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  1. Finally it ended but... 1. I am not used to YJ calling the Chairman Dad. 2. That celfone has a powerful battery life. 3. Why didn't Lady Joo & Mr Koo just destroyed that celfone. 4. Why the sudden change of character by The Hans toward their own daughter, parents would not just leave their child like that no matter how bad she committed. 5. Lady Joo still managed to slip in her expensive make up while in prison?
  2. I also watch Homemade Love Story and you are right I don't like the main lead stars that much but the story is quite interesting. The 2 oldies are very funny.
  3. I think YR has leukemia based on nose bleed and bluish mark seen by her mother and she'll just die while in prison, YJ & TP will get married and have a child, SH will take the seat of Lady Joo as the Chairman's true love. Happy together for Lady Joo and Mr Koo inside the cell ctto
  4. ctto Mr Koo is such a loyal soldier, he is staying beside Lady Joo to protect her against YR. Battle of the abs...didn't know that Mr Koo is into body building. ctto
  5. I expect to see them together inside the cell ...Lady Joo still trying to contact Mr Koo not knowing he is locked up just near their cell. ctto
  6. Lady Joo and YR are so cute, you wont imagine how evil they are in this drama. ctto
  7. Seeing pictures of YR with the casts offcam make me think that she's very friendly. I like her aura very different from her character in the drama. Is SJ really gonna die?
  8. YJ's character here is not that important, I would say that YR is the main character here since she is involve with everyone in this story. She can outsmart everybody if only she has Mr Koo on her side and not her fur coated henchman.
  9. hahaha guess you're right, he seemed to be more convincing to be the villain esp with his joker smile .
  10. ctto YR and Mr Koo the 2 villains looked so cute here while TP seemed to be not in the mood. Everybody was smiling except him.
  11. YR is getting dumber how can she threaten Lady Joo when in fact she can be put to mental institution again without anyone knowing except TP of course. But at the same time she's quite lucky to always hear conversations that will be of help to her evil plans. Lady Joo's fate is just a flashback of what happened to YR and both wont give up. I pity SJ all he could say now is Omma.
  12. Chairman came out attending the board meeting all cleaned up and dashing. What happened to his wounds on his face? Where is his head bandage? Why are they too complacent leaving the Chairman in the hospital without a security esp now that they know the real character of Lady Joo and has the capacity to kill the Chairman just to get hold of of the DL shares. YJ is now dressing up like a real daughter of the Chairman. Now YR and Lady Joo have the same faith...to be divorced by men who didn't love them.
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