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  1. I agree. Idk if it's true or not but it must be exhausting for her to be constantly linked to someone she's not dating. She looked uncomfortable when asked to hug and say a cheesy line to JHI at the Seoul Awards lol. Also SYJ has a close female friend in Los Angeles and she visits her there every year so that might explain why she's in the US. It also doens't make sense for SYJ to bring her parents to the US to meet with HB since they can just do that in Korea. What I think happened is that the OP only spotted SYJ in LA and made up the rumor. If she had seen the two eating at a restaurant with SYJ's parents then chances are she would have taken pictures and released them. Or in the unlikely event, the OP really did see the 2 eating at a restaurant and made up the part about SYJ's parents being there. Either way if they really went out together to eat that still doesn't mean they're dating b/c since when a female and a male eating together = dating right
  2. Thank you to all the updates!!!! I can't wait until my final exams are over so I can watch Masters in the House T_T P/S: SYJ doing exercise is my muse
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