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    Big Bang by definition is the creation of the universe. It is a big name to hold up too.. and to be honest, you guys have not reached that point yet, but you guys are for sure very close. My name is Jacquelyn, I am an 18yr old from Los Angeles, and am currently in a freshman in college. I feel so old talking about this now, lol the first time I listened to kpop was back in 2006. I still remember, I was a freshman in highschool. I had heard about your debut, and I watched that, but I wasn’t immediately crazed. Then in October, a Korean friend of mine was talking about YG Family concert in LA, and the Se7en, 1TYM and Big Bang, were all going be there. To me it was interesting, but it was the day of the concert and I didn’t even know if I could get a ticket. Then in the spring you guys came for the Korean music festival held, by Korea times, but I could go either, because of finals. If I knew then that those would be my only two chances to see you guys perform live thus far, I would have gone, if only I knew. From Dirty Cash on, I honestly say I fell in love with you guys, in all aspects. Whether it is your talent to sing/rap, dance, act, do variety shows, model, and all others. For people who are not even 30, you guys have already achieved so much, and as a VIP I can honestly say, I am so proud of you guys. Even if you guys are so many miles away, you guys definitely reach out all the way over here and to the rest of the world. All of your albums are so awesome, and great to listen to, that I never get sick of it. In addition, I am a college student aspiring to be a graphic designer, and every time I buy your albums or concert dvds, I am so intrigued by all the work that goes in to the album, from the songs to the art work, to the special packaging efforts you guys put into it. Your albums truly define the way you guys use paper and plastic. There are little things that set you apart from other groups, and make you guys special individuals.










































    G-DRAGON, you have an amazing talent to write music, and your devotion to music and the production is so intense and concentrated, and what to say about your fashion. It is out of this world, but you definitely set the trends














    TOP, your raps are so fiery and hardcore, but awesome. Your acting has improved so much, and you play your part so well. It is amazing how composed you are on TV when in actually you are a goof ball.














    TAEYANG, your voice is so smooth and wonderful. I love wedding dress, that song is definitely a song that I have heard all kinds of people listen to, even non-asians. Where am currently going to college is primarily Caucasian, but occasionally there are people still have heard of wedding dress, AMAZING.














    DAESUNG, I can say, you did not stand out at first, as a part of Big Bang, but my sister was a big fan of yours, so we both paid attention to you. When I first heard of Family Outing, I was skeptical about how good it would be since most of the main casts were new, but once I started watching it, I fell in love with the family. To be honest, you being on that show introduced me to so many different parts of the Korean culture and way of life. It is sad that it is now over.














    SEUNGRI, you are hilarious, from your odd form of arrogance, to the different things of variety you have been spreading to your other YG family, and your solo album this time was definitely better than expected.














    New years just passed, I feel so nervous just thinking that your guys are going to read this. But I just wanted to wish you guys a happy new year, and rest of the year/years to come. As a fan, I can’t explain in words how excited I have been for this album to be released it (by the way it is amazing). I hope that your promotions go well, and your concerts in Korea and Japan are a success. Don’t over work your selves, and have fun while you work, can’t wait to see you guys again with your promotions for tonight. Keep up the awesome work, Never give up, and know that us VIPS will always have your back. Oh yeah and make sure the next time you have a concert it stops by LA, and all the other places you have fans, cause it will make our day/month/year. Love you guys, can’t wait to see more of you again.Fighting!!!



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