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  1. How do you guys think about the costumes and the hair style in this drama? I’m not familiar with Tang Dynasty culture so I ask this question before giving my opinion. I just hope the cast can pull off the style in this drama. No more disaster like untouchable lovers please
  2. I come late to join the discussion. I agree wholeheartedly with you. YR is an interesting character. I watched countless drama where the main lead is romantic and helpless for love yet incapable on everything except for love. YR may be not an usual gentleman people can expect him to be but we need to remember that the one who want to use him at first is no other than LBW. It will be stupid if YR not scheme for himself whether in term of love and power. It’s a fair game between YR-LBW where you use me and I will use you as well. About HL, in the end YR calculation is better than LBW because YR knows HL better than LBW and YR has better ability to utilize every little opportunity to the greatest benefit for him. I was in an awe with YR when in the final conversation with LBW, he subtly said to LBW, “whatever scheme you will do after I die, no other space in HL’s heart for you, even after she dies, she will accompany me as well” meaning no chance at all for LBW whether when HL still alive or die and it turns out become reality, LOL. If we want to count fairly: (1) YR got the power and love but shorter life. It’s understandable because his bet is higher than both HL and LBW and YR never expect himself to live a long life so..2) LBW got the power but not the love. From the start, his goal is power. Love is not in his dictionary. That’s why, every time he needs to choose between love and power, he will certainly choose power first. He said that he wants both, but he act otherwise in the last moment. In the case of YR, he wants both from the start, not in the middle of the game, no wonder YR calculation is better than LBW. At least LBW get the power he wants. It’s not a total loss for him. (3) HL got all, power, love and live a longer life. Big winner in this game. She deserves it. She doesn’t disappoint me through the whole story. When HL with LBW, she never flirts with YR or any other men and when HL ends up with YR, even after YR dies, She is still true to her heart.
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