietnamese people, dissing their own people's improvements for another culture. That make me sick and make me think of them as sick kids that are brainwashed. Sigh, when will they learn to support their own country's men?
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Chaerum That's Heechul from Super Junior.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Don't know if this a celebrity or not. But does anyone know who this is?
































































































































































































































































    The pic came from the tvxq GQ korea february 2009 issue.
































































































































































































































































    credit: Someone from TVXQ's thread ( I saved it last year, so I don't remember from whom.)
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    What's this about Jae in An An? I have to come out and be joy! Hehehe, i hope there is no girl, because I think he would look hot by himself, I would like it if it's similar to Sho's shot as well.
































































































































































































































































    And to those who worried about An An, An An is a big magazine in Japan for older audience, they only feature the most popular stars. An An just don't let anyone to feature in there magazine, they mostly featured most popular JE stars as well as actors, like Narimiya Hiroki and yeah the one who are featured are well established stars, I don't think they need more popularity lol, it's one of those thing that considered your popularity if you feature in it...I think. Or maybe it's just me who think that, but yeah, An An is big.
































































































































































































































































    I hope it's true and not fake...hehehe

































































































































































































































































    LOL i soooooo agree!!!! you would think jaejoong would look stunning as a girl with his gorgeous looks and all, but no, photoshopped pics of him as a girl doesnt turn out good. Haha~~~ he's beautiful as a man, and thats that.

    And a question, do a lot of people think he looks like a girl? Cause (maybe its my eyes or something) i dont see anything girly about him (looks wise). He looks 100% guy to me. XDDD































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    I don't know, but I heard from a lot of places that I visit where there are TVXQ fans, they said he looks like a girl or pretty like a girl etc. But he always look manly to me. Idk, to me he has the aura of a manly man, all of them do. Even Junsu and I don't believe Junsu is innocent >_> lol.
































































































































































































































































    Lastly, Jaejoong's butt.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    How do you know if he has a butt? You look at the line of his upper thigh, the division of the butt and the thigh yeah, be a perv and look at it. :P LOL. That's how you know if someone has a butt or not or how big it is.
































































































































































































































































    But like I said, with guys, you don't know if they do or do not because, tt's the way their body is, they don't have an arch in the back like the girl do to show their butt or S curves, well they do, but very small not very clear like Junsu's and it makes it look like a straight back when they wear loose clothes and most guy wear loose clothes. Unless they are naked or in tight jeans, or underwear, you can never tell, but most guys do have a butt, like 90% of the time. LOL. Butt discussion.
































































































































































































































































    ngl, I am a perverted fangirl.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Eye colors...I recommend someone to go ask Jaejoong to get a gene test to see his eye color because even if you meet him in real life you wouldn't know because in his surrounding there will be lights and lights change the color of your eyes. Let alone studio pictures and pictures of functions where there are many camera flashes. But whatever, each person has a different opinion so best to just respect it and leave it alone unless there are hardcore evidences like genes test.
































































































































    And butt, Junsu but is a bit too big for a guy, well for my opinion. I see Min, Jae and Yunho has perfect fit for a guy. I think it's Yoochun that doesn't have a butt, but that's okay, because you can't really see all their butt when they wear loose jeans. Guys usually have a butt, you can only see it when they're naked, it's how guys are built, different from girls, you don't see their butt unless they wear a tight pant, underwear or naked. Hehehehe. This discussion is a bit awkward now...errr...
































































































































    Yoochun can buy any car he wants with his money, at any time he wants, as long as he has money for the lawsuit and that lawsuit is about unfairness not about money. Even if secretly it was about money, the contract was put out in public as unfairness, so view it as unfairness. Do remember they filed a lawsuit for unfairness clauses not about money, it was SME that has all this articles about them wanting money, diverging the real reason behind the lawsuit. But whatever people believe. Yoochun shouldn't be criticized for what he bought in this time. None of them should be. It's their own business, we're just here to support them. I just want to put that out while I'm here. Because I feel like he's going to be criticize for what he bought, all five of them will.
































































































































    Could it be a rental one?
































































































































