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  1. This episode probably spoiled on what is going to happen to EB. That medicine is going to cause EB to forget who her mother was.
  2. Ah, I see then he already got his revenge on the guy who murdered his family. It is odd that they purposely didn't show the man that was driving the excavator
  3. If this was another drama, Baek Min Ki would be the main character and we follow his POV as he pretends to be Ju Dan Tae and pretends to fall in love with Shim Su Ryeon so he can get revenge on her father. Her father would be the villain of the drama. BTW, Logan's grandmother is differently a replacement for Alex Lee (Logan's brother). Should have had her from the start.
  4. SSR's father killed JDT's mother and sister? That's why he wanted to take SSR's land and fortune? Is this some sort of revenge on her family? C'Mon, man!!
  5. I think there's a pattern in the storytelling compared to Season 2. Hear me out... In Season 2 The Season starts with OYH seeking revenge on CSJ and JDT for the death of SSR. She partners up with HYC until he betrays her mid season when Bae Rona "dies". Na Ae Gyo appears and creates her own plan fooling JDT and then we discover that Bae Rona is alive AND we discover that SSR is alive as well. In Season 3 The Season starts with SSR seeking revenge on JDT for the death of Logan Lee. She partners up with CSJ until she betrays her mid season when OYH dies. Na Ae
  6. If OYH is discovered to be alive then this would be the third time the writer tricked the viewers into thinking she had died.
  7. I'm going to assume OYH and Logan are going to return by the end of the season. I think HYC saved Logan's life and OYH is the one that was contacting him in this vary episode. Though showing OYH's corpse can mean that she died for good.
  8. Season 2 Bae Rona dies mid-season Na Ae Gyo appears We find out that Bae Rona isn't dead Na Ae Gyo reveals to be SSR Season 3 Oh Yoon Hee dies mid-season Na Ae Gyo appears ?? ?? Is the writer repeating Season 2?
  9. You're telling me that NAG only had one child and that SSR is the one that had twins? And SK is MSA's twin sister? C'MON, You expect me to believe all this??
  10. I think the writer want us to believe that the woman that died is Hye-In's mother but like someone else stated, the woman that gave up her baby is not the same person as the person that OHY tried to find. Both have different names. I think that was Min Seol-Ah's real mom.
  11. Great find. Either this is a plothole and the writer forgot the other mother's name or three mothers were indeed involved in the switch. This also means that Min Seol-Ah could not be SSR's birth daughter.
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