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  1. After watching the last 2 episodes, I think I can puke rainbows now I mean, I knew HN and HG were going to be adorable once they get together but dang, their scale of adorable-ness exceeded my expectations. Their palpable chemistry, the smooth flow of their conversations, the teasing and skinship... Everything looked so natural and effortless, I feel like I’m watching a real, genuine couple. So so good! We even got our HG-will-teach-HN-how-to-bat scene @dramaninja Thank you for all the gifs! Those two are just too precious @penelop3 I found HN’s expression as she looked back at HG during the batting scene to be the cutest thing
  2. Hi @mamanijared That's so cool of her! I think the fact that so many us hate her character is a testament to her great acting skills
  3. Feels like the visiting aunt may end up spilling the beans on HN being adopted. If not, she will at least be the catalyst. I was laughing so hard at SH's pathetic attempts to distance JH from HN. She looked physically sick almost the entire episode (kudos to the actress by the way). As for JE, what can I say? She's going to continue to be bitter for the next few episodes. She just can't see things going well for HN can she? Feel really bad for HN Apparel to be stuck with her as their MD. On a happier note, just when HG thought HN forgot about him, she comes back looking for him. That was such an awww moment for me Actually, I'm not too worried on the HN-HG front for today's episode. I think the situation will just end up being silly-cute
  4. Sadly, only 1 cute scene between HN and HG today I think. They were in a park and HG gave HN a piggyback, much to HN's embarrassment. He said he would only put her down if she shouted out loud that he's her boyfriend (just like he did with her) Oh and HN Apparel's problem is resolved! Next episode looks interesting. We see HG ignoring HN at K1 Home Shopping (wonder what's up???) and a random lady offering him a beverage in his office with HN looking on. Text Preview for episode 83: 하늬(설인아)는 K1홈쇼핑에서 남자친구 한결(진주형)을 만나 반가움을 표시하지만, 한결의 태도가 어째 냉랭하다. 문여사(남능미)는 진희-진국의 집 앞에서 서성이다 다리를 다치는데... Video preview
  5. @matchamilktea So true. JH wasn't exactly my favorite person in the beginning but she has really warmed up to us. I'm glad that her relationship with HN is at least good now before the mother-daughter truth is discovered. @dramaninja I think this is a good opportunity to show that HN is a capable and highly competent CEO who will do whatever it takes to save her company. As much as I want to see HN and HG spending more time together, I am looking forward to see HN taking the reins and resolving this issue. I was re-watching the opening scene for like the umpteenth time and whenever HG says to HN, "Do you know how long I waited for you to say that?" I was thinking to myself do you know how long WE have waited for her to say that? I truly truly loved HG's reaction to HN's confession. The eyes, the expression, the voice.... A++ acting from JJH! Hoping for more lovely scenes between them today.
  6. @mqiuwen Thank you thank you You're a rock star! I think I just nearly melted into a puddle... Gah, so freaking cute!!! HN just went for it didn't she? Our girl is bold haha I'm so relieved and happy you guys! We have hung in there for so so so long. FINALLY!
  7. Ok, I don't fully understand their conversation but it looks good guys HN didn't run away or deny this time round. She was upfront about her feelings for HG. She gave him a peck on the lips and admitted she loves him. We got another full kiss too! The ship has officially sailed *throws confetti* There definitely was not enough lovey dovey scenes!!! Tho HG was adorable whining about how much he missed HN and his dad suddenly walked in You guys were right; the lost grandmother was the factory owner's mother. Have a feeling that he is going to help HN when he learns it was her who found his mother. The ending of today's episode looks good too. The newlyweds had just put up a family portrait in the house and they slid a photo of young SJ at the side of the frame. SH paid a visit and she spotted the photo of SJ. She immediately blocked it just as HN walked in. Edit: Source: (x)
  8. @mqiuwen Awwww You are a lifesaver, thanks! HG just couldn't walk away from HN can he? Cheesiness aside, just leave me be as I hyperventilate in the corner.
  9. So HN was practically yelling into the air, as if she was talking to HG and he suddenly appears with a smile on his face. I'm guessing he liked what he heard So is it safe to assume that the HN-HG ship has finally sailed??? Source: x Edit: @dramaninja Oooh, the text preview has me intrigued... Could this grandma be the key to HN Apparel's predicament... @penelop3 I need the subs for this scene so badly!!! It looks really good @meoooooowwww It was kinda cheesy But I swear, if HN runs away or denies her feelings for HG after this, I might lose it haha
  10. Some BTS posted today... From Robin's (aka Leo) Instagram story From Ji Su-Won (aka SH)
  11. Wow, the thread blew up! I haven't caught up yet but I just wanted to drop this update to share with you guys. From Jin Ju-hyung's (aka HG) Instagram story. Jin Ju-hyung: Thank you for all the questions about Sunny again tomorrow! For those of you waiting to see lovey dovey HG and HN, just hang in there. It's coming up soon!
  12. I have a feeling that this will happen during the scene they filmed by the river... Hi @meoooooowwww as of now, the drama is still scheduled to air today at the usual time. Hopefully, there’s no change
  13. Solid episode overall. While DG-JE crash and burn, HG-HN will rise. Sad for HG who fell ill after waiting anxiously for HN in the pouring rain. When he walked away so dejectedly, my heart broke for him. But through this, HN will finally see he is sincere about his feelings for her. He said he loves her in the voicemail too (cue the awwws). Today's episode ought to be a good one. HN will do well, I have faith in our girl.
  14. I have a similar thought too. HN is gg to be busy "attending" to DG that she forgets about her meeting with HG. I can imagine her running to the park and trying to find HG. 2 possible scenarios for me:- a) HN completely misses HG who has alrdy left. HG is disappointed and backs off. She spends the next few episodes chasing/making it up to him; or b) HN runs there and scrambles to find HG, thinking he left when in actual fact, he was still waiting for her and saw her panicking, trying to find him. He's touched and appears in front of her. Personally, I prefer the second scenario coz I want these two to start already! Although I am glad that HN is melting a wee bit, I have to admit I am getting impatient... All the drama with JH-DG's dad and JE-DG as well as their family members seems to be endless. Poor JH...
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