    It wasn't toward you Lovebyelove Because I just edit my post and then I saw your post.
































































































































    And one last thing, I had to let this out because everyone keep saying that he is. But Jaejoong look ugly as a girl! I cringed when seeing that pic of him in Vacation. OMG Junsu looks pretty as a girl and Yoochun lol. For Junsu, it was that pic of him dressing up when he was in High School with Eunhyuk?
































































































































    There, I let that out. Please don't ever put the boy in long wig and dresses. He may look pretty but that only work when he is a boy, if he's a girl he will look ugly with those features. It's an illusion, don't fall for it.
































































































































































































































    I just want to say something regarding this project, don't mean to bring up trouble. I'll be gone after I state my opinion.
































    It's just a project that fans want to do to help with the situation. If you want to support then support it, if you don't, don't bother. No one is going to say anything. What's with the numbers war? lol. The point of the announcement is to support them by achieving the goal of 500k by the next few months or next year. It's just to help. No need to bring the fans down even further. Let them do whatever that they think it's helpful.
































    Oricon chart is not the only chart in Japan, we only know it because it's popular, and it only take it's data from 3-5k retail outlets. (it's 3,020 on wiki, but I don't know if it increase or not so I just put 3-5k as a figurative).

    Oricon monitors and reports on sales of CDs, DVDs, video games, and entertainment content in several other formats; manga and book sales were also formerly covered. Charts are published every Tuesday in Oricon Style and on Oricon’s official website. Every Monday, Oricon receives data from outlets, but data on merchandise sold through certain channels does not make it into the charts. For example, the debut single of NEWS, a pop group, was released only through 7-Eleven stores, which are not covered by Oricon, and its sales were not reflected in the Oricon charts. Oricon’s rankings of record sales are therefore not completely accurate. Before data was collected electronically, the charts were compiled on the basis of faxes that were sent from record shops.

    ^ taking from wiki, so take it with a grain of salt.
































    So yeah, do the project if you like, don't if you don't like. Simple as that.
































    *gone to the wind*
































    Share the World is 97 on the Hot Single Sales on Billboard Japan.























































    [TRANS] 091128 Three Conditions Of SME for The Return Of THSK






























    Avex needed Tohoshinki to return Japan for activities urgently, and SME agreed under 3 conditions.








    Keeping a close watch through out the whole course.








    There should not be any contact/conversation between HoMin and JaeSuChun.








    Only HoMin are allow to respond during an interview.








    On top of that, JaeSuChun were not told of these conditions before and were merely informed of the activities.








    Source: DNBN + HeyJJ















    Translation: sshutingg @ OneTVXQ.com















    Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }















    I don't know how truthful this is, but if it's true, they can just break up. I don't care anymore, just break up if those conditions are true. I rather them talking and be friendly to each other without THSK or DBSK than having them work together and not communicate with each other.








    Avex should start suing them if it's true. They have a contract together, unless Avex is dumb enough to let SME have a superior contract than them in Japan. But whatever, if that is true, then boys, just break up.
































    ^ She is not from Avex, she's from HoriPro, furthermore, she's a model/actress not singer.








    Nice to see someone smiling, Changmin! I see his teeth. Is it me? or this is the first time I saw him smiling showing his teeth? It must be me.








    The thought of Junsu playing Mozart made me laugh... It's because of the laughing scenes.

















    ROTFL...This is so crazy and slightly off-topic...but I tried Google Translate with that article and the headline came out as:

    I think I'm going to die laughing this morning :D It's morning over here, anyway!
















    Anyway on a more serious note! I don't know a thing about that girl but I think she looks as cute as a button! If they were seen arm-in-arm...oooh I wonder how long they've been going out... This is going to spread like ...































    lol. You do not want him to be with that girl, she's trouble, Japan hates her. She cheats, we don't want that to happened to Jaejoong, knowing his love record.
















    girl freaking cheats on yamapi






















































    She was also drunk on a Japanese new years tv program
















    Idk, I don't mind the gap between Changmin or Jae. I agreed with someone on lj that said gap doesn't say much. Since Junsu were always left out during many things, as well as the gap between him and the other four members. It's just that, back then they're not in this situation, so we rarely pay attention to it.

















