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  1. Ep 13 will be the only episode airing this week since Thursday broadcast is cancelled due to live volleyball match. I'm not ready for this drama to end yet now we're left with 4 episode.
  2. <Sell Your Haunted House> Official OST Album by MAKESTAR The drama OST production company will be releasing Sell Your Haunted House OST Album (with Limited Edition components) via MAKESTAR funding project . Right now the fundraising project is halfway through of the targeted goal of 100%. The deadline is on 6/6 so there's less than 3 weeks to reach the goal. Here's the link to participate in the project/ purchase the OST album, which contains freebies and special package that will be updated later onwards. Hope more can join this project so it will be successful.
  3. After a long week, Ep 9 is airing tonight finally. I hope they're back to good terms together by the end of the episode after that huge confrontation last week. There's definitely great chemistry going on between Jiah and Inbeom which I hope the writers can give us something more on their relationship, with only 8 more eps left. More behind the scenes pics...
  4. 210502 Jiah-Inbeom Filming Today pic posted by the director
  5. I'm excited for this scene to appear. Nara posted this pic on her ig Edit: I didn't realised this scene has already appeared. It's really blink of an eye. Thanks! @yamiex I will need to rewatch again.
  6. I love the ending of episode 5 since it wasn't even a typical rain scene I thought of initially from the ost cover pic, which makes it even better. The director is really doing a good job in the directing and is really detailed in the scenes shot. Jiah's usual cold demeanor starts to soften a bit by spending more time with Inbeom together in solving the cases. Can't wait for more.
  7. New Stills Released ... 210428 Jang Nara IG Update She posted this still cut !!
  8. New OST Part 3 - Don't Cry by Jang Junghyuk releasing today (April 28th) Jiah is hugging Inbeom..in the rain ? I think we'll get this scene in ep 5 or 6? can't wait !
  9. The singer of the ost posted this version cover and KBS too.
  10. OST Part 2- Don't Ask releasing today (April25th) 6PM It will be a ballad track.
  11. Episode 3- 4 Making Video The story is getting more interesting with each episode. and hope the original thread gets fixed soon.
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