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  1. @yoo1 @akhenaten I can't agree more with your opinions about YJ and the King. My wishes here: - second kiss at the moment YJ says she loves the King. - one more moment of YJ and PMS. I hoped that while the King meeting with Min Jin Hoon, YJ would meet PMS at the Saheonbu. But not. A little regret. Deep down I think PMS likes YJ as a woman, not a brother. But he keeps it in his heart. The scene where he says goodbye to YJ before the battle shows clearly his feeling. Eventually, we still don't know YJ' position. But I'm fine with the idea that she's close to the King, go along with him everytime he leaves the palace.
  2. I don't know why but I have a feeling that YJ will die in front of our King. Perhaps Prince Milpoong kills her? My wild guess... but ... Only 2 eps left. And this drama has me as its big fan. Love everything of it, included every short but touching moment of my YeoYeo couple. I'm surprised that I'm quite pleased with their warm hug, their stares in tears. And I consider what our King says to YJ about Dalmoon's feeling "just like my feeling toward you" is his official love confession. So sad. Just 1 week to wait in eagerness. And then normal Monday will be back again. Sigh... Happy to be here with all of you chingus
  3. I wonder why Queen Dowager says that YJ eyes look noble. It is a hint for something? I'm curious more and more about her roots. But I don't think that they will explain. She's not real anyway. Haizzz.
  4. I think they don't have enough time to think of a reasonable way of letting YJ out of the story. They just... don't mention about her. In the scene where she jumped out and talked with JH, I thought that at least they showed a scene where YJ watching YN from a far, as her wish. But not. Perhaps she's injured right after that. And yes, like you say, @yoo1, this is the important moment that YJ waits for. Btw, I love that Jung Il Woo posted some pics of him and Ara at this time. He's so thoughtful. Beside that thing, the story is still so good and interesting to watch. Love Haechi as always. And I don't care about ratings. Ah, about MS, I still wonder what's his true feeling. Why did he cry a little when he talked with YJ about brothers? Why he had to remind himself that how manly she was?
  5. @lightbringer06 You're not alone chingu. I like this kind of romance. First reason is that this drama is a saguk one. The second, YN is the Crown Prince. He really knows where their (he and YJ) road ends. YJ is not fool too. She says, "I thought that you have feeling for me, but it's imposible". I think she hopes but deep down, she understands that it can't be. I like the way she's straightforward in this conversation. So, because I'm not a fan of passionate romance with tears and all, ML and FL always are immersed in loves and do nothing else, I'm at YeoYeo side. These lines are so good: "What if I'm a man before I'm a Crown Prince?" and "I like facing the same wind with you, even if you don't feel the same way I do". And this is a symbol of feminism "I'm a female inspector before I'm a woman". Wow.
  6. Hahahahahahaha. Sorry but let me laugh till death, chingus. I can not utter a word after watching this ep with sub. I'm fine. I'm really fine. Oh our YJ. And that fool guy Ah Bong too. Hahaha. Poor our Crown Prince. Hahaha. What's the true feeling of MS? I'm not sure. Maybe he's worried about YJ? He khows that this relationship will end in tears?
  7. So touching episode. I really love it. Sometimes I smile, sometimes I cry. I like the way they build our characters here, especially the three mains. Besides the close link between them, their common ideal and the same path they share, they have their own fights. After 11 eps, I find that PD's arrangement is so interesting: - When YN is at the court with JS at the first time to accused Prince MP, YJ and MS catch the witness as YN orders. - When YN faces with his father and brother death, YJ and MS are crying for JS death. - While YN is fighting with assasins, YJ has to fight with the dumb old man. - When YN is at the court again for himself, YJ and MS are at the new courtesan house and face with Prince MP. - And when YN is arrested, MS is protecting the commoners from Saheonbu soldiers. In this ep, the scene I like most is the talk between YN and MS. Yeah, sometimes in life, you feel like you're so small and can not do what you intend to from the start. The kiss, uhm, I don't think it's romantic although it's not a how-a-court-lady-be lesson neither. In this scene, our YJ is still clueless and naive, and I don't know, but YN looks so sad. From now on, their relationship will be different. Perhaps, they really know that their feeling will not lead them to happiness. OK, I'm ready for that. But I hope they will be brave enough to love each other no matter what awaits them ahead. And I really like the line YJ says. "I will protect you no matter what". It's so touching. And I think YN heart can feel it.
  8. @yoo1 so so happy to hear that. Thanks for the news chingu. @lightbringer06 thanks for your highlights. I love all the gifs you posted, especially yeoyeo couple moments. Their smiles while they are standing face to face like a breeze in an intense summer day . And chingu, whatever makes you upset today, hope you alright. Cheer up!!!
  9. @yoo1 yeah, I feel the same. May be her father investigated the same case in the late King times. And may be that's why he was killed. It may relate to little DM and YY as well. I hope through this case, we will know more details of YJ and DM backgrounds. Ah any news about Ara, dear chingus? I'm afraid that we will not see much screentime of her in some next episodes. Hope she recover well and back to drama. I miss her already.
  10. OK, when I watched preview again and again, I knew that the hug was not romantic as I expected because of YJ expression. I thought that YN took this opportunity to tell her something. But when I watch the episode, why do I still think that it's an emotional hug in some way? Hahaha, poor a YeoYeo couple fan like me . Now not only DM, and then the former Minister of Personnel (I forgot his new position), but also everyone knows that YN likes YJ Of course not in the proper way. Oh now it's more interesting. I feel that this week will be much longer as usual. How can I get out of this obsession? I may find some dramas to fill my emptiness this week
  11. @gerrytan8063 Sorry to ask you this. But "sanggung" what does it mean? Concubine? I wonder if Crown Prince already blessed JH "a night with him" as she once talked about with Jadong. Or he just gives her that position? @rocher22haha, I laugh a lot when reading your comment. Not everything yet, just bare shoulders and one leg. But I'm not sure about next time hahaha
  12. After watching ep 9 raw, I realize: - our prince never knock the door before coming in - YJ looks beautiful in any outfit - MS always be there for YJ whenever she's in a dangerous situation and saves her before YN has time to do that. Hope that no hint of love triangle at all. Btw, I'm wrong or MS is really speachless when he sees YJ in kimono??? I'm excited for tomorrow episode. How will YJ and MS help our prince to get out of trouble? And the hug. OMG, I love it
  13. It's you that I want to mention @lightbringer06 thanks!
  14. Yeah I like the same scenes too (sorry I don't know how to mention you here). And I add 1 little thing more. When YJ wakes up and the first thing she asks is "how's the prince?". It's romantic too. They care a lot of each other but haven't aware their loves yet . They may need help from DM
  15. I love Il Woo and Ara much. That's why I'm so happy to know that the two works together in a drama. And they haven't disappointed me. Their presentations are so good and their chemistry is no joke. Thanks for all information about Ara. Of course her health is the most important thing, but I still hope that she will stay with this drama till the end. Praying for that. Ara really shines in YJ role. It's a pity if she has to stop in the middle. I hope they will not cut off her time or change script so much that we can not recognise our heroines.
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