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  1. WOAH WELP! I'm confused with the storyline as I wasn't able to catch up with the episode but judging from the clips it's getting exciting. Somebody please udpate me?
  2. I think these characters might be significant in the future episodes so they are introducing them one by one..
  3. Nah. I don't think the collectors are aware of Jun Woo's power because if they are, he should be blacklisted or may have been mentioned at the very first episode.
  4. That part about God was a bit disturbing in my opinion as well. But if you will look closely, the way the white guy explained how these people got powers was like something he can't really describe to the newbies that's why he was like "whatever, just picture it like this..blah blah blah.. ok? got it? OK! moving on..." something like that. But the wiriter could've wrote something else rather making God "un-omnipotent" to the eyes of the viewers. He could've said like "God was just having fun and he makes us clean up his mess. It's like giving us collectors something to do". Another thing I was confused about is when Jun Woo stopped the time, Sun Ah somehow experienced it 'again' as well. Remember she was about to take early off from her work and when she was about to go out she noticed the time stopped? So is it safe to say that ever since Sun Ah got tangled with Jun Woo's time, she's now involved with Jun Woo from that moment on? I wonder why, because if she is destined not to be affected with Jun Woo's power then she should've experience the time stopping (everytime Jun Woo uses his powers) ever since she was born, right? Why just now?
  5. Unfortunately the only fast link I can recommend is Viki but sadly, it is not available in my country. So anyone knows alternate links besides viki will be much appreciated ^^, I haven't watch the whole episode yet just snippets from BSP Official in youtube, no subs. The atmosphere of the drama was quite dark for me or somehow gloomy and I also find KHJ's acting to be more like his role from Playful Kiss. Hopefully he improves in the coming episodes. I'm not giving up on him just yet. Ahn Ji Hyun was adorable. I like her smile All in all, I can't give my verdict yet. Let me watch the whole episode and let's see ^^ Here's a bonus! 'It's Over You' by Jung Dong Ha - When Time Stops OST 1 Enjoy!
  6. Another one released just now! ^^ https://tv.naver.com/v/4325921 I'm really intruiged who sings the OST. Now we have a ballad. @Mau_Cherry Hey feel free to come by in this thread. See you around!
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