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  1. Long time no see @photograph 1.Yes, yes, i thought the same. Like those 76 become main focus on that photo 2. Yeah, I noticed this too at least for the last 2 weeks. And what I noticed more is, lately when YEH updates her sns, she doing it two post a day. What makes it suspicious, the first post contains something related to KJK, second post is art. (refer to her 4 latest post). First she upload collection pict with one pict with "running" pose, then upload "paint ink" Then yesterday she upload above pict, then upload drawing sketch. 3. I think
  2. Wooooah, so that Instafunk is clothes brand? Oh I just found out, that Instafunk is quite popular clothes brand in SK. I just realized that YJS LKS, KJK even using that clothes for RM prev ep. What a coincidences, at the week KJK & LKS using instafunk clothes in RM opening, YEH also shared those post.
  3. At first,when I see YEH latest Insta post and some photos of her, I think it's just random pose. But indeed, she do V-sign several times recently. But after watched KJK in MITH clips, especially his singing part. When members cheers on "LA" words, KJK do a V-sign. could it be its their hidden sign?
  4. This is exactly in my mind, when watched it. Or see this post
  5. He might be Such a tacit understanding from both of them. lol And it seem YSC and other members familiar to "Diversion Tactic".
  6. as far I understood from those clip, they just talked about KJK already become part of SBS variety show for 18 years. From Xman, FO, then RM. Then continue with YSH question, how can he do that or something like that. I don't get it, why SBS always teased us with their "of course" scene while they can use scenes from KJK LSG interactions from Xman? Using KJK YEH for rise up the rating?
  7. I think KJK really like this "Just the Way you are" song by Bruno Mars. Then, I remembered something. He also sang this song, at least 2 times in RM. First, in Xman special Episode. Second, at mongdol special episode (RM ep 524). From the way he sang this song, his effort were noticeable, so I thought that he really have some bonds to this song.
  8. Alas, there's no eng translation for it. I just found it a part of it (thanks to silla.6625) From here on, I want to share some of my thoughts recently. (warning, unmeaning for long post) Sorry for unmeaningful long post.
  9. Trivia Facts: That's not his usual style, mainly he is using plain clothes than embed with some pictures one. (except for missions or works). That's also taken right after he done his hair (probably straighten his slight wavy hair's) Maybe, he is inspired by someone video's last week about spring fresh styling and netflix series that he binged recently.
  10. I don't think it's rude since that's a radio show, it's normal to request music on it, and if considering her last radio show, mentioning KJK name is everyone can expect. But, just make sure if that show have music request segment (since there's some show that totally just talkshow or story telling). P.s. Tbh, I'm more eager to know her reaction when she listening to KJK new song.
  11. Oh so that's it, I thought Korean product will be more spicy but actually more sweet. Thanks for your information
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