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  1. Agree, and, what's your description of 2 adults having fun? I doubt they will play hide and seek *Wink
  2. Am i the only one who like GMY unfiltered sassiness? I lovee loooove that about her. I wish GMY would never change, well except the stealing part lol In my eyes, she is imperfectly perfect. Oh, btw after the hospital fairy tale class, I like that how GMY was yawning at MKT bullsh.t, him keep running away from his own suppressed feeling, and her keep reminding him that he was refusing to see the elephant in the room. And the scene when MKT hugging MST saying his brother is all that he needs, and in the same time remembering when GMY told him, he is a hypocrite. Saying one thing yet crave for another. And last but not least, Kwak do yeong amazing portrayal of a manic. MKT standing there looking at the stage feeling jealous how the manic just do whatever he wants to do. So jealous that in the end he gives up straining himself, and told GMY "Should i play with you?" Ohhhh whatever that means, GO PLAY WITH HER hahaha! Maybe MKT thinks what GMY has in store for him is a pandora box, But what if it's a chocolate box? Full of sweet surprises.
  3. I loooove this drama! Haha I love both character complexity. Just it such a shame how shallow some people can be, I guess this drama is an acquired taste. I saw somebody comment how GMY is dramatic, I would prefer intense, and she is not randomly intense, Writer/director had actually explain GMY was mentally abused by her mother and physically abused by her father murder attempt. GMY is a trauma child, that's why she is dark and intense. I find it interesting, how people around her keep saying "she is a born wicked" When the whole time, writer had been told us, "She is mentally abused almost maybe, her entire childhood by her mother" Well this is what i personally believe, human born with both good and bad. How human raised and circumstances they live would make either the good or the bad bigger than the other. That's why when we raise children we keep saying they are good and beautiful, because if children keep hearing they are bad or ugly, eventually they will believe it, after they believe it they will do bad and ugly things. Because they think those what they are, bad and ugly. Now imagine, GMY had her entire childhood being told she is a wicked monster. No wonder she says her mother soul still alive, what her mother told never really leave her and eventually become part of her. Btw, i like the sexual tension between GMY and MGT. Well GMY could not be more obvious, But MGT attempt to control himself pretty much useless, when she persistently set so they will meet again (remember writing on MGT's brother book?) And eventually directly go to hospital he move in. She keeps teasing him, With the way she looks at him, her words, her touch, as if she knows he is one step away from losing his control. Awwww sexy. MGT as a close to sunshine character in this drama, does well. Despite never really get his mother attention and care he deserves, MGT refused to become a bitter person, Take care of his brother when he himself struggling, Wholeheartedly care for patients while doing his job. MGT and GMY could really balance each other. I hope production team adding more narration as cheat sheet. Because both lead characters are complex and deep. And not every viewer willing to swim deep. They don't know what they miss. And, waiting for revelation of GMY and her obsession with sharp things, I got a feeling there's interesting story/reason behind it.
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