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  1. @Miky88 I also dw the srt in pack until ep 55. But I think it's from Youtube version. My version I dw in chinese torrent was 56 ep. The only one timer was ep 55 srt with my ep 56 . I will check again if they have a new batch dvd version because nothing work with any srt. I need to retime again all but sadly I'm busy this month....well keep update later. If you want my version I did upload in my uptobox account. @bluehibiscus I will update later when more less busy That is one my top favorite serie this year because it's from my MOST favorite author novel ever. Sure I want the best quality and the best uncut version. I can also send to you the BT site, you will see in all chinese site it's 56 episodes and that also the one I got it. Just PM me. I don't think I can post here Hear about rumor said Xu Kai and Bai Lu was dating before to filming this serie that why the chemisty is so intense. Some video from bilibili but was up in YT so credit YT and bilibili If you all complete the serie well check how they filming the INTENSE kiss when Zhao Yao drunk kissing Mo Qing How Bai Lu was playful and Xu Kai cannot do anything CREDIT YT Xuyen Nguyen
  2. hehe @angelangie If you also like Ren Jia Lun....here a video of him did you recognize him it's a bit hard to see him in casual clothe and be in ancient serie lol I become hard fan for him after Destiny of the white snake and also his voice singing. He married his long time girlfriend and become a daddy last year. Happy for him CREDIT YT Nhậm Gia Luân VNFC I can't wait this upcoming serie...seem to be a lot bickering between the main couple.
  3. The best version was the version 1985 from TVB. I hope the remake version will not change a lot from the old version. Ray Lui was a good Wu Fei. Version 1999 with Sunny Chan was good also. Felix Wong be the father version with Maggie Siu have a good chemisty together. But I was so annoying with Charmaine Sheh, maybe because it's was her first serie and her acting was so unnatural to be Yiuk Lan. Just waiting for this remake which revised version they will chose from Jin Yong
  4. I'm so waiting for any information about this upcoming serie. I'm fan for Ren Jia Lun and Seven Tan so for them be a main lead it's really great. I think someone post before the trailer but seem to be not here anymore so well I just posted again for information CREDIT YT 东方放映室 I can't find the novel version, I want to read it...
  5. I did like a lot this serie. A lot mystery and the plot it's kinda refreshing sadly this is really a another underating serie. The whole serie was subbed in YT but sadly isn't was under the same name because the person mistake it when they posted the serie. The lead girl was extremely ANNOYING oh god, but she become more and more mature later. I just love the couple and well you will know later who is the real ML . You will be surprised CREDIT YT Fresh Drama Seriously, if you start and you don't like it, please give this serie a chance I watch probably all Cdrama out and this serie make me stay until the unsuspecting end . I'm so in love with the ending song also the OST.
  6. @bluehibiscus Well, better I upload for ex. one episode and you will see. The version I have was no logo. Episode 56 was 42:08. Take me one minute and you can dw it. I upload the ep 56 and you will see which version I got by torrent. 634 mb. You can dw or stream it. Anyway any torrent I will just redownload everything again. I will send you by pm About Ashed of Love...it's somewhere in my HD, my version wasnt alike in any version too sigh.
  7. I need to said something for all problem with FaiHai. I watch probably all version for the story about the white snake or green snake. If you talk about TVB. ATV, Singapore Channel 8, mainland, taiwanese version...I don't understand why they make so a big drama about the green snake kiss FaiHai . This version 1992, I was a bit less then 10 year old... credit YT TTV 台視官方頻道 TTV Official Channel This version was the one from the version 2019 remake it. FaiHai sure wasn't a young one but a old monk. All song was from the version 1992. Ok no love between the green snake and FaiHai But the version 2018 (Destiny of the white snake) where we can see a love between FaiHai and the green snake was look alike the Fann Wong version and Christopher Lee singapore CH 8 version. Credit YT 楊佩佩戲劇館 Seriously this version was my favorite ever for all remake, because the love between the green snake and FaiHai was so angst. Oh they have a kiss inside too. They have many remake about the green snake and FaiHai...Some version was about the lead guy fall for the green snake and not the white snake....I know it's kinda wrong about a monk fall in love...still it's make my heart cry more. BTW please watch this version with all children between 7-10 year old . Also they sing and be more professional than adult they have 8 episodes or more....real serie!! credit YT 芒果小戏骨剧场 Ok well I just want to write what I want to say...be lurker cannot help my feeling now time to run away....
  8. I have the whole serie but again in other site it's write 55 episodes but I dw all in bt and still got 56 episodes. 招摇.EP56.2019.HD1080P.X264.AAC.Mandarin.CHS.Mp4Ba that was the last episodes I got. In ond@@@@@@, the subbed was done until ep 55. Did I dw the uncut version or the full version. Same thing happen to me for The Legend of Yun Xi or Ashed of love, I got more scene and wasn't alike the one present in viki or any other site. I prefer to grab all in torrent and watch it when it's out. I just love this serie so much, much than Goodbye My Princess. Probably because it's from my favorite chinese author. Anyway, happy to meet everyone in the tread and wasn't able to stop to write in this tread...it's my first writing in drama section after 4 years....
  9. Oh they already have a tread for that So I will go soon in Korea in few month for at less under 3 week and will stay in hotel. I will be in Seoul and Busan. I know Korea doesn't have google map and I was sad about that. In Japan, I use google map and my japanese is good than my korean. I have a lot question so if you are there in Korea or did go travel in Korea before, please I request some information. I will be in Incheon airport and I need to get my reserve wifi egg. It's easy to find the place? Do we have a autobus to bring us to our hotel? How much it's cost? Where should I get the card like the pasmo in Japan? Do people speak english? I hope they are not shy like people in Japan...they was so lovely . Busan: Any recommendation? I want to go to the fish market I prefer to eat the real Korean food and a lot street food. Any palace or something historical place? Seoul: Any recommendation? Street food place ? Oh a filming place I want to go. Any place dangerous that we should not go? How much it's cost the taxi trip? My friend told me wasn't expensive ...still just want to know more.... btw from Busan to Seoul...Do they have a train and how long it's take? How much it's cost and do we need to paid before like the JR pass in Japan? I have many questions and I hope someone can help me thank
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