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  1. Hahaha....fun video to shared. Credited this youtuber! YSS worried too much for her son, warning him to beware of beautiful women deceiving him. The prettier the woman, the more she'll be able to deceive him. It's actually the other way around, ZWJ deceived these 4 beautiful women instead.
  2. I don't think they'll add any scenes since the cuts are very minimal just to fit their 45 min time slot like @kur4p1k4 explained.
  3. HSDS's ZWJ was his dream role. He always loves/admired the character of ZWJ. He knew the character so well that he doesn't need to study the script. At the audition room, he said the other actors were busy memorizing the lines but Joseph himself tried to do some exercise to relieved stress. He really appreciated the director for choosing him, being able to acted as ZWJ was the most blissful thing that happened in his 20 years of life. He said the audition wasn't the worse experiences but the waiting from the casting department phone call is. Lol...he was so nervous to miss his agent's call, he even bring his phone with him when going to the bathroom. The 150 filming days of hardship is all well worth it. I feels so bad for him when he mentioned about his acknowledgement of some fans who give him bad criticism about his acting and complained about his big eyes. He almost gave up acting. Fans should give these young actors/actresses chance to improves. He's only 21 years old, what do they expect from him. Hopefully someone can translate the whole speech, he sound like a humble guy.
  4. Yeah, i think it just a false rumors tactics. I'm already expected since the TVB version is identical to mainland version except for some cut scenes. I think our only hope is for the production company to release the DVD un cut version.
  5. Indeed, I myself said it many times too, it's their amazing chemistry that make a long lasting impacted for our viewers. If a script and pot line of a drama is excellent but the actor or actress can't convinces or delivers then it basically meaningless. I know I'm being superficial and shallow, but it does help that both Joseph and Yukee are very attractive. They're so comparable that it's really help us audiences get emotional attached to the characters even though Yukee is about 5 years older.
  6. I think dramagirlslove means back at the Inn when WJ feed her medicine. ZR got really pissed at WJ for defending ZM and meeting her behind her back.
  7. @kur4p1k4 Lol... ever since ZM appeared in his life, his attitude toward ZZR take a 180 degrees turn. I still remembered the gifs I did for episode 17 the way those eyes looking at ZZR are now used on ZM.
  8. Gosh, ZZR is such a manipulated character. WT* is she talking about here? WJ asked her why she still hesitated/uncertain about his feeling for her. She claimed because she broke her teacher's oath to married WJ. ZM will hate her and also want to kill her. Lol...what kind of nonsense coming out of ZZR's mouth. Shouldn't it be her teacher MJ's ghost that should come back to haunt/kill her instead. [
  9. I told myself not to re watched the beginning of episode 40, but today is an exception. Then I found the following scenes are interesting. I'm just wondering if the person WJ rescue is ZM instead of ZZR. Can he just leave ZM to ZD the way he left ZZR? I believed if it was ZM, he'll hold her in one arm the entire time instead of leaving her to ZD. Lol....the first question ZWJ ask ZZR after he rescued her from the Beggar's Sect. is 'where is his Godfather?' not 'Are you okay?' Then WJ asked ZD to take care of ZZR for him while he casually talking to the Beggar's elders. But both his hands are free why can't he support ZR instead of asking ZD. Here ZZR is neither really fainted or faking it, but our Zhang Jiao Zhu still just left her with ZD and continue talking. Once again, the only thing Zhang Jiao Zhu worried about is his Godfather. Lol...does he even care about ZZR who still fainted in ZD's embraced?
  10. Well, at lease for me, I'm pretty satisfied with Joseph portraying of ZWJ from beginning to end. For me Joseph being only 20 years old, his acting is better than a lot of actors at his age or older. I loves his version of ZWJ so much to the point that majority of my posts on Soompi are for HSDS 19. I even learned how to do screenshots and gifs and write my views on scenes which I'm very poor at (I don't like to write) this alone speak volumes. I even searched high and low for MVs and keep repeating the favorites one. Every days keep checking back in Soompi 100Xs to read all the good fanfic and new posts which I never did in my entire life with other dramas. My dying wish is for the production company to release the un-cut DVD's version to satisfy my thirst. I've mentioned 100Xs before that HSDS plot line is my lease favorite out of the trilogy (Condor's Heroes is my favorite, blamed it on Louis Koo and Carman Lee's amazing chemistry) I'm a sucker for romances plots. I wasn't even going to watch this version when it first aired (I'm so glad I did and no regrets at all afterward) 86 version was the only one I completed watching almost 30 years ago and I never went back to watch the second time. Plus I haven't watch any of Joseph and Yukee's dramas before so I wasn't interested. Today, I'm still suffering drama withdrawal syndrome even though the drama had ended airing for 3 weeks (the last drama that I suffers withdrawal was TMOPB for 1 week). This HSDS 19 has caused such a distractions for my works and daily life that it's becoming unhealthy. This one week I spent so much time doing screenshots and gifs that it's unimaginable for me. Every nights I still re watched some of my favorites scenes and smiles like an idiot and had caused my husband to shake his head in disbelieved. So to me all these affections from HSDS 19, Joseph played the major role with his acting skills. I specially loves his big round eyes with all the awww expressions. The reasons I think Joseph wasn't able to shines when he first appears on screen was because he still has to acted sickly when he met those Zhu and Wu's families. He was quickly fall into their schemes being a young teenager and then falling off the mountain then learned Nine Yang Divine Art. Years later he fall off the cliffs and broke both legs, so he can only crawl, sit, or lie down. Not long later him and YL being captured and hold hostages by MJST and every time he try to say something, MJ or someone else will just shut him up. At GMD he already fully healed and had learned Ming Sect.'s most powerful kungfu so he was more confidence. This is ZWJ one man show so Joseph was able to showcase his acting skills. Lol....do I sound logical for defending his acting? Apologize for the long rants. I by no means to disrespect or mock others opinions. This is solely my humble opinion and passion for Joseph as an actor. Peace all!
