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  1. I especially created an account for the Sword and the Brocade after being a long time lurker but that drama in the end was such a disappointment. I enjoy the actors, Wallace Chung and Seven Tan, but the plot became very boring towards the end. Still, the account has been handy to join in the discussion of this drama. What's the airing schedule, how many episodes per week from Thursday?
  2. I have read complaints about this but I haven't noticed it enough to irritate me. What does reduce the credibility of the drama for me is the youthfulness of some of the actors e.g Chu Chu's uncle should look much older than he does, also the Xu family butler, by way of example. Chu Chu's 18 right and they haven't aged a bit. I thought they could have made it fairer to Chu He to be a bit more handsome to give Prince An a bit of competition.
  3. Yes I wonder if a red herring too re Prince An and his brother BUT how does that work
  4. This is surprisingly engrossing for me as well. I particularly like the male and female leads, he's not too cold and she's not too girly. I have just finished up to episode 18 in two days. Since there's not many of us, I'll join the chat. I think episode 18 is where Prince An realises his feelings after the river scene. I'm surprised his brother didn't pick it up and only berated him for going into the river. At the end of episode 18 is Prince An jealous of the attention Chu Chu is giving to her brother, Chu He?
  5. To be fair to Old Madam Xu, in the novel she is very loving to all of her grandchildren, di or shu. She also did not push concubines onto her sons. These are just two of many big deviations from the novel for dramatic effect. I find that the benefit of novels being adapted to dramas is that I can put a face to the characters in the novel, which then makes reading the novel more enjoyable.
  6. Perhaps it reflects a literal "lightening" up of his mood? I agree, he looked very handsome in the darker colours. Also Shiyi has her hair in a side part now to apparently signify the change in her relationship with Lingyi. Rather like Minglan's suddenly disappearing bangs when she married Gu Tingye.
  7. Not necessarily I think. Concubines would not usually share the same table as the "legitimate" line of the family or even be present when the same are having an intimate family do.
  8. I think I've read in other forums that this will be in episode 32 which won't be subbed until next week. I can't wait, can anyone please interpret what Shiyi is saying to make him come back to her? Meanwhile, I'l just watch the clip another few times...
  9. Same here Hello210, I look forward to those affectionate scenes which you know are coming whenever Zhou Shen's OST comes on. I have revisited the ending of episode 23 several times, this was when the son was in bed with them after getting scared. When Shiyi pulled Lingyi's arm under her head, you can see Lingyi excitedly thinking, "Oh, it's a green light" and he pounces. Not sure exactly what he was going to do if Shiyi hadn't reminded him their son was also on the bed. Then Lingyi lies back, looking very frustrated and thinking, "man, I ain't getting no sleep tonight"".
  10. Big thanks to Super_Dede for posting the advance episodes. I don't understand a word said but at least the sequence of the spoiler trailers/clips now makes sense. Did anyone else pick up when Shiyi and her maids were wondering why Lingyi wasn't come around as much (this was the time Lingyi backed off a little to process his feelings for Shiyi), the maids thought it was maybe because he didn't like the clothes she had made for him? I really wanted to see that scene where she gave him the clothes since Lingyi made a point to remind Shiyi about it. I wonder if that was sacrificed when
  11. Are the writers serious?! In the book they consummate on the wedding night but afterwards, when Lingyi saw how uncomfortable Shiyi was with the sex, he stopped but just hugged her in bed until they got more familiar with each other and then they started up again. Don't think that took 30+ episodes. So disappointed!
  12. In episode 21 when Shiyi says to her maid, "he gives me his heart, I will give him mine", is that a confession? She's shy hence she rejects Lingyi's quite obvious advances or she's not quite there yet? I assume since window repairs are going to take at least 10 days, consummation must be imminent even if he's sleeping in the warm pavilion/kang bed.
  13. My favourite scenes are those where Lingyi and Shiyi have physical contact, accidentally or otherwise. e.g. when he protected her from the crowds at the Refugee porridge stall and when he walked her back to her courtyard from Concubine Qin's after the triparty awkward dinner, how he ends up practically with both his arms around her. Í've read most of the novel (I read most novels of dramas I enjoy if based on a novel) and the story is very different from the drama. How about you, what are you favourite scenes so far? I can't wait until they consummate but I hope it's not the night
  14. I have just joined Soompi to participate in the discussion for this drama because I enjoy it so much. Thanks for the spoilers because the curiousity and waiting just eats me up. I must admit my first impressions of the first few episides was disappointment because I had highly anticipated this drama. However, after Shiyi marries in, it's definitely became a winner for me. There are very few dramas that capture my attention throughout their entire run, this will be one of them. I also watched Minglan throughout and waited just as keenly for each episode, it's the romantic buildup in both that c
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