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  1. It sounds like the drama’s focus will be the female lead anyway. The acting challenge will be on the body swap premise and it will showcase the female lead’s role more than the male lead. if they end up getting a big female star, then maybe it won’t be as bad as long as ysh plays his part well. It reminds me of strong woman do bong soon. Park bo yung was the main character but park hyun sik ended up getting a good career break because of that. my two cents, It will not be a drama that showcases ysh acting skill but might get a big exposure if he ends up being paired with a bigger star.
  2. Hi guys i know YSH does not have a lot of great dramas but i finished i am not a robot and ruler of the mask and really want to watch him again. Can anyone give info if remember war of the son is worth watching? I attempted my strange hero but just could not stand the ridiculous plot. Now i am left with remember war of the son only. Any reviews? Is it mainly about revenge and no romance?
  3. Agree that he does not need to do romcom. He needs a good team and a good script.. IMO, he also needs to be paired with a good female lead. Having said that, considering his baby face look and age... i think it is unavoidable that all he gets are rom com type dramas. He won't look convincing to play mature roles like doctor or lawyer TBH. He just looks too young to play a role like that. I remember watching Lee Jong Suk played a young smart doctor in doctor stranger and didn't really like it that much. It is really quite tricky to get a good project for someone his age. Maybe it's time to explore fantasy/suspense type drama like what Lee Jong Suk has been doing. those kind of drama gives a lot of opportunity to showcase YSH acting skills. I could imaging YSH playing the role in W 2 worlds and he will be very good at it. LOL. Great timing since LJS is on military now.
  4. I actually share the same opinion as this. Although Park Bo Gum did quite well in love in the moonlight, being paired with Kim Yoo Jung definitely helped him a lot. A lot of fun scenes in the series were made even more oustanding because of kim yoo jung. That is why I wish someday YSH gets paired with her or someone who is equally talented. After watching I am not a robot and a few episodes of my strange hero.. my impression is that YSH is too good to be paired with his female leads. Chai Soo Bin and Jo Bo Ah were ok but not exactly impressive. He needs to be paired with someone who is as good as him but around the same age as him, i think there are only a few of them.
  5. I agree to wait for them to grow up a bit and hopefully get a really good script that will showcase their talents.
  6. I hope Yoo seung ho gets paired with kim yoo jung in a drama. I watched Kim Yoo Jung in moonlight drawn by the clouds and she is really an amazing actress. Her big round eyes just like YSH can speak. I can imagine what a great chemistry they will make if they team up. agree?
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