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  1. Hey Soompi, here's a mashup of Tokyo by RM and Nap of a Star by Bighit's new group TXT. Let me know what you think!
  2. Hi Soompi, I'm back with another instrumental cover of BTS' songs, this time a mashup between Serendipity and Fake Love. I worked really hard on this so I would really appreciate if you check it out and give it some love! Also would love to connect with other Armys out there!
  3. I've tried posting and including a lot of the tags on IG and twitter without much response, but I'll continue trying. Thanks! On Youtube I've already got it posted on my own channel. Where could I get *into* the community on youtube, ig and fb? Maybe could you direct message me?
  4. Hello Soompi people, please check out my cover for Jin's solo Epiphany and let me know what you think. Trying to connect with more Armys out there!
  5. Hey ARMY! I'm having a hard time finding the best place to share with all armys on the internet, and was thinking this might be a good spot. I just created an orchestral cover of Jin's song Epiphany and really hope you can take some time to check it out. If there's any other good places online to share, please message me and let me know as well Thanks for your time!
  6. That's what I was thinking! If the programmer guy has the power to change the game (delete NPCs and also give JW that safe space) then he should be able to delete zombie cha, right? ACTUALLY, the company is now writing the whole entire game themselves so they can really just write whatever they want and JW can just tell the programmer guy to give him special power ups (the gun) or level him up by 80 levels, so essentially just hack the game but then again not really cause they own it. A thought on the preview for ep 8 - seems like JW is asking the sec to kill him to see where dead players go??? And a question - What about in ep 2 or 3 when JW was in the train and it was apparently one year later. How does that fit into the storyline? ANOTHER question but this one is about acting - is anyone else confused what emotions park shin hye and hyun bin are conveying when they do those stare-downs and time stops? You know like psh just has this confused/dazed look and her head is pushed back a little, and hyun bin is just squinting? (mostly referring to the ending when they met again ). I thought they were in slow mo but the rain was moving in real-time so I was like, wow, so they really are just standing there staring... Can't wait for ep 8 XD
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