    SM loses money = Avex loses money too.

    and Business = about making money.































    THSK = Money for Avex. Dropping them is not as easy as you think. Japanese Yen is more value than Korean Won. THSK is making more money for them than the whole SME I bet.
















    The market in Japan is different from the market in Korea. Right now, THSK is on the rise, and the Japanese fanbase are loyal, they don't leave you for something new. Avex won't just drop them that easy after investing so much money on them(I bet, much more than SME investing on them) to get their popularity up to this height. Had this happened in 2007, I would fear. But right now, fans won't let Avex off easy if they side with SME. It's true that Avex has shares in SME, but I don't think they are allow to say much seeing that their shares and interest are one to a few others in the company.
















    THSK debut under Avex in 2005, right now is 2009. 4 years is not short term contract and it's still going.
















    I only based it on what I see in THSK popularity in Japan. I don't know how business work, so it's best to not assume anything. Right now, THSK is everywhere in Japan, no. 2 on most polls only after Arashi.

















    lately I havent been on the board much..but everytime I stop by all I see is SM is evil, JCS should win the case...

    I have a question what does winning this case mean? JCS ending their contracts with SM ? then what?
















    or is winning giving a new contract to ALL sm artists? does this sound like something that can be achieved... and let's say it will happen...then what..will dbsk get boycotted...no promotion...no nothing like other groups that tried to cross SM?































    For JCS to win the case, there is no guaranteed that TVXQ will be together, that's up to them to work it out, but it's just to show that SME is wrong. Since SME is focusing on their pride. This lawsuit, for the court to go against them, means that they are in the wrong and possibly will be forced to change contract or face penalties.

















    1st of all, this is my 1st reply in this forum..

    actually i wanna keep silent, but those drive me crazy..
































    pls help me..
















    pls comfort me..
















    pls tell me that they're not going to disband..
















    i dont know y, but i think they're really going to disband..owh no..i dont want that..
















    i want to keep the faith..but it seems i cant do it..
















    i can't study when i thinking of them..
















    i can't concentrate on my exam either,,
















    am i nuts??yup, i think so..aish..
















    what should i do now??arhh..i'm so sad..
















    sad when i'm thinking of them..
















    sad when i'm thinking of their conditions..
















    i promised to myself, if they're really going to disband, they will be the last boy band that i ever like..
















    sorry for my bad english..
















    i just want to reduce my anxiety, my doubt, rite now..huhu..































    Calm down, the five of them are still alive on Earth, it's just that they won't be together as a group. Avex still hasn't say anything. If DBSK disband, you still have THSK. SME is actually playing with all the fangirls' feelings right now. They have been dangling disbandment to fish for sympathies and people going on their side, if you aren't selfish and wish for your DBSK to be happy, you take whatever decision throwing at you. As long as the five members that you love are happy. You should be happy for them.








































    Wait, someone please correct me, because I remembered that TVXQ or most artists earned money through concerts right?
















    If that is so, is that the reason why SME canceled the concert? So they won't get money, but release the DVD? Because from the contract, SME get most of the money from DVD, CD sales.
















    If that is so, then I think all fans should stop buying the DVD and CD, because you're giving SME money to pay their lawyers.
















    SM’s official stand, “Dong Bang Shin Ki’s comeback next year – impossible”
















    Posted on November 13, 2009 by sookyeong
































    SM Entertainment revealed their stand for their discord with trio Hero JaeJoong, Xiah JunSu and Micky YooChun of group Dong Bang Shin Ki through reports on 13th november.
















    SM Entertainment said, “We gave the deadline for the 3 members to give us a reply about Dong Bang Shin Ki’s comeback in Korea next year by 12th November previously during our press conference on 2nd November. But we did not get any response. This has hence make the group’s comeback in Korea next year impossible.”
















    SM Entertainment also added, “The trio has agreed to carry out the schedule planned on basis of the basic contract between the company and the group before the court during the time when the trial was on going. But after part of the trial judgement came out, the trio said they will not participate or the coming concert performance on 21st November in Chin which is part of their Asian concert tour performances decided as of June 2008, and for subsequent concert performance, they have stated that they may not be participating for them.”
















