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  1. Hey Guys, Do you think it might be rude if I come to request song (One of Kim Jong Kook Song) for today SBS 103.5 FM <Love 9> Lub D. ? If it quite rude ,I wont do it.
  2. He looks chilling these days. Have you seen his 2nd post there are incense sticks at the counter television. This house looks well decorated than before right ?
  3. from ig : silla.2265 Catch this lovely lady on 15th Thursday at 9PM KST of SBS 103.5 FM <Love 9> Lub D. Reposted from @sbs_lovenine- Will you visit Lub D of <Love Nine> this week?
  4. As we knew that YEH & KJK broke up around 2012. Below are list of the song album in 2012 (almost are all related with farewell & emotional songs) I think he was heartbroken when she left him.
  5. I think they might one of S ship and they are not tolerant of those who disagree with them. Another important point they might aware that our ship will become real soon. KJK always mentioned YEH for over 10 years and one day they are feeling like YEH go one step closer to him. That's why those ship feeling betrayed and felt sympathy to S ,hehe
  6. I just watched this old clip . They are so cute together. Can anyone translate what they talking about ? Really toxic S shippers I understand what you feel ! They are so pathetic
  7. After watching many times for her interview. It seems like they will announce their relationship soon ? YEH never talked about KJK like this before ,this is so unbelievable that YEH mentioned KJK in really impressive way. I am so so so happy now
  8. Guys i wanna die, I dont know why I am cryingggggggggggggggggggggggggg ,,
  9. Just one thing As KJK said in latest RM "we've been dating for a long time" this is announcement ? In YouTube is really discussed seriously /many clips display for their shipper. If then KJK told his saying is just joking ,, so how is going then it is like crazy seems he just for fun ? This is what i am upset with him. How's Eun Hye feeling now ?
  10. wowww I really want to see wild wild quiz. Really jealous who can watch this on netflix korea Not sure might be one of the reason. But maybe he is quite busy for many new variety shows recently. Just imagine he plan to get a wedding, I prefer him to stay in MUD and it would be great to see him and YEH just one eps for their wedding plan
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