  11. I actually quite like this scene. WJ and YL are so cute here, YL definitely fallen for the handsome ZWJ. If no ZM, I definitely ship these two together.
  12. IKR, I'm still puzzled why C-fans are so cruel to Joseph, complained about his bad acting. I'm also very pleased with his portray as ZWJ. I can almost related all his emotional scenes and love scenes with those eyes and his body languages. He also have amazing chemistry with all 4 girls not just Yukee.
  13. I actually feels bad for ZZR every time she bring up her and SQS relationship in front of WJ. Did she expect WJ still has feelings for her? WJ will get jealous of them? Because every time WJ neither shows no emotions on his face or focus on other important things like (rescuing his Yifu).
  14. I love one Weibo's account gave comparison to these two scenes. It's shows how Zhang Jiao Zhu gave double standard treatment to the two women. When in the cave, ZM fall asleep. WJ quietly walk over, sit next to her then lend her his shoulder so she can sleep more comfortably . He then sneak a sweet smile on his face (totally enjoying the moment). He wake up late the next morning, my guess he probably sacrifice his whole night of sleep just so his MM can sleep soundly. Plus it was WJ who suggested that they stayed together for the night in the cave because it was getting late. When in his room, ZZR fall asleep. WJ walk in, sighed that his fiancee is fallen asleep here in his room (he's probably annoyed). He then walk over and wake her up instead of letting her continue sleeping. He asked her why she sleep here instead of resting in her own room. ZR cooked for him and waited until late at night to have dinner with him which WJ promised her and forgot about it at the same time. Hahaha.... WJ actually rather spend time with YX and company than with his wife to be. Look at WJ guilty face.
  15. Yeah, YL put the flower on his hair. She like to teased WJ just like MM did. I did watched all the earlier episodes but only once and don't really pay attention to the details. I usually re watch starting episode 18. Loves how you described WJ's persona. He definitely give wrong signals to all the girls.
  16. I went ahead to check out the TVB version since you mentioned about those cut scenes. But the episode ended exactly like the mainland's version again so I wonder what the purpose of those cut scenes. Lol....I kind of regretted after re watching this episode. WJ's actually like ZZR a lot that you can see him getting jealous of SQS liking ZR. The way he looked at her. WJ definitely can marry ZR if not for MM appearance and consistently chasing him and not giving up on their relationship.
  17. Thank your for subbing episode 42 as this is one of my favorite. I did tried to sub a little here and there in this episode and pretty sure you have to re subbed the whole episode at the end. Yeah, I kind of give up being a immature translator that I am. Salute to your hard works and times.
  18. I remembered correctly in the drama WJ did stated all of the above you mentioned about ZM, YL, and XZ. Indeed, he did not make any comparison with ZR and his mom.
  19. Since we are on this topic about MM's beauty. Lets vote who is the most beautiful girl in HSDS 2019 universe. I'm only compared 6 girls since they're all involved with ZWJ and had more or less potentially chance to become his lover/wife. I know beauty is 'in the eye of the beholder'. So lets take WJ's point of view to determined. 1. ZM: Lol...based on all these stared from Zhang Jiao Zhu, MM is definitely his number one beauty. With fake mustache on and he still admiring her beauty. Oh...he's a long goner with that adorable face and grin. 2. ZJZ: WJ had developed infatuation with this girl and also acknowledged her as a beauty with a evil heart. 3. XZ: Since XZ's mom was the number one beauty when she was young, so I assumed XZ inherited her mom's genes. But too bad WJ only see her as a little sister, no romance what so ever. 4. ZZR: WJ might had developed infatuation with her after they encounters again but I think he sees her more like a benevolence and friend after he met ZM. They mentioned a couple of times in the drama that she's beautiful and SQS is also crazy about her. 5. YL: I believed YL is also beautiful specially after she healed her face's scars and she also resembled YSS (WJ's mom). 6. YBH: ZD did commented she's beautiful. Again, too bad WJ only treated her as a little sister, no romantic feeling at all. So, what do you guys think? Any opinions welcome!
  20. Just wanted to shared this MVs again, they're still my favorites. https://www.bilibili.com/video/av50287472?from=search&seid=2299890861102934364 https://www.bilibili.com/video/av49707918/ https://www.bilibili.com/video/av50172800?from=search&seid=1357471975799772470 https://www.bilibili.com/video/av50499175?from=search&seid=3172158295972854047 https://www.bilibili.com/video/av49842716/
  21. Lol...I think in this interviewed Joseph mentioned he wanted to get married already at his age. He also like older women (hao jie jie) and doesn't mind if she is 3-5 or even 10 years older than him. She also have to be kind heart, love kids, and dogs. Wink..wink..Yukee Chen is older than him right? https://www.bilibili.com/video/av17024914/?spm_id_from=333.788.videocard.15
  22. Joseph's acting very cute and shy in these two scenes. Loves it to death every time MM teased WJ. 'Little Pervert' hahaha...'Good Big Sister'
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