    “We will decline the idea for the 3 to promote































    Oh, then it's not JCS or HoMin's fault that TVXQ isn't together. It's SME. From my point of view.
















    Okay, now I'm ready for all the lawsuits throwing at SME's faces. I'm ready to see a company who doesn't follow court's rule to fall. Who's with me?








































    I think a lot of fans need to understand that, it's okay to be greedy. People are always out there to make money, anyway they can. So why is it okay for SME to be greedy, to make profit but not for TVXQ? Why is when JCS file a lawsuit just to take one exclusive clause out of their contract, makes them greedy? Even if they are greedy, why is it not okay? They are human they are to make money to make themselves better. Even if they lie to you, they only do so for their job and they make you happy didn't they? Even if working for hours and days without rest, they still put up a smile for you. Even if some of us are fans, we are still not close to them, why should they give their truth to us?(As some people now dislike them because they lie) We're still strangers to them. And you don't trust strangers. If anyone is selfish in this, it would be the fans. Some not all, because some of you only wanted to have tvxq as a whole, so whatever SME put out there, you will only hope that tvxq will not disband. Well, we all do, but if only they are happy. Yet, some fans just want tvxq to be together so it benefit them and not tvxq for what they want. You're even more selfish than them for wanting money to better their lives in the feature so don't call them selfish and greedy. Because fans are too.
















    I hope I make sense and don't offend anyone because I just wants all the fans to not go berserk when some news come out.
















    There are a few things that you have to apply when reading an article regarding the Issue.
















    -- 800,000+ fans (Would TVXQ as a whole, disappoint their supporters, that they work so hard for?)
















    -- Other Celebrities/People view of TVXQ ( I have seen a lot of positive view on them since the event broke out, yet so far, I have seen none for SME with the exceptions of their own artists ie. Shinee and maybe HoMin if you count the Statements)
















    -- Court Ruling compare to SME's talking (regarding the contract, 'Until the lawsuit verdicts are made, SM is not allowed to make new contracts for activities related to the three members without their permission, and SM must not interfere with the three members' independent activities.' So, if they(SME) were to make new contracts, chances are, JCS won't be in it. )
















    -- The event of the Mirotic Concert in Shanghai (?) Where they cried seeing their fans with the sign (believe), that shows that they still care for their fans and know what's going on.
















    You have to go back to the beginning as to why JCS filed the lawsuit. At first, they just wanted to have an exclusive clause taking out of their contract. That they negotiated behind doors with SME, but SME doesn't want to, so they have no choice but to take it to court. Now, SME is mad because they dare to take this to court. Therefor, the media play begin, trying to confuse all fans and blame everything to Crebeau. As well as twisting their words. JCS were surprised at that, the trust of their side and the company is on the line, and with a few more of things that SME did. JCS won't be coming back (I hope) and to some that thing JCS will play dirty. So far, I see the dirty comes from SME. Even if JCS play dirty, what can they do to a big company? They are only three young men (probably don't have money left after this lawsuit) vs a large company that has money. Since SME blamed everything on Crebeau, they dropped out Crebeau (don't know if this is their dirty trick, but it's small compare to what SME has been doing). And now, I predict, SME will start to use TVXQ's disbandment to play with the fans' minds. And it's fairly working. With the whole HoMin's statements and ultimatum. (Which I hope the three won't agree to)
















    I am not bias toward JCS, but I'm bias to the people that goes against large company. I like to see the downfall of some company that are too prideful that rather making up their own rules than taking in what the law put out. (Regarding SME wanting to make a new contract with their own terms instead of changing it to what the FTC asked for. As well as announcing the lawsuit as a HOAX when the court already made a ruling against it.)
















    I'm done, I don't know if anyone read it, but support all Five together or not.








































    You should trust your idols, and not the media, so don't give up hope and faith until the end, and even so, you still have to keep it because hope and faith are free, as long as you believe, there is no harm in believing them or costing.
















