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    I've binged and spent 200+ in one shot. It always amazes me that no matter how high the bill I still walk out with an itty bitty bag <_<
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    i was afraid they would pull a date change like last year and didn't buy my plane ticket right away. And between yesterday and today it just moved from $299 to $454! :crazy:
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    I am a total lurker here, but I love the witty and in-depth discussions that you all are having. I am totally amazed at how this drama is taking all of the makjang elements and giving them fresh new spins. I thought for sure they would drag out the secret for more episodes before SB figured out that he got MS pregnant and alone. If SR mother finds out he's dating MS and doesn't have a fit, but supports them quickly it will be kdrama history for me. It's exciting to watch this show because I never know when they're going to do a flip on an old trope.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Thanks for allowing me to peak in on your thoughts and hilarious analysis in this thread guys!










































































































































































































































































    For anyone that is interested, Rocketboxx is having a meet-up the night before KMF! There will be games, win prizes, freebies, ect.








    Make sure to RSVP:























    cool beans...i was kinda bummed that no one organized a soompi meet, so thanks for the info.





    Hey my friends and I (we are all girls) got a premium room and are looking for about 4-6 more people to stay with us to help with costs. We will be there from April 27th til May 3rd so anyone coming early or staying later or just need a place to stay for a night or two please let me know. You aren't required to stay the whole entire time we are there but even by stying onw or two nights is helping a little. Please PM me if you are interested. Also, if you are interested let me know what days/nights and how many people. Hope to hear from fellow lovely soompiers soon!

    Hey all, If anyone still needs a roommate please PM me~ I'd preferably would like to room with those who are staying from Thursday to Sunday. Thanks =3








    you guys might want to PM one another :)












    I called the # listed on the website and the lady








    told me that the artist lineup will be released one week from today.








    I hope she knows what she's talking about -.-
















    If anyone is flying Virgin America you can get 30% off your flight








    by entering your email & 5 other emails.
















    *You have to book by March 9th & the flight has to be before June 15th.















    Thanks soooooooooo much for this link. I paid about $100 less than last year for my trip from NY to LA :D








    Just in case someone has a spare promo code and doesn't mind sharing, could you PM me? My friend didn't respond to the email fast enough and the deal was closed when she did :(








    As far as the line-up is concerned I'm ok with SISTAR and DJ DOC is awesome. I figure we have about 3 more releases if they drop an artist list every 2 weeks, so don't be discouraged guys.














    So I have a room with 2 double beds at the Sheraton this year and my friend and I (both of us are girls) will be staying there for Friday and Saturday night. Right now the room comes out to $250/night and we are looking for more people to join us and bring down the cost.
























    Total# ppl = $/person















    5 ppl = $100















    6 ppl = $83















    7 ppl = $71















    8 ppl = $63
























    Most of the time will be spent idol hunting and outside enjoying LA, K-town and KMF. We are pretty laid back, and we plan on living it up for the few days that we're there. If you're cool, love kpop, like meeting new people and want to join our room, then PM me ^_^














    Episodes 25 & 26 were amazing...I squealed through all of the sweet and touching KS/JJ & DA/YS moments. The KS/DA budding bromance had me giggling like an idiot. But Bae Doo-na totally had me tearing up towards the end of ep 26. I am anxiously awaiting this weekend for the next two episodes >_<








    On a side note, I find it totally refreshing that for all her fragile beauty, the writers have made YS into an active agent/aggressor in her romance. I love that she pursued DA and has initiated so many of the major relationship turning points that would normally be reserved for the male love interest.





    it is so sad that I can't get subbed episodes anymore. Anyone with info on episode 25 and 26, will be much appreciated. I can't download episodes, so only streaming sites works for me. Unfortunately, viikii has gone nuts, with almost all their shows now unavailable till like December, I wouldn't even mind paying a subscription like on Dramafever. It is so sad, cause their are so many fans out there like me that have been suddenly cut off, I think they are going to end up loosing a lot of viewers.








    Episode 25 & 26 are up on dramafans.org!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!












    i have found a whole new appreciation for this drama. i have wathced this from the first episode, but because of personal issues, i have skipped some episodes. however, my interest in this drama has not faded. if anything, it has been renewed. i fell bad even neglecting episodes 11-16.








    i wonder if anyone else is doing a recap of this drama...if anyone would like this drama recapped at all?








    i can see that there's not a whole lotta love being shown, and here i am again wanting to spread kdrama love.








    since i have all the episodes downloaded - i can do a quick recap for those who can't access viikii.








    if you're interested just let me know...i'll make my decision based on the responses i get.















    OMG! I'll totally make you my new BFF if you do this...lol...seriously this would be great and truly appreciated.














    oh my gosh! i watched this raw, but i'm glad shirley's translation confirmed what I had managed to guess what was happening. it feels strange that we're at the halfway point already, but now that KS is starting to face down his feelings with some boldness it's starting to feel like a turning point.








    i'm scared to think what will happen when JS figures out that DA is the son of JinJoo's ex-manager. he will have even less mercy in breaking the YS/DA pairing up as painfully as possible. my guess is he'll try to force YS to come to him by threatening to do something to DA.














    I seriously love this drama, but my stomach clenches every time I think about what will happen when the sham engagement is exposed. All of the selfish fathers will converge to make a giant angsty mess.








    Meanwhile, is it wrong that when I get a boyfriend I plan to show him Eo-jin as an example of how to treat someone you love well?...lol














    I got a sample of the Bare Escentuals Buxom Lashes Mascara from Sephora and I'm quite pleased. It's not waterproof, but I had no problems with panda eyes and it came off with realtive ease at home. It didn't clump for me and it gives a nice everyday enhancement. I'll definitely buy it when the sample runs out.














    Gah! Can't believe I only just found this drama. I am really getting into it. I even watched the last 7 episodes without subs and just tried to read the body language to guess what happened. Thanks to everyone in this thread for the spoilers and to HaruHaru2 subs for...well the subs of course...lol.














    de-lurking to ask :sweatingbullets:








    Does anyone know if Beast's October schedule confirms they will be in New York for the Chuseok Festival on October 9th or 10th?








    I went all the way to California for them this Summer, so I don't want to miss them if they really will be in my own backyard this fall :w00t:



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