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  1. They don't warn you. I tend to find news articles stating what they'll delete but yeah. It deletes without warning. REALLY annoying.
  2. I actually didn't mind his beard. Regarding the novel, I'm ALMOST done with it. She and NY were quite equal in power so I actually enjoyed that a lot. Having said that, they were the ONLY people in the novel that were the smartest so that's kind of boring in a way. On the flip side, I absolutely love how they expanded many of the characters in the drama. The emperor isn't some perverse old fox. I wouldn't say he's a bad emperor, but he's certainly not as formidable and complicated as the one in the drama. Headmaster Xin is basically a minor character in the novel. COMPLETELY love what they did to him in the drama (until the end). Jin Shiyu - I actually do like him in the novel but the actor in the drama playing him was killer. Pity he was only introduced right at the end and we didn't get to see him much. He was the first character almost equal in smarts to NY and their scenes together were a joy to watch. The princess had a much bigger role in the novel and...yeah, I feel sorry for her...both in drama and in novel. Essentially, pretty much all the princes were relatively minor characters in the novel. It's more they took the novel for inspiration. I see it as completely different stories at this point. What I liked more in the novel over the drama is two things: There were SO MANY MORE scenes of NY and ZW together where they were flirting or making out. SO MANY MORE. (And that one sex scene that was literally one paragraph of implication - skim and you'll miss it. The extra episode at the end kind of ...SORT OF ....made up for it) ZW and NY actually battling it out towards the end. I feel that the drama did add that element in but for some reason, had to cut so much more out because...reasons Agreed - I skimmed half of it. Also, the author spends a lot of time EXPLAINING double meanings in people's speech, particularly during the court when ZW, NY are battling it out or just generally people battling it out in front of the emperor. I mean, I suppose it makes it easier for people to understand what's going on, but they are times it was just tedious and I skimmed it 'cause it's not like she REALLY have to blatantly explain it.
  3. In case anyone cares, looks like a manga version of the original novel has just started: http://ac.qq.com/Comic/comicInfo/id/636445
  4. You might want to know that your review got featured on a Weibo article as one of the "overseas viewers' opinion" example...... https://media.weibo.cn/article?object_id=1022%3A2309634286452056874201&luicode=10000011&lfid=231522type%3D1%26q%3D%23电视剧天盛长歌%23%26t%3D10&id=2309634286452056874201&sudaref=m.weibo.cn&display=0&retcode=6102
  5. I think you're talking about "Story of a Noble Family". I started watching that like, 2 days ago and I TOTALLY understand why it was popular at the time (and why it will still be popular today) but man, I could not go past episode 3. Straight up, his character is a stalker and a creep. There's literally a scene in episode 1 right after he chases down the girl to find out where she lives and when he finally found where she lives, he gives this ultimate, massive, rapey stalker face. It was honestly disturbing. https://imgur.com/a/nelvk2N Then he follows her around, shows up at her school, tried to talk to her after school, making her SUPER uncomfortable. Then he forces the school principal to temporarily remove her teacher so that he could be her teacher in order to get close to her. This is restraining order stuff. And to top it all off, he then buys the house next to hers so they can be neighbours, and then purposely knocks over the wall dividing the two houses so that he could look into her bedroom from the courtyard. Swap him out to someone creepy and icky looking and this would not look romantic AT ALL. Actually, it stopped being romantic the minute he made that stalker face. I stopped at this point. I couldn't stand it.
  6. Agreed. It almost felt like, "Oh crap. We only have 30 episodes left and we still have THIS much stuff to get through?" Feels like some sort of planning failure somewhere. Or maybe they just got asked to change stuff one too many times along the way.
  7. I can totally believe that, which is a damn shame. I saw another weibo post made by the actor who did the 10th prince. He also mentioned that it wasn't the version they wanted to air. I'm hyper curious now what they had to change to get past regulations. Hopefully, something "leaks". Otherwise, I guess it's wait for a director's cut or wait for regulations to get better few years down the track for a re-release. (Doubt it). *sigh*
  8. From Weibo, noticed the official account of the TV series made a post with the photo of Zhiwei and NingYi hugging each other up on the mountain (the one we've seen in trailers etc) By the way, regarding 100 episodes, I read on Weibo and Douban that someone who has a friend who worked on the production has debunked the 100 episode rumour. There were never 100 episodes. They filmed enough material for 100 episode but the final cut was 70 episodes. Having said that, in the last couple of days, there was a post released by someone revealing that the show was essentially being forced to buy ratings and marketing - which the production refused to do. Apparently, it's a done thing in the industry so that explains why there were hardly any marketing on top of forced edits and cuts. This post was then re-posted by the actor playing Xing Zhiyeng. Further, some Weibo posts also mentioned that they had to change quite a lot of stuff due to the recent changes in laws (the one where they removed limits to presidency terms). Apparently, that meant a lot of the stuff they filmed couldn't be shown. One specific detail was apparently If it was censorship laws they wanted to pass, I'm really wondering what was in the original that they had to change so much. I don't think it was a coincidence when you can literally see a drop in continuity from Minhai arc onwards. From then on, you can literally see parts in the storyline that was probably in the original, and then parts where they probably had to quickly chop and change. Anyways, lots of weird things has happened with this series. And lots of speculations. All very strange. Maybe it becomes some sort of weird cult classic and when the tides have turned around the censorship laws, the director's cut finally gets released but.....*sigh* EDIT: Just saw this (probably spoilers)
  9. I still say this show is worth the watch even if the end got somewhat messed up. Even with all the issues it had, I still say it's a much better show than a lot of stuff out there.
  10. It looks like from Minhai arc afterwards, the script was changed drastically. There are so many loose ends which compared to the beginning, it's like night and day. That and when looking at all the "making of" clips, there are scenes in there that aren't in the final version. E.g. There's rumours on Douban that half way through production, they got someone to come check out their progress and was told that they wouldn't get past regulations. It might explain why the first half of the show was tight as anything and then from Minhai, things were just weird. It's like, they had to reshoot half the show and did switcheroos across different scenes just so they can get past regulations. If that's the case, it really is just a damn shame with all the work they've done. It's unlikely that the Netflix version is going to be the director's cut either. I kind of felt robbed.
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