    The media doesn't just bring someone down, but they can also make you confuse, right now, it's trying to confuse everyone, the HoMin's statements, doesn't benefit HoMin. I hope people realized that, because it also put blame on them, for being coward and disloyal and greedy, same goes to JCS, what it's doing is degrading TVXQ as a whole, in the statement, the only party that benefiting from it, is SME for being "generous, great" to take TVXQ and made them who they are today. That's the only party that benefit from that whole article. Yunho and Changmin will get criticized for being disloyal to Jaejoong, Junsu and Yoochun, and the other three will be viewed as betraying their "creator" as well as greedy. TVXQ takes the blame for it all, that's what I see from the article. And the only party that gets away from everything and is so great, and that they should be greatful for, and never was in the wrong is SME. I hope everyone can see that, TVXQ as a whole is being blamed for everything now, with different reasons. HoMin will get badmouth by JCS's side and JCS will be badmouth by HoMin's side, again, the sides, that's what SME wants to happened. While the fans are being divided, fighting each other, no one will take notice of SME. Sides are what breaking everything apart. Even family.
















    There are so many wrong in that article regarding HoMin's statements and their fathers'. It's not that I don't believe that it's really them that said those thing. But, don't you think they're a bit "brutal" toward JCS? I mean, Yunho is a leader, he is the most respectable man, he always show respects toward everyone, and here he doesn't sound respectful toward his bandmates, they only made it this far with all five, not just with their "creator" but with all five as well. At least show your bandmates some respect when things like this happened. Infact, that whole article made HoMin and their fathers sound like babies, which is why I refused to believe it. I would expect Yunho to keep it out of the public and not announced it, as well as his father, because his father is a lawyer (? please correct me if I'm wrong). I know I don't know Yunho, the real Jung Yunho, but for five years, I trust that his personality, his way of life as a respectable, generous, filial son, someone who's very mature wouldn't write something like that official letter, signed with a star to put his members in a bad situation, making them sound like greedy bastards like that, especially as a leader. I know he, all five of them can act happy when in front of the camera, in front of their fans, but they can't act generous, mature and filial, no one can, not for 5-6 years in the public eyes.
















    So I refused to believe that article. I will take my opinion back when it's really them at the end of this whole fiasco.
















    I remembered TVXQ used to tell their fans to believe only what they say. Say not written down.
















    That's all from me. Now I have to go finish that Jaejoong's drawing for drawing class.

















    u can't honestly say avex is innocent right? lol. sadly cassies in korea both blame sm and avex. sm more. but they say that avex is just hiding behind sment acting like they have nothing to do with it.seems to be working with u guys but korean cassies aren't stupid. ehem.,dbsk members came out even saying they werent even shown their avex contracts. if avex cared they would have shown the contracts to the boys as well but they didnt. if they really cared they wouldnt have done a straight arena tour for straight month and a half??? and a anation tour following with that with dbsk already doing an asia tour schedule. sm and avex. they are both effed up. on the same boat.

    wow now papparatzi??? r u effing me. this is ridiculous. one thing is getting fans just going around taking pics. but when a professional paparatzi going around stalking the boys taking pics and posting it on the newspapers........whats with all these japanese/hong kong media and their paparatzis.































    I would actually celebrate that they've made it in a Japanese magazine because of paparazzi, it's just to proves that they're popular enough for some reporters to stalk them and if I remembered correctly, in the last magazine where Jae was feature, they said good things about him, not bad. Japanese paparazzi isn't like the one from Hong Kong or America. Also, in Japan entertainment, they have paparazzi who do the stalking not fans, unlike South Korean entertainment industry, where fans does the stalkings.
















    That article that you said before, they mentioned SM Japan and I believed it was saying that SM Japan didn't show it to them and not Avex. Avex has a good reputation in Japan (well not this year accordingly since they've been struck with some bad spirits), if they do something wrong, it's pretty bad for them, Japan's law for entertainment talent agency is different from South Korea's. Beside, if Avex is bad, Ayumi Hamasaki wouldn't stay so long with them.
















    That's 1.5 billion yen I believe since it's talking about their earning in Japan.
















    That Junsu airport hahahahahaha. I guess his airport fashion improves from then on.









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