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  1. i hope the new pd gonna do something about the show! i think after he is in charged he tend to copy all the old variety show concept ! like xman, the avatar show n even running man ! i like how yoo pd care n love the members so much in a unique way! i really love the non smoking episode! he's torturing them but for their own good! 

    hope he could come out with more new game or idea to "torture" the members! i find last 2 weeks boring , last week only when they start playing game i find it fun to watch! the members chemistry is still the best! n how JJY fit in right away just amazing! 


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  2. i miss JJY so much hopefully he will comeback soon !!! n prank all his brothers, when he returned!! i think he have the ability to do that! JJY so cunning  & full of weird fun ideas. 

    it's glad to see 1n2d members mentioning JJY like every episode! 

    come back soon ! i want to see jong min n Jjy couple again 

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  3. i think the possibility of JJY staying will be very slim ! how many cases already once a scandal broke out they will remove the artist from the show! 

    but it's just a pity we enjoy his variety so much!!! i think at the moment nobody can replace him! his positoin in 1d2n it's too strong! can't imagine 1d2n without him!!! :tears:

    even his comeback that was plan on october was being postponed ! 

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  4. i m glad defcon pointed out my concern about the new members ~~ he ask directly how long he would join the show.! and don't let them down if he only 1 -2 years most cuase they already put their heart in etc. 

    I still don't get why would the previous member leave!he's not on big movies n he loves his brother n the show n the staff . 

    it's only a short episode for the new members so i can't really tell how he can be funny yet. 


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  5. I really like haru!!! & I don't know why she always get the shortest airing time!!! I got to complaint last week episode  it's really boring to watch new family ! their child was not born yet.. n they are already planning to join the show?

    if they going to add the new family in this time I am really against it!!! aren't newborn suppose to stick to mummy? beastfeeding etc? how could mummy left for 48hrs? n there's nothing much entertaining to see newborn anyway.. they just sleep & cry & eat most of the time!

      and it's nothing new to see daddy taking care of babies cause we already got the  Lee Hwi Jae’s  family!

    and I really against the show wanna squeeze in 5 family in the whole! while they don't have equal screen time! it's really unfair!

  6. am I really bad I actually kinda love to see the big brother torturing the 4d joonyoung!

    I really had a good laugh when he flip over the pancake! such simple way!  I really love the pd this season he really seem like he's one of the member of the show !just like season 1 na pd!  and the young pd seul gi !

    seem like the pd really thinks hard for the show for the touching episode about the family portrait and to this time epsidoe about their health problem !


  7. tablo iphone is smash and the screen is all cracks  but he's still using it!! I find it amusing ~~ cause he's a celebrity .. I wonder is it because of his injured hand he drop his phone~

    I really like his daughter haru~~the way he speak with her it's too cute!! hopefully after this program when he spend more time with her.... haru could love daddy more than her beloved fish~~



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  8. i seldom watch sagueak dramas cause I find it too hard for my understanding ~~ even the infamous the moon& sun bored me at times... but empress ki watching from 1 till 3 there's not a moment i'm bored by it! HJW is my favourite actress i especially love to see her in action scene cause in korea there's really limited female action hero~

    seem like up to episode 4 they still have not find out she's a girl! cause wait to see the progress of their relationship when they found out she's a girl hehehe~~~


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