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  1. A good things about this divorce.. 1. SHK would be free from the kind of husband who put her on a chopping block for everyone to tear her apart, if he do this to her in front of everyone what else could he possibly do in private? Nahh.. SHK better resize her inner circle, not her wedding ring. 2. She tried married. After this divorce done, and she needs time before picking herself up and date/marry a far better guy, if there is anyone with annoying personality who ask her 'when will you marry again? Remember biological time?' She can answer, marry? I've tried that already. Hahaha
  2. My oh my.. They in this married together, Blaming games wise, when it's come to married no one blameless, it's always two way street. But the least SJK can do is having a conversation with his wife before filling a divorce, NOT informing her through media. SJK sounds angry? Well, who have never been angry to their partner in married? No one, but some people mature enough to conversate with their spouse before divorce, though some not. I mean, come on SJK, you promise to protect her in your wedding vow, don't say YOU DON'T KNOW the thing you say on your statement by your agency wouldn't bring bad publicity to her, wouldn't put her in the cutting board by netizen, you are old enough and been in this industry long enough to not know. There are many rumors, I don't know which rumors false or true. But SJK's statement by his agency, to WANT DIVORCE CLEANLY WITHOUT HURTING EACH OTHER YET BLAMING HER BY SAYING HE IS IN A PAIN TO EVERYONE, man, that is not subtle enough if he want to say he is the victim and your married fail because SHK. That say a lot about SJK's character..
  3. Joonsang cracked.. in a good way. Yeoseo starts to crack. Wether it would be in a good way like his father or be like her mother and kim joo young in a bad way, the decission is on her mom. If her mom still try to groom her the old way, the wrong way. Yeoseo might suicide, sure she could get to SNU for sometimebut her guilt and the crack is getting bigger
  4. I am very sad for hyena, All her life she fight for it, when she finally get to live with his father, she were always reminded by yeseo and her mom that she is a kid who is not supposed to be born, unwanted, a mistake. And in the end of her short life left to dead by her own father. I don't understand what so scary about her, it looks like bravery to me how hyena live. Brave, smart, confidence and manipulative. 3 goodness and 1 grey sounds good enough for me. Btw i say grey because while hyena used woojoo she never once hurt him. So as human hyena is good, despite where she came from and situation ( i mean she got very good school grade with korean crazy schooling system, when she is poor and even care and takecare of her mother hospital bill, even adult would have a very hard time with this. Sure what she do for her mom hospital bill is illegal, but can she afford that much with a sidejob at convenience store? If she do that she couldn't even get her mom hospitalize and left her to dead untreated) Kid that scare me most is yeseo. She has little to no empathy to others, that i am scared what kind of adult she would be, and she want to be a doctor on top of it? Man.. how could someone who has little to no empathy and care treated a patient? Would she choose only a patient who will do good to her record? And blame it to others when she fail, just like how she blame her mom and everyone despite everything her mom done for her? She going around insulting people. My oh my.. The basic of being human is humanity, and part of humanity is talk kindly or be silence, and this kid going around insulting people. (Sure people can insult other when they angry like seri and hyena and later feel bad and ask forgiveness, but going around insult people and feel no remorse? That is totally different thing.) Insult is just a words? Well, ever heard people suicide because words? Killing others because words? She doesn't even has the basic, she is only a grade maniac. But the true winner would be joonsang, yeseo and yebin father, and sadly also hyena father. A big, bad monster dress as human. His student did mistake and make patient limp? No problem, you study and pay a lot to be doctor, it just a mistake, let's pretend it never happened, if patient come at us, let say the patient is crazy. Doing surgery to patient who don't really need it? No problem, it is a win-win solution, patient get to be treated and he got money and reputation. Surgery cost? Patient pay that so all is good.
  5. 1. I have another theory, So far, we already see 2 swap, HY and HS(soul) , KS and CYB(identity). What if, there is another swap? It is strange how real KS and YJ look very alike. At the night of meteor shower, there is a man look like real KS and baby of HS. What if somehow they swapped? And that actually confused me even more (haha), because the night HS's baby was born KS supposed to be dead.. 2. It is very sad, for 36 years HS imprisoned she thought CYB, her boyfriend is dead and somehow she is thought to kill him. 36 years later when she spent more than half of her lifetime in prison does she realize she is fooled and her so called boyfriend is alive and well and the reason why she lost her right of freedom and youth. Dear, she knows she was played by now. That is why taking care of her mother is not the only thing she wants to do. She wants revenge, like she said she would make him empty handed again like in the past when they were young. Btw, the scene when she dance by the sun in the hotel room is heartbreakingly beautiful. 3. I think YJ is in his way to know his girlfriend is switched. When HY in HS's body said it he didn't belive her, but he looks suspicious when he saw HS in HY's body because she act so differently. Ah, i hate HY too! At first, i thought it is not fair HY had to swapped body with HS. But after HY played HS(man, people are very cruel to her) so HS will spend the rest of her life in prison. Myyy, the body /soul swap? Serve her right. Though, i want to admit, HY is a smart a$$. She going around in prison as if it is her playground.
  6. Wow this is fun drama. My take on this drama: CYB purposely get close to HS for safe deposit box's password. But the night he stole, Ki San saw him. Out of plan, CYB accidentally killed him. And then, since he didn't want go to jail, he makes story of somehow HS and KS were a lover and something's when wrong and HS wanted to kill KS instead. CYB fooled HS by make an impression that he did something terrible and wanted to suicide for it, (he did something terrible but never thought of doing suicide, instead how to get away with it). knowing HS loved him so much at that time and would follow him to dead. That was why he put the sleeping medicine in the car for HS to see, and pretend to drink it(either he didn't drink it or the one he drink didn't have medicine in it). He sat there with HS, pretend he is in his way to dead with her. After HS lost consciousness, he drag KS and put him on his seat. (That's why HS remember to did suicide with him, but when he awake during that time he remember his bos son is there instead CYB). In the morning, their father found out his legitimate son is murdered, since he needed heir and didn't want to had bad rumour that can ruin his company stability, he changed his legitimate son identity with his other son, CYB. For this, he gave everyone involved each a throne for them to keep their secret. And after he passed away, CYB kept them close to them to keep his secret, and to keep HS in jail, because out of his plan, HS is alive instead of dead. Now what confusing me is, Who is yoo jin? At first, i thought he is HS's son and CYB. but then HS herself said impossible YJ was her son and DNA test came out negative. Which lead me to think that, maybe HS's child is a girl that's why she completely sure YJ is not her child. But then again who is YJ? We saw a flashed back that KS and CYB's father himself brought him as a baby and said to CYB, That YJ will be the heir of his empire, though he passed away when YJ was a child and CYB take the empire and raised YJ as a doctor, like YJ said he raised YJ to be in the farthest position of heir. he is smart enough to read that the empire is his and his so called brother snatched it from him.
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