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  1. I'm probably a minority here, but I am okay with the explanation of how Lee Seol lost Yeon Jae. Today it is unthinkable how a parent could leave his/her child unattended like that, but 26 years I think it was probably not that big of a deal. Anywhere in the world I'm sure you agree that what was safe in the past is unsafe today, even considered as child endangerment these days. Yes the car accident trope is overused, but in my opinion this explanation is better to mend Ryan's trauma because for sure he knows he wasn't abandoned. If Lee Seol was forced by her family to leave her child for adoption because of the single mother stigma, or in order to marry again - it is a more hurtful explanation for Ryan to accept, because that means her mother did choose to abandon him. That means she did chose to have a new family rather to continue being his mom. Anyways I'm glad this issue is sorted out quickly. Now with only 2 more episodes left, I hope we get to see more of our OTP moments.
  2. less than 24 hours till ep 13.. honestly I don't care much about the childhood/lee seol storyline.. I hope they wrap it up quickly with an explanation that makes sense I just want to see our OTP together... please give us more of dating scenes, writernim! Another overnight trip/date would be much appreciated!
  3. same here.. I started watching Abyss..and stopped in the middle of ep 2, and kept going back to replaying HPL clips .. I dont have anybody in real life to fangirl with, so I also kept coming back here to read and spazz together with you guys...
  4. The last & only time I lurked around shippers paradise was for goguma couple .. wow that was such a long time ago.. and now this couple made me want to come here lol. that last video of bts compilation is love!
  5. I read the next comment in that blog post above, and can't help feeling defensive of HPL. Of course the romance IS the plot! I don't need all the usual kdrama tropes and conflicts! I watch HPL for the sizzling chemistry of our OTP hahaha... There are so many genres in kdramas - imo HPL is as good as it gets for a romcom. Watch Sky Castle if you're looking for tangled plot. Btw Kim Bo-ra (Sindy) is excellent in Sky Castle. I agree that it seems like Sian knows more than he lets on. It was shown in the beginning, he was questioning the "coincidence" that Ryan also like Lee Sol's work.
  6. thank you so much for the live recaps!! I got off work pretty late and started watching ep 11 clips on instagram during my ride home. The uber driver must have caught my giggles and STS lol Then I came here .. holy moly.. page 140! I had catch up reading 12 pages.. Now I'm going to bed.. planning to wake up super early to watched the subbed episode haha. Last week I woke up at 4:30am to watch ep 10.. It's been a while since I am this obsessed with a kdrama.
  7. somebody asked this before, and somebody else replied : 1. airport incident (DM disguised as SNG) 2. shi an's house where he lent her his jacket .. I guess just made it wet? 3. when DM called him chagiyaaa at work in front of her coworkers.. on cindy's first day at the gallery, she probably smeared her lipstick when she tripped over him. 4. otw to the writer's house drenched in the rain 5. kimbap sorry didn't remember who wrote this.... many many pages before..
  8. just had to share, there are more subbed interview clips posted by this user
  9. woohooo it's less than 24 hours until ep 11.. I"m sure tomorrow night this thread will be hot! I'm loving all the insights shared here.. lots of you are excellent with words. I agree with most that's been said, couldn't have put it better - except the opinion that shipping is a disservice to the actor/actress. Sorry to disagree. Well I guess there are different levels of shippers lol. After lurking around the shipper paradise section of this forum, I can see that there are hardcore shippers who pick up the smallest details trying to link the couple in real life. I personally find those posts harmless fun. They're just being delulu conciously.. if that makes sense. As for myself.. I normally only ship the drama characters, not the actor/actress in real life.. But seeing the amazing chemisty of our OTP here, I would squeee if one day I read that KJW & PMY are really dating.. Btw I am so impressed by the fanmade yt clips.. Just wowww... I can imagine how much time was put into making those videos.. from the MoTaeGu/SecretaryKim clip, When It All Began, until the last one up here Fifty Shades of Ryan Gold as Dukmi said.. editing is an act of Love
  10. Here's why I think HPL trumps WWSSK: 1. PSJ's character was not a likeable one. He was written as a self-centered jerk from the beginning. Whereas quoting someone here, RG is the gold standard for a male lead! 2. PMY's character as Miso was too perfect in my opinion was over the top. I know it's from a webtoon but it's just not as realistic as DM. Especially for many of us on this forum are closeted fangirls haha so we can relate with DM. 3. The OTP's progress from boss-subordinate to a lovey-dovey couple is also portrayed so much more naturally in HPL. It's harder for me to understand how 2 people who had worked closely together for 9 years only now realizing they had feelings for each other. 4. Most importantly, even though I finished watching WWWSK.. I didn't have STS syndrome nor was I lurking in soompi, replaying clips and BTS hahahaha.. I didn't ship the reel couple. But now watching HPL, I am shipping our OTP so bad. I'm wondering will RG & DM ever drop their speech to banmal? At least Ryan to DM .. After watching countless kdramas, I always pay attention to the use of formal/informal speech. When a couple switch from jeondemal to banmal it usually signifies the next level in their relationship. However I'm also aware that there are also married couples who speak in jeondemal (in kdrama worlds) PS. I love that PMY addresses PJW as oppa
  11. Hello all, haven't posted here for ages that I even forgot my password. Please don't feel that you may be the oldest fangirl here.. I've been on soompi since the early days haha...I'm guessing that lots of soompiers must be aabout the same age. I'm in my late 30's as well .. This drama made me want to come out of my silent lurking mode. The chemistry between KJW&PMY is out of this world!! and I've been refreshing YT for their BTS.. are we really not going to get one this week??
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